Shocking! Salim to DIE in Star Plus’ P.O.W

Star Plus’ P.O.W-Bandi Yudh Ke (Nikhil Advani) may not be garnering ratings but its storyline is indeed gripping.

Post the revelation of Imaan (Satyadeep Sharma) and Sarrtaj (Purab Kohli) being associated with ISI agents, viewers will be treated to some more thrilling tale.

Imaan’s brother Salim (Suhaas Ahuja), who met with an accident (actually assassination attempt by ISI) will breathe his last, shaking up the entire family.

Shares a source, “Though doctors will inform the Khan family of successfully operating on Salim, his condition would suddenly deteriorate. The doctors sadly wouldn’t be able to revive him.”

With this loss, Imaan would decide to confess about his terrorist links to the government officials but will be stopped by Sarrtaj.

Wondering why?

Well, danger will loom on his family too.

His wife Harleen (Amrita Puri) will unfortunately get locked in a car. He would rush to help her out and will be devastated to see her in the condition. Sarrtaj would further get disturbed by anonymous calls at his home which will scare him more.

How would these prisoners of war sort out the issues in their lives? Will their secrets affect their families?

We couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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