Parichay 30th July 2012 Written Update

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Parichay 30th July 2012 Written Update by -Rani

The episode begins with Richa leaving the hospital with the baby and Kunal calling her from behind. Richa is shocked to hear Kunal’s voice. Kunal asks her what is she doing there and whose baby she is holding? Richa points towards the baby, smiles, and hand over the baby to him indicating that its Kunal’s baby. Kunal is overwhelmed with joys of holding his newborn in his arms. He has happy tears in his eyes and is just kissing and loving the baby with tears of joy and happiness along with couple of FB scene of his conversation with his wife about their upcoming baby (Must admit Samir was just mind blowing in this scene. He was almost perfect playing a first time father).

On the other side Sulekha tries to go to Siddhi, but is stopped by the lady police. Outside of the hospital, Kunal asks Richa how does she have the baby with her? Richa first panics then says that Siddhi wanted to send his baby somewhere far away so she came there to rescue the baby from going away from him. Kunal says that he doesn’t believe Richa because Siddhi can’t do such thing. Richa tries to assure Kunal that Siddhi is very well capable of doing such thing as she not only hates him, but also his whole family so she wants to keep the baby away from him. Kunal says that he doesn’t trust Richa and wants to talk to Siddhi himself. Richa panics then calls the nurse who helped her to steal the baby and gives her instructions. As Kunal is going to meet Siddhi, the nurse comes out and tells Kunal that it’s great that Richa gave him the baby as Siddhi had asked the baby to be taken away somewhere far from here so Kunal and his family won’t be able to see and get that baby. The nurse also praises Richa that she is too kind hearted to save the baby and give it to his father. Kunal is very sad to hear that and Richa tells him that Siddhi can’t be trusted and might take the baby away from him. However Kunal doesn’t get convinced and says he wants to hear this from Siddhi herself. Kunal tries to move ahead to meet Siddhi, but the nurse stops him and says he can’t meet her right now. Richa also convinces him that the newborn baby needs to be home with Veena and Seema or else he might get infection.

As Kunal is walking back home with his baby close to his chest, Siddhi is gives birth to their 2nd baby. Kunal takes the baby to Powai Lake and stands there. Richa also follows him and says that the person who he is thinking about right now is not worth it as Siddhi wanted to take away all his happiness including his baby. She tells him to move ahead in life taking care of his family and his baby and not think about Siddhi anymore because Siddhi doesn’t deserve him. As Richa further tries to convince him to forget about Siddhi, Kunal says “He still knows the difference between the right and wrong. He adds that at least he doesn’t need to learn from Richa about who is right and who is wrong. She further says that Richa is talking about Siddhi deceiving Kunal, but ironically she herself had deceived him by accusing him of a rapist. He tells her not to ever forget that he hasn’t forgotten anything about Richa and for him she is the same person who had deceived him in the past and will always remain that same person” and leaves a fuming Richa on the spot.

Kunal reaches home with the baby and gives it to Veena. Veena is ecstatic and calls him Anand and says he looks just like his brother Kunal. Seema asks Kunal about Siddhi. Richa tells her not to ask about Siddhi and tells he the same story she told Kunal about Siddhi’s intentions about the baby. Richa keeps bad mouthing Siddhi, but Kunal gets angry at her and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear anything bad about Siddhi. He gives her an angry look and leaves.

Vikram calls Seema; she gives Vikram the good news about the baby and also tells him all about Siddhi. Vikram refuses to believe that Siddhi can do something like that and tells her he will go talk to her. Ravenna stops Vikram from going to visit Siddhi by saying that they should stay away from Siddhi for Kunal’s sake and Vikram agrees.

Back at the hospital, a nurse tells Sulekha all about Richa stealing the baby. Siddhi delivers the 2nd baby. Sulekha is happy to see the baby. The same nurse who had helped Richa is about to call her again to inform her of the 2nd baby, but Sulekha yells at her and stops her from doing so. The nurse tells Sulekha that Richa gave the baby to Kunal. Sulekha also offers her money to keep her mouth shut about the 2nd baby.

Precap: In split screen, Kunal and Siddhi both kissing their baby’s forehead.

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