Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th April 2013 Written Update

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Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th April 2013 Written Update by Visha_Dhami

Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th April 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Fateh recalls Anu’s words Mayur talks to Fateh and Fateh remains silent. Mayur says that he feels that its destiny’s game for Fateh to meet Anu and starts singing a song while Fateh asks Mayur to leave back first saying he wants to be alone and Mayur leaves. Anu is worried if will Fateh inform the police or mother regarding this. Fateh thinks to himself that he must give Anu punishment and inform Mother regarding this. Sahiba is thinking on what would she do now and decides to tell Mother the truth. Anu sees Fateh walking in front of her. Anu starts packing her things and decides to leave and someone calls Anu saying Mother wants to meet her. Anu enters Mother’s room and sees Fateh. Anu looks at Fateh and says that she takes responsibility and Mother says that she called to inform a good news. Mother informs that Fateh is going to start a new project for the home and needs Sahiba’s help. Anu is at Fateh’s home where Fateh is getting ready to enter the swiming pool and Anu turns away. Fateh says that he is going to punish Anu as she is his culprit.

Part 2

Fateh challenge to make Anu lose her self respect. Fateh insults Anu that she is an orphan and Anu leaves feeling sad. In the night at the home, Anu is sad recalling Fateh calling her an oprhan and asks herself on what is her identity and does she have her own family? She thinks that she must have been so bad that her own family eliminated her and wonders if is anyone thinking of her. Daljeet is shown thinking of Sahiba holding her photo recalling their old moments. Beauty comes to Daljeet and says that she knows he is missing her a lot and Daljeet says he know she is gone but she is always with him. Beauty calls Daljeet to enter inside and Daljeet asks for what? His mother would ask him to see photos of ladies and Beauty says that Daljeet is the only son. Sahiba is dead and she is not returning and Daljeet says he is sure that Sahiba is alive and she will surely return to him.

Precap :
Fateh asks Anu to bring a wine bottle and Anu says she won’t and Fateh says he will tear down the home if she don’t listen to him.

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  1. Shaza
    May 01, 06:35 Reply

    New drama line is gud,pls dnt let daljeet interfere again

  2. sanju
    May 01, 06:23 Reply

    Noo plzz dont involve this daljeet in this new story …
    very boring ..pls make daljeet yo move on his life n its
    very unlogic !!!! If u guys really wants daljeet to marrie
    with Sahiba means for what they need to introduce again
    ranveer in this story as fateh ??? They just can continue
    a new life for Sahiba n daljeet after ranveer’s death …so plzz
    all over the way we watching this drama.. dont irritate us by
    marrieing Sahiba to daljeet .. end this plzz… Nw this story
    should fully involve fateh,anu n thier love between them

  3. awesomeness
    April 30, 17:19 Reply

    This story is getting a bit boring now we need something interesting daljeet and sahiba should just get married once and for all they now must have problems in which husband and wife can stand together and face! JMD

  4. yes Daljeet go marry

    marry someone else dammit

    i hope Beauty and Roop is taking care of the child…or did it die in child-birth due to the love triangle stress

  5. Siham
    April 30, 17:02 Reply

    The game it has start nw let us see who wil won the race btwn fateh nd daleejt

  6. JustMe
    April 30, 17:01 Reply

    DayM..fateH is cuTe iN tHat suiT!!

  7. fan
    April 30, 14:03 Reply

    daljeet really needs to move on.

  8. Aaradhya
    April 30, 14:00 Reply

    wow fateh (ashish) is great! love this new track. FSR you will be surprised how this girl will teach you a lesson 🙂
    but why again Daljeet?? really he should just get over her, we dont want to see him yearing for her anymore. this love triangle is so tireing. just remove daljeet and all the people connected to her old life.
    this should be a completely new story

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