Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2012 Written Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2012 Written Update>

Jigar and rashi tastes kulfi. jigar vomits it and says, leave it rashi throw it away you cant do this. bha comes to her room and shows ahem to everyone. all modis smile. ahem turns back. ahem with big framed spects, with long sidelocks, a bell bottom pant. bha appreciates ahem and tells he is same as his dada ji. ahem says, come with me, i shall take you into your past days. ahem takes bha out and shows a motor cycle. bha feels very happy. ahem and bha gets on it. jigar tells rashi, anyways atleast bha’s this wish got fulfilled. ahem takes bha on bike.

urmi and kinjal come home together. dhawal feels happy that they both went for shopping together. urmi tells, i went to old market and had my shopping. kinjal too replies, i went to new market’s bouquet. both go to their rooms angrily. bha and ahem on bike. bha will be still surprised as she has got onto a bike after a very long time. kinjal wears her new gagra chowli and feels happy that she is beautiful. kinjal thinks of making urmi jealous. but here dhawal will be appreciating urmi as she too wears a new saree. urmi feels happy that she would definitely win in the dress competetition. kinjal comes out and urmi looks at her. urmi taunts saying kinjal is wearing an old sought of dress. kinjal also taunts urmi saying, old people doesnt know about new fashion. urmi gets angry.

hetal gives a cover and tells koki not to get worried about the dance. even chirag and parag encourages koki. urmi calls rashi and starts complaining about kinjal saying kinjal was saying that she is an old lady and she doesnt know about fashion. rashi scolds for giving a stupid plan about kulfi. urmi says rashi to leave it and enjoy the dance of koki and hetal. urmi also asks rashi to take video of koki and hetal’s. rashi hangs on. koki and hetal comes downstairs getting ready for dance. savitha and few other ladies come to modi bhawan. everyone gets shocked to look at them. koki asks why savitha has come. savitha tells she has come here to collect money for navarathri. but koki says she would give money tomorrow. savitha and others leave angrily. bha and ahem come back home. koki and hetal dance for dola dola re song. bha feels happy. everyone watch it happily. rashi records the dance.

after the dance, bha says i am very happy that this birthday has become a memorable one as these were my wishes. jigar brings the 4 letters and reads them out. koki says why she has hide her wishes from them. bha asks why you both have danced. is this for replacing kulfi? hetal and others wonders. hetal asks this was one of your wish na. bha replies no this was not my wish. everyone wonders.


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  1. minahil(minitgoa)
    October 16, 08:27 Reply

    Ab channel hi nahi ata banda dakh bhi nahi sakta jia manek ko wapis lay ay ab to wo jhalak se bhi out hogai

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