Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 28th September 2012 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 28th September 2012 Written Update by lovelygeet24x7

Madhubala 28th September Written Episode

The Episode begins with MB lifting the box of money & jwellery & saying to Deeps that I cannot take this!Whatever fight, anger & hate is there,it’s between me & RK.I can’t involve someone else in it!I will repay 40 lacs by my own means!.Saying this,MB leaves while Deeps fumes!

Padmini comes to R.K Mansion.Radhaji recognises her.MB asks Paddo is everything alright?You are here all of a suddun.Paddo says that docs have told Malik’s condition has improved a lot becoz of those foreign machines!MB is surprised!Paddo asks her so that means R.K hasn’t told you anythin about it!.Just then R.K come & interruptes her in between.He asks her now what!Your daughter is alright!She has been given timely medicines & anyways human body doesn’t permits to have a large heart than this!!.Ignoring whatever he said,Paddo thanks him for the foreign medicines & machines!MB is surprised hearing that.R.K says to Paddo that I have told you before that this is not your daughter’s sasural but R.K Mansion & you can’t come here as & when you want!He tells her to leave, now that she has done thanking him! Radhaji tries to stop R.K from behaving rudely but Paddo stops her.R.K turns to leave when he hears Paddo inviting the whole family for Ganpati in the chawl.R.K fumes hearing that!He turns around & says to Paddo & yells that I have told you to leave! None from this house including your daughter will attend the festival.All are shocked hearing him.R.K further says to Paddo that I have not seen Bappa anywhere so I don’t really know him!So is anytime if you think of holding a puja for The Rishab Kundra,I will be present there with all my heart!& I promise that!.R.K smirks & leaves!Paddo too takes leave from Radhaji & MB. MB is disgusted with R.K!

R.K is watching a film when MB comes & stands in front of the screen asking him the reason for his rude behavious!R.K tells her to not come in between him & the film!MB says that my mom had just come to thank you & you!Ignoring her,R.K orders popcorn on phone. MB ruefulls says that why did you act nice when you had to insult!R.K says that big stars do charity just like he did to her!MB says that you have not only insulted my mom but also Bappa!MB cuts her in between & acts sarcastically saying that Oh no!I have insulted Bappa!Will He punish me!R.K roams around the room & calling out to Bappa,where are you!I can’t see nor hear you!I know you will punish me for this but see to it that the punishment is of R.K’s level Bappa!. MB is disgusted.He clutches her hand & asks her where is you Bappa!He can’t be seen right?Exactly!No one can see or hear him!Bappa listans to no one!Then why do you hold so much respect for him?Where was your Bappa when you were in dire need of 40 lacs?Where was Bappa when you had to forcefully marry R.K for your father’s treatment & that too half-marriage!Atleast your Lord could have pushed & made seven pheras instead of just four!! MB is shocks & stunned hearing all this ! She leaves! R.K calls the doc saying that he had clearly mentioned to not tell anyone of those machines!

Soon after Deeps comes there & offers butter popcorn to R.K saying that he should ignore MB & her stupid talks!R.K ruefully says that I did not tell you to give your opinion in this matter!He leaves while Deeps smirks & eats the popcorn!

MB in her room asking for forgiveness to Lord Ganesh’s idol over R.K’s behaviour. MB is still holdng the Ganesh idol when Radhaji comes there.She says that is’s very difficult to understand R.K but I am glad that in this try I am not alone.She then hands over an album to R.K.MB is surprised to see the pics of small R.K celebrating Ganpati with great joyfulness & pomp with his dad…Radhaji narrates how R.K used to love Ganpati with all his heart,how he used to make modak in front of her & also during immersion tym how R.K used to cry as if someone very close to him is going away…& then R.K father died,,,,everything changed.He was angry with everyone,he had complaints with everyone,me,his father & also Bappa!MB says so R.K holds Bappa responsible for his father’s death.Radhaji nods & wipes the tears from her eyes.She says to MB that Bappa,like always won’t be brought here.So you go to your chawl & seek His blessings!.Radhaji begins to leave when MB stops her.Wiping a tear,MB says to her that this tym Bappa will not only come here but also an estranged son will return to his mom!


Precap –Madhu is bringing Bappa in RK mansion and all are dancing! RK comes and asks them to stop! RK tells Madhu that where RK stays Bappa cant stay..!


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