Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th September 2012 Written Update

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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th September 2012 Written Update by PurpleFairy

Ashu and Nidhi are driving to Kotnis. They still seem upset with each other and are recalling their good times together. ‘Tere bina jeeya jaye na’ is playing on the radio. They also remember their clashes.
DB is tensed about AshNi’s strained relationship and is taking it out on CS She calls Nidhi up. When Nidhi picks up, DB hears the song and is delighted that they’re listening to songs together. She tells her that someone had come to meet her; then starts telling her about the film. Nidhi gets irritated and says she doesn’t want to talk and hangs up. Ashu says that she always gets angry and that shouldn’t be let out in the hospital. They have a small argument on it.
Back at Kotnis, Amar is restless at not seeing Nidhi. He goes outside searching for her but can’t find her anywhere.
AshNi reach the hospital. Ashu offers to drop Nidhi back home but she politely refuses. She says she doesn’t want to depend on anyone and whatever he’s given her so far is enough to last her a lifetime. Ashu asks what about what he hasn’t given. Nidhi doesn’t say anything and goes.
Amar’s brother (what’s his name, again?) sees Amar approaching Nidhi happily. He stops Amar from calling out to Nidhi. He asks him to forget her. Just then, he sees the police and quickly takes Amar back to his room and locks the door. Amar tells his brother that he either has to leave his work or he shall leave the family; he has to live his own life. He says that he has a dream which he wants to fulfill and that is not possible with this background: Dr. Nidhi. He seems a bit to much in love with her and says he won’t be able to live without her. His brother promises him that he will get him his happiness no matter what.
Nidhi gets a call from Anji. She seems excited that Ashu and Nidhi went to the hospital together. Nidhi however says that it was just a lift to an intern. Anji doesn’t approve of this unfairness. Before they can carry on, Nidhi is called by Ashu for some rounds.
Dr. Priyanka comes to give Amar his injection and medicines. Amar wants Nidhi to give him his injection. Priyanka tries to talk sense into him but Amar goes away.
Ashu is on his rounds when Nidhi reports to him. Ashu looks at his watch disapprovingly. Nidhi sarcastically tells Ashu to go ahead and blast her for all her negative qualities (I dislike her here. She had no right to make such a scene specially when she was at fault). Ashu finally has to open his mouth at this attitude of Nidhi. Ahana tries to calm them both down but gets blasted too. Ashu continues scolding Nidhi when Amar comes and also asks him to not talk to Nidhi like this (And who gave him the right to say anything? He is just a patient). Ashu asks him to mind his own business; Nidhi is his wife and he has no right to interefere (Thank you, Ashu. You have your flaws but I’m on your side on this!). Amar and Ahana are both shocked at this revelation and go away heart-broken.
Nidhi apologises to Ahana and tries cheering her up. She says she wanted to annoy Ashu, not Ahana. She manages to patch up with Ahana and a little conversation between the, makes her speak fondly of Ashu and their love. Ahana apologises for trying to woo Nidhi’s husband. Nidhi takes it kindly and this gives Ahana an opportunity to drool over him. Nidhi reminds her that Ashu is married and Ahana them keeps quiet (This is a very cute scene!).
Amar is heartbroken and his brother tries to comfort him. He promises Amar that if he wants then the girl will be his but Amar forbids his brother to do anything wrong. He likes Nidhi but she is married and it is good he got to know this soon; it’s better to leave before the police gets here. He confesses that he got better two days ago but was here for Nidhi but now that the truth is out, there is no doubt staying here. His brother agrees to get him discharged but is feeling bad.

Precap: Amar’s brother tells his men that he wants that ‘doctorni’ at all cost for his ‘munna’. He is assured that his work will be done.
The gang follows Ashu’s car.

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