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Uttaran 30th August 2012 Written Update by crisps21

Episode starts with Tej sitting in a dilapidated place having alcohol and talking to Yuvi on phone. He asks him not to be so afraid of his father. Yuvi says, I’m not afraid of anyone, but I won’t drink in front of Paa!
Tej says, ok I understand that… but I’m with you always. Whatever you need, just let me know… you want money right?
Yuvi smiles and says I’m going to a casino!
Tej says, my blessings are with you… go and win!
Tej puts the phone down and thinks of Veer’s words… don’t cross your limits… I just pushed you today, tomorrow I will kick you out of this house. He remembers Veer’s push too!
He says, Tej Singh got beaten by his nephew!!!
Chanda comes in the bar… she snatches the bottle away from him and says, you’re dreaming of heaven, but wasting your time away over here. Drink, but don’t drink so much that you become useless with your brain!
People are looking at Chanda and he gets angry at people looking at Chanda. Chanda says, where you had to show this anger, you ran away from there without doing anything.
Tej takes his bottle away from her… she says, drink more… and keep staying here because your nephew is doing all that’s required for you to stay out of that house forever.
Tej says, he will kick me out? I will break his legs!
I’m Tej Singh Bundela – Bundela family’s property’s half heir.
Chanda tells him, Daddaji has called a lawyer through Veer.
Tej says, he can’t talk… Chanda says, he’s started talking again… was saying “vakeel, vakeel”. Chanda says, get some sense into you or you’ll be begging on the streets.
Tej says, I won’t beg on streets… no one has the ability to kick me out of the house. The time to show my strength has come!!
Chanda feels smug and happy!

Mukta in college thinking of meeting Rathore.

Rathore with Damini. Damini says, I don’t know what to say to you Rathore sahab. I only want to say, that I can undersatand your pain. Rathore says, what do people say, when someone shows sympathy to them? I am sorry, I am not used to sympathy.
There was no one to show love and sympathy towards me.
However hard I try that there’s someone, my own, with me… close to me… God snatches them away from me. I tried very hard – marriage, wife, child… daughter…
In any case, it’s my pain and my suffering, no one else needs to understand and no one CAN understand!
Damini says, there’s one person who will understand your pain completely… because that person is going through the same pain and suffering. Rathore asks who? Damini says, Icha.

Icha in the hospital remembering Meethi’s words about not getting better and not wanting to live. She’s crying.

Damini tells Rathore, she’s suffering from the same pain day and night, just like you. Her daughter Meethi hates her…

Kanha comes to Icha and says it’ll take a little while for Meethi’s discharge, should I bring something for you to eat? Icha says no. Kanha asks her to rest a little… Icha says, I’m alright! Kanha says, you won’t listen to your son? She smiles.
He goes away saying I’ll bring Meethi now.

Damini says, for 18 years, Icha spent her life in darkness and anonymity to give her daughter a bright future and make her life. But what happened? When the daughter met her after 18 years, the daughter had hate for her in eyes, and bitter words in her mouth.
Damini says, I don’t understand why God is punishing my daughter? For what sin?
Rathore listening to all this quietly.
Damini says, now will you agree that I’m not just showing sympathy? I can truly understand your pain.
She asks him to have his coffee and leaves.
Rathore thinks he should talk to Ichaji.
He calls her but thinks Ichaji’s old number is now disconnected.
He remembers taking out a mobile from Meethi’s pocket when he brought her to the hospital.
He searches his coat pockets and finds the phone.
He opens it and sees the photos Mukta sent to her of Veer and Icha together… along with the SMSes about finding out about her father. If she does, she should come to Sunset Point.

Meethi/Kanha come home. Jogi is happy to see them. Divya also smiles at her. Icha comes from behind.
Jogi asks her how she’s feeling? Meethi says, I’m okay barey papa.
Nani says, Meethi beta, I will get some juice for you… you’ve become so weak. But Meethi refuses.
Damini holds Meethi and says where did you go? Should someone leave their family worried like that?? If something happened to you then what would we have done?? Tell me where you went? Why you went?
Meethi says, you don’t know why I went? (Nani’s tense)
Damini says, Meethi what your’e thinking is wrong!
Your mother…
Meethi says, anni she’s your daughter, but not my mother… I want to make one thing clear… please don’t talk to me about ‘this woman’ ever again. Please anni. Damini cries but goes quiet.
Jogi asks Kanha to take Meethi to her room and let her rest. Kanha takes her to her room.
Jogi tells Icha, I don’t know why does Meethi hate you so much! How can someone hate a mother like you?
Rathore comes and says, that hatred is not born in her heart by itself… what I’m going to tell you, I have the whole story and the evidence of it in my hand – shows them Meethi’s mobile.
He says, it’s Meethi’s phone. When she fainted in front of my car, I got it out of her pocket.
I wanted to get your number from this phone (looking at Icha) and saw some messages. He gives the phone to Jogi and Jogi sees the same photos/messages. He shows them to Icha/Damini.
Icha says, that photo was taken when I met Veer in the mandir.
Jogi gives the phone back.
Jogi says, Meethi was trying to find her father. Whose number could this be?
Rathore says, whoever it is, thought it out very cleverly. Number is private, cannot call them back. Whoever it is, wants to bring distance between mother-daughter. These photos have been sent by them to create hatred in Meethi’s heart for her mother.
Icha says, Oh God, who could have done this?? And why???
Jogi looks at Nani…
Icha says, who wants Meethi to hate me and to go away from me… What will they get by doing all this?? Who could it be??
Icha suddenly remembers Nani’s words about telling Meethi about her father (when she forced Icha to put slippers on her feet).
Icha looks at Nani accusingly and walks towards her. Everyone’s looking quietly.
Episode ends.

Precap: Icha’s thinking, I don’t want that person to take advantage of me being quiet!!
Mukta holding her phone and thinks, I should make one last attack on Meethi.
Rathore gets the message on Meethi’s phone saying – come to Sunset Point (or some other place, couldn’t get the name right). You haven’t seen your father’s face right? This time you won’t be disappointed!!

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