Swaragini 8th December 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 8th December 2016 Written Update by Sona

Swaragini 8th December 2016 Written Episode

Everyone was moved as the gun was shot in air. The masked man removes the mask, it was Nikhil and Mansi. Ragini wonders if they weren’t in jail, Mansi considers herself to be lucky to flee from jail. She says sometimes evils also win. Swara insists evil never wins. Nikhil counters they love each other and wants to live together, they have been created by same God. Some goons bring Mishka downstairs, Nikhil points a gun towards Ragini saying this can be Mishka’s last day if they try being cunning. They tie Mishka in front of everyone. Sanskar questions what Nikhil wants. Mansi says their planning for next six months was spoilt in a single one, only because of Swara. Now, they can’t get over Abhimanyu’s locker and property because Swara disclosed that Abhimanyu has died. But there are still some
jewelry items in the locker that Mishka would inherit when she turns eighteen. Mansi tells Laksh that he has time till 12 pm tomorrow to get all of Abhimanyu’s locker’s jewels to them; else Mishka would be no more. By then, they are all on a house arrest. Sanskar fears its illegal, Laksh denies doing this. Nikhil points a gun at Mishka, Swara was ready to abide by Nikhil. She tells everyone they have no option, when Mishka’s own mother is ready to kill her who would save her. This jewelry doesn’t cost more than Mishka’s life. Mansi was sure Swara will fulfil her promise. Swara asks about the details, Mansi tells her about the details. They tell Swara they can easily break into bank from back gate, as its Sunday. She must break locker room’s code inside, Nikhil hands her the keys of locker. Swara demands why he doesn’t do this by themselves. Mansi says their faces are wanted, because of Swara. Nikhil demands everyone’s cell phone, then takes them all up into a room.
Mansi comes to the room, and warns Swara she has lesser time to plan her robbery. Mishka shouted for help downstairs, Nikhil shuts her up. Laksh was worried that in bank there are alarms in lockers, what if they get caught. He says there is a way, he can try calling police outside. Sujata tries to stop him. He opens the window to jump outside, but was shot and fell back. They all pick Laksh up, and assures Ragini he is fine. The goon calls from outside if he does this next time, he would be shot real. Mansi comes to warn they are left with no time.
In the morning, there was a door at the bell. Nikhil holds Annaparna at gun point to get milk from the milk man. Annaparna goes inside to get a pot for milk. Ragini goes to get the pot for Annaparna in the kitchen. She writes a note and takes it along. The milk man was busy with the phone call and pours the milk without reading the note. Ragini was left upset. Nikhil confirms he had gone and shuts the door.
Swara tells Mansi she would figure out at the spot what she has to do. Sanskar was ready to go with Swara. Laksh was also ready to go. Mansi says soon Ragini would also agree to do. Sanskar tells Laksh to stay home, Mishka needs him here. Mansi says she know already they are going towards police from here. She comes to give them trackers, as this watch would record their positions even their conversations. Nikhil enjoys.

PRECAP: Laksh asks Ragini to prepare breakfast, he would get sleeping pills for their breakfast. Ragini opens the door and was shocked to see Sharmistra come home. Ragini has an accident, the guards suggest about breaking the car mirror at which she was alert.

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