Balika Vadhu 28th September 2013 Written Update

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Balika Vadhu 28th September 2013 Written Update by Shreya

Balika Vadhu 28th September 2013 Written Episode

Sumi is shouting at Ganga. Congrats.. in end you got what you wanted. I kept saying that this woman is bad luck for us, but no one believed me. No one saw your true face because of your magic. I was afraid of this since she came to our house. Ganga is crying. Sumi continues, we all almost lost our lives because of her.. and today she made my son fill her maang.

She asks Ganga, Do you have any shame? You destroyed future of person who helped you so much. You could at least have thought about our respect in the society. How Dadisa must be feeling who kept you in our house as Anandi. You got what you wanted, but look at her (Sanchi is crying). Now I know why Ratan wanted to kill you so badly.. you must have held his hand until you needed, and as soon as you saw Jagya, you must have left him. Ganga continues crying. read full updates daily only at Sumi continues, Woman like you.. why am I calling a woman? You’re a disgrace on woman’s name, Ganga. Ganga? Who kept your name as Ganga? You’re a disgrace on Ganga mata’s name. She grabs her hand and pushes her. Jagya finally speaks, enough, maa.. enough. Ganga says, no doctor sahab.. she is right. I am the reason for all the troubles, everyone’s sorrow. Until how long, you will suffer because of me? I am not worth for that.. I don’t have any relationship with you.. then why doctor sahab why? Jagya says, who told you that you have no relationship with me? You mean whole world to me. You’re my love. Everyone is shocked!! Jagya continues, I had realized this long time ago, but I don’t know why I kept hiding it from myself and everyone. And today if I accepted you, then it’s not because I feel bad for you, but it’s because I love you. Sanchi cannot believe this. Jagya continues, if I had accepted this before, then no one would feel hurt today. Sanchi turns Jagya to her and asks, how could you? What are you saying? You love me. Jagya says, no.. I don’t love you. Despite you trying, I couldn’t attach myself to you because I never loved you. All Shekhars are very angry.

Ira goes to Jagya and slaps him hard. She says, don’t dare to say a word more and hurt my daughter. If one more tear falls from her eye, then you can’t imagine what I will do. We made mistake that we came here to apologise to you. If you wanted to fill this woman’s maang, then why did you come to our house and did drama of greatness? Why did you say all that rubbish? You should have said that you’ve fallen for this woman, we would have understood because your nature is like that only.

Alok now comes forward and shouts, look at tears in her eyes. How much you have hurt my daughter. He tells Sanchi, I had warned you the very first day.. but what to do? You fell in love with him. He has only used you. He kept talking about marriage with you, but loved this woman. He just needed one chance.. you made a mistake and he showed his true color. He blamed you and broke the rishta.

Ira interrupts, first Anandi, then Gauri, and now my daughter, Sanchi. How many more lives you will destroy and add to your list, Jagdish? Ira tells Ganga, and you? You’re proud of that sindhoor in your maang, right? But remember, one day he will also forget you and add you in his list. I will take care of my daughter, but no one will be there to take care of you when he does this to you. You will never be able to stay happy. Ganga cries. Ira now turns to Singhs and says, you all are still quiet? At least you could have said whether you’re embarrassed for what your son did or have no problem with it. Dadisa says, we had also seen dreams like you, but what can we do? Because of our children, we have to face such embarrassment. That there is nothing more to say after that. We can just apologise to you.

Ira says, apologise? will your forgiveness change what your son did? Daddu interrupts, enough. Whatever Jagdish did.. wont’ change no matter what we say. We have to accept the truth. Daddu tells Jagya, for this one life.. you must already have many curse. I don’t want to curse more, but I want to say that whatever happened is not good. Everyone was so happy, but your one mistake destroyed everything. There won’t be anything like before. Everything is finished now! He tells Ira, let’s go. Ira tells Sanchi to leave from there, but she says no.. please do something. Ira says, no one can do anything after what happened. Sanchi says, no it can’t happen. Ira shouts, it has already happened! You have to accept that Jagdish can’t return in your life. Ira takes Sanchi and is leaving from there. She stops. She turns back and looks at Anandi – who is still standing there, and says, from today.. whoever keeps any relationship with this family.. we won’t have any relationship with them. You will have to choose one family today and end your relationship with other forever, Anandi. Everyone is shocked. Ira and others leave. Shiv stays there for a bit, but then he also leaves. Anandi turns to Dadisa and holds her hands. Bhairo puts his hands on Anandi’s hands. Anandi cries and slowly slowly leaves from there. Dadisa says, my Anandi left. What did you do, son? You always break my faith. There is a limit of suffering. I thought you got matured and sensible, but no.. this time again, you did same thing. There is no point of saying anything. Sumi again starts shouting at Ganga and blames her for her separateness from Anandi. She even curses Ganga and says, you will never be able to stay happy. Dadisa asks Sumi to stop now as they have already lost too much respect in front of everyone.. they can at least save whatever respect is there. Dadisa asks everyone to leave from there and say whatever they want at their house. Everyone leaves. Jagya and Ganga are still standing there with Lal Singh and his wife.

Lal congratulates Jagya for a new beginning of his life. He says, you finally listened to your heart and did what was right. It’s different that they didn’t understand you, but they will understand one day. You two can come and stay at my house until then. Ganga says, no.. I don’t want to live anywhere. I never thought and wanted all this to happen because of me. Lal says, but you liked and wished Jagdish. He is with you now. Face the circumstances with him. Now you can’t run away from your love and your feelings, nor there is any need to now. Jagya expressed his love, now it’s your turn. Ganga says, I never said that I ….. She then gets quiet and looks at Jagya. Lal says, it’s not required that you say everything. To understand some things, silence is enough. He reminds her how she cried and beg to him to save Jagya. Lal says, that desperation of yours said everything. Now you say, don’t you love Jagya? Ganga doesn’t know what to say.. she leaves from there saying she will go and check Mannu.

Shekhars are heading back to their house. Sanchi is sleeping, keeping her head on Ira’s shoulder. Shiv looks at her from the mirror. He is very angry and driving very roughly. Anandi tells him to control himself.

Ganga is standing outside with Mannu and kaka. Jagya comes there. He tells kaka to take Mannu and get something for him to eat. Kaka leaves with Mannu.

Ganga tells Jagya, I know whatever you said was to save me. Jagya says, you’re wrong.. whatever I said was true.. I love you. Ganga says, everything happened because of me. I am standing like a wall between two families now. Jagya says, whatever happened was not because of you.. it was because of destiny. Maybe only the God wanted the truth to come out like this. That is why it took me so long to realise my own love. He hugs her and says, I promise you that our future won’t be of only us two. Others our own will also be part it. No matter if I have to get down to their knees and apologise to them. Not only apologise, I will also take their blessings. Screen freezes on his face.

Voiceover: Love encourages one to fight against all the circumstances. Love is not a weakness, but a strength.

Precap: All Shekhars are sitting in the hall. Sanchi tells Anandi, Jagdish wouldn’t have thought about marrying Ganga all of a sudden. He must have thought about it, and must have told you about it as well. They why didn’t you tell any of us about it? Ira then tells Anandi, how is this possible? He must have showed some signs about his feelings for Ganga. Or is it like that you also think that Ganga is better fit for Jagdish than Sanchi?

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  1. manasa
    September 30, 09:00 Reply

    “Howlong this serial can extend.every rubber will also have some TOLERANCE,if it is extended too long then it will cut. Like that audience will also have some tolerance,if the serial is extends like this then they will also STOP WATCHING THAT”. iam wishing that there should be a situation that opens sanchi’s original character to her family and to sumitra.then sumitra should realize about ganga and should make call to that new couple to come to badi haveli.

  2. Swathi
    September 29, 15:31 Reply

    I too like Jagaya’s decision today,
    but dont like shiv’s blind behaviour, he should have understand being a collecter what is wrong and right by his sister’s words first of all.
    And the lady villon sachi, ruining anadhi life by spoiling everyone brain.

    Just like she spoiled sumitra’s brain towards ganga.

    Anandhi, it’s all your fault, you wouldn’t have spoke abt jagaya earlier. So you wouldn’t have loose all this now 🙁

    Be courageous an deal with all the situation in shiv house all the best.

  3. Meet
    September 29, 08:36 Reply

    Balika Vadhu – New Promo – Jagdish
    marries Ganga
    Jagdish grabs Ganga’s hand and
    doesn’t let her go.
    Ganga to Jagdish: You have no right
    to stop me.
    Jagdish to Ganga: Today I won’t let
    you go because I love you.
    Jagdish puts sindhoor on her
    Background voice: The incomplete
    chapter will start again which will
    leave many lives into a trouble

  4. Meet
    September 29, 08:34 Reply

    Precap: All Shekhars are sitting in
    the hall. Sanchi tells Anandi,
    Jagdish wouldn’t have thought about
    marrying Ganga all of a sudden. He
    must have thought about it, and
    must have told you about it as well.
    They why didn’t you tell any of us
    about it? Ira then tells Anandi, how
    is this possible? He must have
    showed some signs about his feelings
    for Ganga. Or is it like that you also
    think that Ganga is better fit for
    Jagdish than Sanchi?

  5. Meet
    September 29, 08:31 Reply

    Ira is such a bitch………………………………n sumitra has no brain……but bhario has…so y he stand quiet……. …..hope anandi shown pregnant but she didnt tell to ny one……(Mokka hi kha milta h usse…….. shiv se baat krne ka…)Aur phir misundrstndng badegi……Mzaa to jb aaywga jb ganga pregnant hogi….

  6. Anandi
    September 29, 06:20 Reply

    Ira sanchi n now sumitra are truely idiots n brain less buffaloes.

  7. Reena
    September 29, 03:04 Reply

    Hp jagya tells d singhs reason for canceling his engagement…evn if sumi bitch doesnt ageee or believe doesnt matter…bhairo n dadisa shld support jagya..lov u jagya ganga…nice episode..always seen ganga n trbl n sad hp nw no more sorrows n her life..anandi u act stupid sumtimes..u shld hav supported jagya

  8. Mirela
    September 28, 19:40 Reply

    If I were in Anandi’s shoes today, I would stay with the Singhs and make Shiv decide whose side he will take, since Ira’s blackmailing Anandi was unscrupulous. After all, the Singhs are, apart from her real father, Anandi’s only family. What if someday someone put this condition to Sanchi? How would Shekhars’ feel then? Also, Shiv really disappointed me today by leaving Anandi stranded. He holds lectures to other women how to protect themselves and today he didn’t even try to protect his. As for the rest of the Shekars’, I knew they would blindly support Sanchi no matter what. Moreover, they take everything Sanchi says for granted. Now, only because of Sanchi, they treat Jagya like a criminal and Anandi like his accomplice. I sincerely hope that Anandi will be strong enough to teach all of them a lesson on righteousness, since she has always been fighting her battles alone, even after having been married to Shiv.

  9. Ritu
    September 28, 18:46 Reply

    I am surprised and still can’t believe they got married so fast. Jagya is great.
    Lal Singh did good job, first made Jagya realize his love and today Ganga.

    Also if Shiv doesn’t support Anandi this time, then we can’t blame him. Anandi knew everything from long time, but never said anything to anyone, not even Shiv.

    Looking forward to Jagya and Ganga’s story now.

    • MU
      September 28, 19:16

      the cvs kept on showing how anandi tried to tell Shiv but never gets to

  10. Cameron
    September 28, 18:12 Reply

    I agree with u shaymini and mu. I hope anandi is shown pregant soon. And if shiv can’t suport anandi then anandi should leave him cause during there wedding the promise each other they will be together in happiness and sorrow. And he is taking his families side not wife. That is cheap. Hope anadi will be not blamed for everything and hopefully shiv will console his family and help anandi survive through ira torturous life and have a good life. hopefully everyone will notice there mistake and punish sanchi and accept eveything that happened. and will forgive each other everyone except sanchi will not be forgived

    • Cameron
      September 28, 18:13

      Reply if u agree:)

    • MU
      September 28, 18:35

      i agree but too many persons in that house is blind

      they need to learn a lesson from others. They judge Jagiya which was wrong. No matter how educated you are when it comes down to a problem they are no better than anyone from the village or anyone who is uneducated. People are the same everywhere you go and the CVs showed us this.

      This educated family is blaming a boy for spoiling their daughter’s life. How is that possible? He broke the engagement shut up and move on. He married someone else move on.

      What they need is a groom from another family who will teach them this lesson that Sanchi is a spoilt brat because of them. Sumitra and Dadisa didnt think that if a girl can insult them to impress her friends what else can she do to impress others or use them as a laughing stock to make herself feel superior? For their entire life they will be insulted and sumitra would be in tears as Sanchi will make Jagiya be separated from his family to love in the city.

      Sumitra and Ira are the same. They blackmailed Jagiya into a relationship which he didnt want. Yes Sumitra we agree to worry about Anandi’s happiness but you’re willing to sacrifice your other child’s happiness for her? That’s not motherly love at all. She’s obsessed over Anandi’s happiness and putting jagiya’s happiness on a bahu! Jagiya was quite fine being single eventually he would get married after a while when he is ready but Sumitra bullied him using Anandi.

      Then Shiv blinded by his sister’s pain and his family’s insult would willingly put anandi on a chopping board. Anandi better be pregnant after all 3 times she did it so might as well give her a child. A pregnant woman has more benefits than a not so pregnant one. If sanchi can use her daughter status to manipulate all anandi should be smart and use her pregnancy to unite both families.

      I personally dont mind if JaGan are rejected by the badi haveli it would be good to be on their own to build up their husband-wife relationship and Jag’s new role as father. Build up their small family before facing the storm of both families

    • Ritu
      September 28, 18:49

      I think Jagya’s family never really found out what exactly happened. They don’t know what all Sanchi said, else they wouldn’t blame Jagya too much.

    • MU
      September 28, 19:14

      thats the problem also

      sumitra is the only one that knew what happened from thursday’s episode. Jag didnt explain and when Bahro asked no one answered.

      Shiv is justified in his outburst and behaviour loving brother comes to defend his sister. The shock of JaGan married pumped up the drama. Unanswered questions unexplained events. DRAMA

      i just wonder how will anandi explain this one and how will shiv react

  11. MU
    September 28, 13:57 Reply

    Jagdish and Ganga will live a happy life. God blessed them the day his blood filled her maang. I’m happy all Singh and his wife support them. As long as this couple support them they will be fine

    And Ira don’t know shit Gauri messed up her own marriage with her insecurities.

    If shiv can’t support ananda she can go back home. It’s always anandi’s fault for sanchi and Ira

    This is the perfect time for anandi’s to be pregnant

    What I hate the most is that no one gave jagya a chance to explain talk about uncivilized people.

    I hope Ganga gets pregnant soon also.

    They should have a proper marriage too with Ganga dressed as a bride I want to see a happy dressed up ganga

    • geetha
      September 28, 14:57

      Hi mu. I also think same too

  12. aradhana
    September 28, 13:48 Reply

    love gives immense strength to a do such things that are unthinkable and are only read in stories.. especially when you realize that you can’t survive without him…perhaps the other person will never realize what you have done out of love when he will grow up but still did not extinguish the flame of selfless love..every blood relation appears as a weak link before that new found love…

  13. sassha
    September 28, 13:02 Reply

    poor anandi..i thought aftr al dis evry1 will hate ye to ulta ho gaya

  14. Radhika
    September 28, 12:14 Reply

    dt bitches Ira and Sanchi… tried of dis 2.. dnt knw frm where they get dos spooning ideas to blame anadi..

  15. Panchi
    September 28, 11:35 Reply

    Ufff!!!so much curses! I hope it doesn’t effect their lives!!

    • Rita
      September 28, 11:40

      I am worried what is going to happen next..

  16. Rita
    September 28, 11:30 Reply

    please, update fast!

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