Woh Apna Sa 19th May 2017 Written Update

Woh Apna Sa 19th May 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Woh Apna Sa 19th May 2017 Written Episode

Adi comes to godown, jhanvi gets elated to see him, goons hold her back. Adi beats goons to blood, one goon attacks Adi with stick, Adi falls down, they beat Adi, Jhanvi tries to stop them but they pushes her away. Precap,,Jhanvi is about to get stabbed by goon but police comes there and catches them, Adi is in shock. Jhanvi turns and hugs adi tightly, they tightly hold each other being scared, Jhanvi feels peace, mei phir bhi tumko chahungi plays, Jhanvi breaks hug and looks at Adi with love, Adi says are you mad? What if anything happened to you? Jhanvi says what if anything happened to you? Adi is speechless, he takes off his voat and puts it around Jhanvi’s shoulders to cover her, he takes her from there.
Adi brings Jhanvi out of godown. Nisha is sitting in her car and sees them from far,
she says you git saved again. Adi asks Jhanvi to go and sit in his car. Jhanvi starts leaving, Adi talks to police. Nisha starts her car and goes behind Jhanvi, she is about to hut her with her car but Adi sees it and runs, he pushes Jhanvi out of way and gets hit by Nisha’s car. Nisha stops car. Jhanvi runs to Adi. Nisha sees Adi lying on road in blood, she says why did you come inbetween her and me? I have to leave, she panics and runs away. Jhanvi cries for Adi.

Maa asks Survi to call Jhanvi, they receive some call and gets shocked.

Nisha cries and says Adi i didnt want to hit you, i don’t know yoyr condition now, she cleans car’s bonnet and says Adi I didnt want you to bring my truth out, i didnt want anyone to know anything, i didnt want you to save Jhanvi, she calls driver and asks him to take care for cleaning and washing.

Jhanvi is in hospital. Adi is in operation theatre. Kaki and Kaka comes there, nisha comes there too. Doctor says Adi’s condition is not well. Kaka asks Jhanvi if she was kidnapped? Who saved you? How did this happen with Adi? Jhanvi says Adi saved me, he was coming out of godown… doctor comes there and says Adi’s condition is serious, he has lost blood. Jhanvi’s Maa comes there and takes Jhanvi to corner, Jhanvi eyes Nisha with hatred.
Maa asks Jhanvi what happened? Jhanvi tells her about what happened and says nothing should happen to Adi, she cries and hugs her. Kaki prays for Adi’s life. Nisha sees all this and thinks what happened from me? What to do? Adi… Nisha comes in mandir at hospital and says I wanted to end Jhanvi, why did Adi come in between? Jhanvi’s maa comes there and says stop this drama, you didint even spare your husband? Nisha says shut up, your daughter is responsible for all of this. Maa says what kind of woman are you? You arent even ashamed, how dare you try to hurt my daughter and send her to those goons?God will not spare you, you will pay for your deeds, i will file case against you and drag you to court, nisha says you don’t have any proof against me
pati nai chora,, apki beti zemeidar,, sharam,, how dare take my daughter,, god will pinish,, i woll take cort,, you have no prof,, don threaten me, you know what I am capable of,, jhanvi comes there and says we will prove things on right time, right now Adi’s life is moat important. Jhanvi says I wont let anyone hurt Adi’s family and if this Nisha tries to hurt them then I will stand infront of them and will protect them, she glares at Nisha, nisha says all the best and leaves. Jhanvi prays for Adi.
Nisha thinks that Adi will tell truth about me as soon as he wakes up, i have to do something, i have to save myself.

Doctor comes out of operation theatre and says to family that he is sorry, we tried a lot but if he doesn’t wake up soon then he will slip to coma, pray for him, he leaves. All cry and cant control sobs. Kaka says control, i know my Adi, nothing will happen to him. All go in ICU to see Adi. Jhanvi stands near door and sees injured and unconscious Adi lying on bed, she thinks I cant see you like this, i wont let anyone hurt Adi or his family, if nisha tries to then I will protect them, Jhanvi looks away from and cries.

Precap- Police comes to hospital and says we have got to know Adi was not in accident but was hit by car. Nisha says this is not the time to discuss all this, come later. Jhanvi says they wont leave, they should also know who kidnapped me and who hit Adi. Inspector asks if she knows who did all that? Jhanvi says Nisha.. Nisha gets tensed, all look on.

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