Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2012 Written Update by Sowjanya

Koki yells at jigna, you have decided to marry and you dint tell me. And that too a plumber? How? Plumber says, I am a plumber and came to repair the pump. Koki doesn’t show any interest to listen to him. Jigna asks who this is. Plumber again says, that’s what I am saying. I am a plumber. He gets irritated and leaves. Gopi comes downstairs. When gopi is trying to talk about sameer he too comes downstairs.

Koki asks jigna, who is this? Do you know him?. Jigna tells, he is the one who I wanted to marry. Sameer tells, we were chatting on internet and we loved each other. Now I thought to marry jigna. So I came here. Jigna too has come to India for this purpose. Jigna apologizes with sameer. And sameer says its ok. Koki yells again at jigna, you never think what happens to you and how it reflects on your family. If you get married now what people talk about you. You never showed interest in the age of marriage. Jigna tells, no koko I like sameer a lot and I want to marry him. Once think in an angle of your sister’s happiness. Koki firmly tells, this marriage cannot take place.

Koki tells, jigna I hope you have understood. Sameer says, I can understand your problem. When we are of almost same age and we want marry. Then whats your problem. Koki yells, you are not my family member. So please do not talk about my sister and her marriage. Jigna gets angry. Jigna asks sameer to leave now. So he does. Jigna says, you have insulted my would-be. koki yells, shut up jigna. This is not your marriage age and you cannot marry now. Jigna says, who are you to tell this. I will marry the one who ever I love. Koki says, did ou tell this to mom. You know its wrong so you dint talk to her. Now its time to tell mom about this. Jigna also yells, ok tell her but I will marry sameer. Koki once again shouts no this marriage cannot take place. Both leave in different directions.

Gopi comes to her room with tea. Ahem asks gopi whether jigna has changed her mind or not. Gopi replies, no ahem ji I have met him. He is fine for maasi ji. Ahem replies, no at this age she cant marry. Mom is every time right. Gopi says, no it might be right for maasi ji. Gopi says, after marriage I studied though its not my age to study. In the same way we can think about maasi ji too. Ahem goes away to wash room calmly.

Meeti comes with the plate of breakfast. Gopi tells meeti some work and finds the breakfast. Meeti says, jigna maasiji rejected to eat breakfast. So gopi takes it and says, I will try once. Jigna in her room worried muttering about koki. Sameer calls jigna but she cuts the call. Gopi comes to jigna’s room but koki stops her. Gopi tells, maasi ji dint eat anything since morning. So I brought this. Koki says, I know her since childhood. She does this to have everyone’s sympathy. That’s all. Don’t worry I will send food later with meeti. Gopi asks koki to think once again about this. Koki again says, no gopi I know well about jigna. She changes her mind very easily. Now too her decision will not sustain for long time.

Rashi tells jigna’s issue with urmi. Urmi also scolds that why she wants to marry in this agae. But rashi defends jigna. Next day morning, bha asks koki about jigna. Everyone supports jigna that she dint have food since 1 day. Koki says, she is wrong in her decision. She talked with him on internet and decided to marry. How can I allow this. Parag also supports jigna saying, no koki I know about sameer. We should give jigna a chance.

Door bell rings, koki sends rashi to open the door. Once again naani forgets rashi and thinks its meeti. Naani asks rashi to give money to the driver. Rashi does. Naani comes inside. All wish her and takes her blessings. Naani feels happy looking at gopi and gives her blessings. Naani thinks gopi as kinjal, bha as her neighbor. Later koki clears her misunderstanding.

Naani asks koki why she has called her here. Koki says yes I have called you to talk about jigna. Jigna calls naani from upstairs.

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    July 25, 06:32 Reply

    stop this stupid serial,we dont to see it without our real ‘gopi’.hate you devoleena-ahem ,love you

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