Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2012 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th July 2012 Written Update

rosid written update

roli and siddhant are fighting over simar!siddhant thinks roli is blind to think that simar loves her!he thinks its totally absurd that she will throw her out of the house in the middle of the night!at first roli tries to tell siddhant the reason behind simars decision but she just ends up getting all fired up hearing stuffs abt her sister!at one point she says to siddhant roli :!plzz stop siddhant ji i wnt hear a single word against ,my sister anymore!if u have that much knowledge abt truth or false thn why did u leave the house with me u should have left me alone! siddhantji :how the hell could i have left u alone like that!i cant leave without u!i am in love with u !i love u nah yaar!roli looks at siddhant!siddhant realizes that he has just confessed again he becomes total silent at this point!the back ground music starts they both look at each other!both of them look at each other!for a sec it feels like they have forgotten all abt their surrounding roli forgets abt her anger!siddhant forgets abt his frustrations!rolis eyes teared up!siddhants wants to say something but he is completely put of words!he tries to find his answer through rolis eyes!he is damn scared!but still he is completely out of his sense right now!roli slowly walks off to him and hugs him tightly!and thn she says i love u too nah yaar!siddhant lifts his head!he comes back to his senses!roli says i also cant leave without u!siddhant cant believe wht he is hearing!hie eyes becomes widen!tears falls down through rolis cheek as she holds on to siddhantji!before roli was the one who was hugging on to siddhantji!siddhant thn instanly puts his hand around her back tightly holding on to her and gently putting his oher hand on her head as they hold on to each other!siddhant is beyond happy right now!siddhant thn slowly removes roli from him!and holds on to her shoulders with both of his hand!roli removes her tears!siddhant looks at roli!his heart is beating really fast!his breathing is increasing!roli smiles at siddhant!siddhant is also smiling and looking at roli!roli blushes and looks at other side!but siddhant is still looking at her!now that she has said that she loves her!he just dont want to let her go!sddhant says roli wht did u said again!roli tries to avert her eyes she tries to change the topic!she says siddhantji i cant seem to find any good place to stay here!were shall we live rigght now!siddhant force fully puts both of his hand on her shoulders!and makes her look at him!siddhant says this is not what i was talking about!i want to hear the stuff that u said just now!roli tryong to avert siddhants eyes says were shall we live siddhantji!plzz tell me nah!roli is getting all nervous and shy right now!siddhant says this is not the thing i am talking abt did u just told me the thing that i heard right now!roli looks at siddhant!siddhants eyes widen and he keeps staring at roli!roli smiles and averts her eyes from siddhant again!siddhant gently removes his hand from rolis shoulder!roli blushes looking at another side!siddhant is really shocked and happy at this point!he cant believe his eyes and his ears that roli just said i love u to her!and he goes back to his own world!he sits down on the bench!siddhant starts remembering the scene were roli said to him that she loves him alot bu just as a friend but not in the way that u think of me!siddhant smiles out of disbelief!roli goes to him and says siddhantjisiddhant is like totally lost in his world!he is beyond happy at this point!roli goes to siddhant and says wht happened siddhant ji plzz do not take any tension!we cvan live anywere!siddhant eyes are all teared up at this point!one could literally understand this are the tears of happiness!roli says plzz dnt cry siddhantji!ru alright siddhantji in a sweet voice!and thn she removes his tears with her own hands!siddhant grasps her hand!siddhant says no roli i am not ok!he stands up and says i am much much better right now!roli looks at him with a puzzling face!siddhant says roli roli i am very happy right now!roli stands up!siddhant says roli i cant believe this the words that i have been waiting to listening from u all this time!u would say this to me during this circumstance!siddhant holds on to her sholuders again and says roli u dnt knw instead of being sad about leaving the house i am more than happy abt making u mine!roli blushes and keeps her head down!siddhant again confesses his love to her!i love u!i love u yaar!roli u dnt need to think abt the resting place i will be able to find a resting place!i will be able to find something!roli u are with me nah!and thn he strongly holds on to her arms and says i can win the whole world if u are with me1thn he gently holds on to her face!and he says just u wait and see how i bring many more beautiful moments into our life!and the first thing to make this journey beautiful we shall start by eating!u havent eaten anything till noon!lets go!and he gives his hand to roli and they thn walk down the road!

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