Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2012 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd July 2012 Written Update by b2011

Episode starts with Sandhya clicking “send” and is tense watching the clock. The form is accepted and Sandhya informs Suraj that his name has been enrolled and he has to go to Delhi next day. She thanks the new person he helped them like a God. That person introduces himself as Jayanth Shirke and tells if it happens, they will meet in Singapore. SurYa are surprised and Jayanth informs that his wife is a chef and she is participating in WTC in Singapore. Suraj observes him and tells that JS loves his wife more and JS tells even Sandhya loves Suraj more. SurYa BG with Sandhya smiling shyly. Suraj offers JS to come to their house but JS tells he has to catch his train. He then tells Suraj that his wife is an expert and would be a tough competitor. Suraj is shaken but Sandhya tells JS that even her husband is the famous halwaii of Pushkar and would prove a tough competitor to JS’ wife.
In house, Bhabho is stitching button for Mohit’s shirt. Bhabhasa comes from outside and informs Mohit that SurYa needed his laptop and just went out to cybercafe. Bhabho is visibly upset and Bhabhasa sees it. She gives the shirt to Mohit and he finds that she has stitched the button wrong side which Bhabhasa could not believe at all. Bhabho takes it for stitching again. SurYa come home and inform Bhabho. Bhabho worries they should leave to Delhi the next day. She asks Sandhya to do all the packing. Suraj sees Bhabho upset. He tells Sandhya he has some work in the shop and leaves.

Meena is lying on bed and eating apples. She is feeling very proud and happy on how she fooled everyone including the doctor and she has not got down from bed and enjoying eating fruits. She then remembers that some sethani is coming to the shop so she needs to get ready to choona maro that lady to buy more sarees.

Sandhya is packing Suraj’s clothes. Suraj comes there. He sees why Sandhya isn’t packing her sarees. He tells her it would be good if someone accompanies him to Delhi. Sandhya understands him but does some masti as to why, what is the need, if it is necessary, then Chotu would be the best and both Suraj and Chotu get along well. Suraj is hesitating how to tell and finally he says it would be better if Sandhya accompanies him as he feels good to be with her and would be confident and Sandhya agrees smilingly. He then rushes to the cupboard and takes Sandhya’s sarees and keeps them in the suitcase. He takes out his clothes to arrange them properly and sees Sandhya has already packed her sarees down. He then smiles and tells she had decided to come with him and was having fun. He states she has become too much badmaash.

Bhabho is packing food items for SurYa. Chavvi sitting there and Mohit comes there. He mocks Suraj saying whether he wins or not but can travel and eat on organizers expense and Chavvi tells Suraj can visit Dilip’s house and has a long list of things to be brought from Delhi and this reminds Mohit about good clothes and he too needs some. Bhabho scolds them for being so ungrateful to Suraj. She tells them if not for Suraj’s hardwork, then Mohit would have been a goatherd and Chavvi would be doing housework. Meena comes there all dressed to go to the shop. Bhabho asks her where she is going and she tells some sethani is coming so she is going to help Vikram in the shop. Bhabho gets sarcastic and asks whether the sarees won’t sell if Meena is not there and Meena tries to convince but finally Bhabho does not allow her. Meena grumbles about her own plan backfiring on her and goes back. Chotu comes there and asks Bhabho whom she is packing food. Bhabhasa tells him that Suraj is going to Delhi. He hugs Bhabho in happiness and then runs to SurYa room.

SurYa are packing and Sandhya is unable to close the suitcase. They both press the suitcase and meanwhile hit their forehead and smile. Suraj says they have to hit forehead twice else dog will bite them. Sandhya remembers even Ankur saying so and they hit foreheads again. Chotu comes by then and Suraj notices him. He calls Chotu who is leaving. Chotu asks Suraj about Delhi and he tells he does not know anything about Delhi. Sandhya tells Chotu all the places that can be visited in Delhi and Suraj asks her how come he knows. She states she has read in books. Suraj gets dull and Sandhya notices it. She suddenly asks about what sweets Delhi is famous for and Suraj gives all the details of it. Chotu admires Suraj saying when things are related to eating, Suraj knows all, everything recorded in his brain book and he does not need to read at all.

Bhabho comes there. She is visibly worried. She gives the food items to Sandhya and asks Suraj to sleep soon as he has to leave in the morning. Sandhya wonders why Bhabho is worried when everything is going well.

Precap: Bhabho tells how their house depends on Suraj. If he is happy, the entire house is bright and happy and if he gets dull, the house gets into dark. She tells that she has given her son to Sandhya and asks her to not allow darkness/eclipse to engulf sun/Suraj.

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