Uttaran 23rd August 2012 Written Update

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Uttaran 23rd August 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location:Bundela mansion
The episode starts with tej and chanda being very happy that they have found the will.On the other hand kasa finds the door open and wondering that he had closed the door, he goes inside and is happy to see that everything is all right

Scene 2:
Location:Thakur haveli
Jogi enquires about meethi from a disheartend kanha who has just returned home.Kanha says they did not find anything where meethi spent the night as she did not talk to anybody there.And further says that they woulld have to wait till meethi switches on her phone next so that they can trace her.Jogi wondering what does he say to iccha that maintains her paitience.

Scene 3:
Location: Bundela mansion
Chanda is being urged by a drunk tej to read daddaji’s will again.She disheartedly says that she is reading it for the umpteenth time in the night,and that it says that the property shall be divided equally between tej and ummed but tej shall get the property only if he marries a nice respectable lady of clean character from a good family.He mock feels for hid dad that atleast he considered tej his son even if it was for the sake of will,then suddenly he is reminded that dadaji was constanly pointing towards the closet and asking to put a lock,he angrily u presumes that dadaji had made his mind to change the will,to which chanda replies that he should marry her asap.Tej brushes her aside saying that before that he needs a supporting mechanism to extend his stay in the house.just then he hears yuvi knocking on the main door and goes out to watch the scene with chanda. read full updates daily only at He finds yuvi talking to gunvanti who is upset with him for having been outside the whole night and that dadaji being ill.Then she realises that he is drunk and after he asks for another 1,2 lakhs she loses her temper and walks away from there.tej realises that he is in the exact position that vansh was and determines to keep yuvi under his spell so that he gets to stay.He walks down and after introducing himself,offers him money,At the sight of which yuvi’s attitude towards him immediately changes and he agrees to drink with him.Tej winks at chanda hinting that their plan went successful.

Scene 4:
Location:At a tea stall
Meethi is ordering a masala chai when shee sees her photo in the missing persons list in the paper and runs from there and resolves that she has to find her dad before her family finds her.When she switches her phone on,she gets some messages, one of which saying that if you want to know about your father see the attachment below.she looks and finds a hazy photo of icha with a man whose face is not clear.Just then she gets a phone call from a private no saying that,iccha still meets this man in the photo secretly,thats her father and she has kept this a secret from meethi.She assures meethi that she would soon see her dad.Meethi tries to know who is the person but the ph gets disconnected.the audience knows its mukta.Meethi starts crying as to why is someone playing games with her like this?

Scene 5:
Location:Bundela mansion
Rathore arrives,gunvanti is surprised to see him after so many years and has flashbacks of rathore’s previous comings at her house.Rathore too,looking around the house is filled with memories of tapasya.after having given him her blessings,gunvanti asks him that she thought he had gone abroad then why come back after so many years.he says that he had lost everything,so to find himself he went away then lost himself there and a whole load of time and then came back here and was instantly drawn to come to this house and enquires about veer and icha.Just then amla walks in.after having sent her to get some snacks and tea,gunvanti explains that she is veer’s wife.On being enquired about iccha she says that after veer met with an accident when rathore had gone,icha too left him and he too lost his memory.Now amla is his wife and yuvi’s mothr.Just then ummed walks in,greets rathore and tells him that he hasnt changed at all,he comments but time has changed.Ummed tres to tll him about the truth behind icha’s departure and veer’s accident but is stopped by gunvati midway.just then veer walks in,and as expected he does not recognize rathore.before ummed or gunvanti can tell him,rathore says that they are meeting for the first time and formally introduces himself.He gives yuvi’s belongings that he left in the casino,veer is very angry at yuvi saying that this time he has crossed his limits,but rathore calms him down saying that kids his age often do mistakes like this.Veer thanks him and asks him to have some snacks but rathore leaves abruptly.Everybody is wondering and the screen faces on veer’s face.

Precap:iccha is praying for meethi.Meethi absentmindedly walking along the road and is hit by rathore’s car and the diya that icha had kept burning is blown by the wind.Rathore is surprised when he sees meethi’s face.

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