Swaragini 7th December 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 7th December 2016 Written Update by H_Hasan

Swaragini 7th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanskar seeing their marriage pic and thinks he did a mistake and will apologize to her. He hears someone coming and thinks Swara came. He says I can’t face you as I gave you pain and made you cry. I can’t come infront of you. Laksh holds his shoulder and starts laughing. Sanskar stands up surprisingly. Laksh says you could have seen me. Sanskar says you would have knock on the door. Laksh says I came to talk to you. He says I went to my room to talk to Ragini, but….A fb is shown, Laksh tells Ragini that he is happy as finally their problems have ended. Ragini asks him to leave her hand and go out from her room. Laksh asks what happened suddenly? Ragini says you want to know why I am doing this? She calls him Mr. Abhimanyu Khanna and says you stayed with Mansi.
Laksh says circumstances was such that I couldn’t tell you. Ragini says you would have told me or signed me something. She says I was about to die. Laksh says you acted to call me naa. Ragini says I did drama to call you, but later I tried to commit suicide and cut my nerves. She says you have crossed limits and asks him to go from her room. Fb ends. Sanskar asks Laksh, why did he tell Ragini that I was a drama? Laksh says those words fell from his mouth. Sanskar asks him to sit. Laksh says he is worried.

Sanskar says matter is serious and says I don’t know whose wife is more angry, yours or mine. Laksh says yes. Swara tells Ragini..you have scolded Laksh. Ragini says Laksh’s face was like…

Ragini and Swara laugh. Ragini asks Swara to do same thing with Sanskar and tells that she feigned to be angry with Laksh. Swara says idea is not bad. She tells that she made Mishka sleep in Utara’s room. Ragini asks her to try fake anger on Sanskar and says all the best. Swara looks out and calls watchman. Laksh asks Sanskar to practice with conviction. Swara comes there. Laksh says he wants to talk to you. Sanskar apologizes to Swara for his wrong doings, and says he is apologizing to her for last time as he will not repeat his mistake. He promises her that he will never go far from her, and they will be one always, he will always support her and will never doubt her. He bends down on his knees and asks her to forgive him once. Laksh says what an acting, and says it is real. He says he will tell same things to Ragini. He asks Swara if she forgave his brother. Swara says yes, and infact I forgot all this long ago. She tells them that watchman is not outside when she looked out.

They come out and see watchman sitting on his place. Laksh says okay, I will go to my room. Swara tells him that Ragini is just acting to be angry on him. Laksh says okay. Swara asks him not to tell Ragini that she told him. Laksh says okay and goes. Sanskar tells Swara that she thinks about everyone and asks him to think about him also. Laksh comes to room. Ragini says I told you not to return. Laksh says you didn’t do right with me and made bad joke with me. Ragini asks what and is shocked. Swara tells Sanskar that he shouldn’t have told Laksh, and worries that they will fight. Laksh tells Ragini that he was yearning to meet her when he was away. Ragini says I was joking. Laksh says you have no feelings for me, and says it would have been good if I hadn’t not return. Ragini asks him not to say this and says she would have died without him. Laksh asks her not to cry and says he was joking.

Ragini asks how can you do this with me Laksh…They fall together. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays…………………..Sanskar covers Swara and himself under the dupatta. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays. Ragini tries to convince Laksh and dresses his wound. Sanskar lifts Swara and takes her to bed. Swara and Sanskar get romantic. Ragini keeps her head on Laksh’s chest. Few goons enter there.

Everyone hear the voice coming from hall and come there. Swara asks uttara about Mishka. Uttara says she is sleeping in room. Goons switch on the lights. Everyone is shocked to see the masked goons.

Goon shoots and removes his mask. He is Nikhil. Mansi asks Swara to take out jewellery from Abhimanyu’s locker else she shall say bye to Mishka forever. Mishka is seen tied and kept captive by Mansi and Nikhil.

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  1. Muskaan
    December 08, 09:42 Reply

    I agree with u barbie…
    I Love Raglak as a couple more than Swalak…

  2. Khushi
    December 08, 00:21 Reply

    Totally disgusting… What lakhya & swara called each other bhabhisa and devarji…irritating… They r the real couple of this serial..their love story was the best one..we actually want to see that..not this disgusting story….

    • Barbie
      December 08, 07:46

      I don’t agree with you the love story wasn’t ever the main story, the main story was the story of sisters swara and ragini and Laksh is better with ragini

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