Pavitra Rishta 24th May 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th May 2013 Written Episode

Manav comes out of Dr. Aggrawal’s cabin and sees Soham sitting there. He recalls Archana’s words of not letting Soham go away from him and then how Soham helped doctor to bring Archana out of the coma. He seems to be feeling bad for his behavior with Soham.

Varsha comes to the hospital and sees Soham. Soham tells her how he helped doctor and how Archana moved her hand. He says, doctor said something to Manav, but I didn’t understand. Right then they see Manav. Manav goes to them. Varsha tells him, I know I don’t have any rights to ask how is Archu tai, but still how is she? When Soham told me about experiment, i couldn’t stop myself from coming. I went to mandir before coming here, and from there I got these flowers as blessings for her. She asks him to put them on Archana’s head. Manav takes it.

Varsha then asks him to forgive Soham at least after what he did today, but Manav refuses saying he is responsible for the condition that Archu is in today. He also blames Varsha for making Soham a goon and walks away.

Soham gets angry and says, I don’t need his forgiveness either. What he thinks of himself. Varsha calms him down and asks him to keep trying, at least for her, until they accept him as a family member.

Purvi is curious to know what happened in that experiment. She decides to call Gauri. Gauri tells her that they succeeded as Archu reacted positively, but now Manav is not agreeing for rest of the treatment. Purvi decides to talk with Manav.

At Soham’s house, he’s very happy as he became the reason for Archu’s treatment. Emotional Sulo comes to thank Soham. Soham is very happy as Sulo accepted him and kept her hand on his head. Sulo says, if I could, then I would take you to home, but that decision is in Manav’s hand. Varsha says, you came here.. that means a lot for us. Sulo says to Soham, I came to your house for the first time, won’t you offer me anything? Soham goes to get water. Sulo and Varsha look at each other, and then Sulo leaves. Soham comes back and doesn’t find Sulo there. He asks Varsha why she left all of a sudden. Varsha is happy and tells him, she forgave me. She didn’t say it, but I could see it in her eyes. She thanks Soham and they hug.

Manav’s family asks him why he is not signing papers after seeing positive change today. Manav says I want to see Archana coming out of the coma, but there is no proper way. Purvi enters and says, or is it that you don’t want to take the path? Savita gets angry at her and asks why you came here. Purvi says I want to talk with baba about aai. Manav lets her in. Purvi explains Manav that him and Archana are made for each other. She brings out years old topic when Manav had left Archana and how she didn’t lose hope and they were able to come together after 20 years (I have no idea how it connects here, but anyways).

She tells him, you don’t want to miss any possible chance and regret later on that you didn’t try hard enough to bring Archana out of the coma.

Purvi is going back and a lady falls down unconscious. It’s Shalini. She doesn’t know who she is but still decides to take her to their house.

Dr. Aggrawal has given up and ready to leave, but Manav comes and says that he’s ready to sign the papers. Doctor thanks him for having faith in him.

Manav goes to Archana and says to her, you will have to come out of the coma for the sake of our Pavitra Rishta.

Episode ends.

Precap: Shalini is cooking in Purvi’s house. Onir likes the smell and he think it’s Purvi. He asks what she is cooking. Shalini turns back and he is shocked to see her there.


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  1. tanmayi
    May 27, 06:35 Reply

    manav will accept soham.archana does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!as far about onir archana and purvi will soupport onir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Midhu
    May 26, 05:57 Reply

    Onir is really a negative character … And Arvi will reunite said shakthi arora in telly chakkar interview..see tc..

  3. AK
    May 25, 13:25 Reply

    🙂 Any1 here.. ……….

  4. AK
    May 25, 07:58 Reply

    Anu tc
    go and read
    we will chat later

    • Anu
      May 25, 09:13

      What to read??? Mera exams toh ho gy….

    • AK
      May 25, 13:22

      for your entrance exam.

    • Anu
      May 25, 13:28

      Entranc exam has got over bhai… Waitin 4its results

  5. aishwarya
    May 25, 07:41 Reply

    hi everone. Onir is far better than arjun.arvi is more popular.that doesnt mean that they have kick onir out.hi veer .welcome back cant wait 4 monday .now only PR on monday.have 2 wait 4 tooooo long.bye everyone.enjoy.where r the other aishwaryas.hahahaha

    • AK
      May 25, 07:56

      Hi and bye Aishwarya.
      c u on monday

  6. AK
    May 25, 07:30 Reply

    Shaza they will first have to do something to Onir

  7. Anu
    May 25, 07:30 Reply

    @ak bhai : how ru??? Howz yo studies goin on???

    • AK
      May 25, 07:34

      I am fine dear, you?
      My studies – GREAT
      What about yours?

    • Anu
      May 25, 07:36

      M Gud bhai… Mine entranc exam result s on tue… After dat counsellin.. Den seat allotment… N finally in aug my class starts…

    • AK
      May 25, 07:38

      You will surely pass your entrance 🙂

    • Anu
      May 25, 07:39

      Yup bhai…..

    • Anu
      May 25, 07:45

      @aishwaria : thancu..:)

    • aishwarya
      May 25, 07:48

      go study instead of commenting

    • Anu
      May 25, 09:14

      @aishwaria : mine exams has got over… I’v nothin 2read dr.:)

  8. Shaza
    May 25, 06:58 Reply

    Where is Arjun?? Hey we didn’t see u 4 2 days, when wil da writters reunite arvi??

    • AK
      May 25, 07:29

      Shaza they will first have to do something to Onir

    • aishwarya
      May 25, 07:45

      thank god he didnt show his face 4 someday

  9. Anu
    May 25, 05:31 Reply

    2day’s sbs segment was Gud.:) ankita’s masti on pr site…

  10. AK
    May 25, 05:29 Reply

    Any one online? 🙂

    • Anu
      May 25, 05:30


  11. Anu
    May 25, 01:08 Reply

    Excited 4archu’s entry….

    • Midhu
      May 24, 21:44

      Pls dont change onir’s character &the goodness in him …and abt shalini i think she is someone close to onir and owner of a wicked mind..

  12. ammara& agastaya
    May 24, 20:34 Reply

    thank god manav has some sense in him to listen to purvi
    very happy that soham is happy

  13. Seema
    May 24, 17:04 Reply

    This was a boring episode… The comments usually fill this page when the episode shows scenes with Purvi n Arjun! The writer should finalize the show coz its just becoming the dumbest storyline ever! We know Arjun n Purvi will reunite! Archana will come back trying to tie the broken bonds with her family! But who is this Shalini? Onir keeps saying ‘I will tell Purvi’! So just tell her if she is your ex wife or maybe still your wife! Is Teju n Sunny still getting married? Hope the show doesn’t skip ahead another 18 years! The writer should know by now that PR has lost a lot of viewers… So just end it already

  14. MK
    May 24, 16:08 Reply

    Hi AK, RD, veer, SS, and others,
    Hope the would hurry and reunite Arvi already then get on with other people in the show. It’s high time Arvi get together and have some form of happiness. They could help straighten put the others. Punni Mittal etc

  15. Harry
    May 24, 14:04 Reply

    2dys epirode is so boring. But l am waiting for munday and wish that purvi reject onir and ArVi reunite again. I like their jodi very much bcz they are very cute and perfect and also the ovi goes away from the life of arjun for ever

    • AK
      May 24, 14:06

      I also wish that Harry

  16. SS
    May 24, 13:59 Reply

    hi aK..!!! seems lik dis shalini is onir’s ex -gf or wife!!!

    • AK
      May 24, 14:08

      The Precap indicates that Onir loved his wife’s food dearly. I am just waiting for my ArVi to Re-Unite Asap!

  17. AK
    May 24, 13:48 Reply

    Purvi and Soham well done. Good acting, you just made my day.

    Hi Veer, Anu, Mk, SS, Rd and all?

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      May 24, 15:42

      Sry Ak bhai i’m too l8…i’m gud wat abt u ?

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