Punar Vivah 7th August 2012 Written Update

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Episode starts with Yash playing with kids and Aarti watching them. Aarti then calls kids to sit on a swing that she prepared. Yash is still playing with ball so she asks him to come there as well. Aarti then tells him to push swing with her as it’s some tradition. All kids are sitting on swing and Yash and Aarti are pushing it. Ansh then asks to stop it. Aarti says what happened. All kids get off and they push Yash and Aarti on swing now and they push it now. Aarti loses her balance and Yash holds her with her shoulder and there is a mini hug. Aarti is in Yash’s shoulder and kids leave from there. Kids look at them and laugh. Aarti and Yash realize what just happened and they take their hands away from each other. Yash then tells Aarti that no one is to push swing now and he gets up. Aarti is still on swing and smiling.

Prateik and Pari have came to meet producer. Producer is impressed with Pari and he says he will give her another chance and for that she won’t have to go anywhere. Show is anchor-based for younger generation. Pari says she is ready to do this show. Producer says but there is one condition. He says if you go on TV with sindhoor, mangal sutra, then younger generation won’t be connected. Pari asks if there isn’t any other way. Producer says she will have to hide her marriage from the world and no one should find out that she is married. Producer says you don’t get everything that easily, there are terms and condition everywhere, even in relationships. He says he’ll wait for her answer and he leaves from there. She then asks what do you think? Prateik says what can I say.. to fulfill your dreams, you will have to show you’re unmarried.. how is this possible? And he leaves. Pari is confused.. one side it’s her dreams and other side Prateik and his love.

Back in Mumbai. Yash asks servant where is his favorite vegetable. Aarti comes there with it and says she made it. Yash asks why did you make it? You’re on holiday too? He asks her to sit with him and eat. Aarti says she will eat later but Yash says if you don’t sit then I won’t eat either. Aarti then agrees. Servant then says this is what you call husband-wife love. Servant’s husband tells her we will know what when Aarti eats that vegetable too. It’s karela’s and seems like Aarti doesn’t like it. Yash then serves her and Ansh is making yucky face. Aarti is about to eat it but Yash sees Ansh and asks him what happened. Ansh tells him Aarti doesn’t like it at all. Aarti says no it’s not like that.. she just doesn’t like regular ones.. but these stuffed ones she like. Yash tells her to eat it then. Aarti eats it and she starts coughing but she says it’s because of masala. Ansh tells Yash in his ears that I told you she doesn’t like it.. see how she is drinking water now.

Break 1..


Yash asks Aarti if he’s not forcing her. But she says she loves it and that’s why she’s eating. Everyone is laughing. Yash says he loved it and says they will eat this tonight as well. Aarti says why not. Yash then leaves from there. Aarti is looking at karela and has an yucky face. Ansh laughs and Aarti says him to stop.

Back in Bhopal. Prateik asks Pari how can someone lie so much. Pari says him so what if world think I am not married, we know we are married. She tells him to be practical and she reminds him about his promise. Prateik says he doesn’t mind her working, in fact he is happy in her happiness. Before he finishes, Pari says I knew you would let me do this show.. she thanks him and hugs him. She then calls producer and says she is ready to do the show and she will sign contract tomorrow. She leaves from there. Prateik says in his mind, how can I tell you whatever you’re doing is wrong.

Break 2..

Back to Mumbai. Aarti is searching for something and she says how I didn’t put that important thing. and then says she will get it from market.

In Bhopal. Gayatri is happy and she tells her husband that they are very happy in Mumbai. She says Aarti told her that there are many changes in Yash. He asked his favorite food and he praised a lot when Aarti gave him. Yash’s father gets emotional and says he wanted to see that smile on yash’s face since long time. Gayatri tells him when they come back, they will find the old Yash. She says Aarti promised her and she is sure that Aarti will make stubborn Yash to fall in love with her. Yash’s father says whatever Aarti has said so far.. she has done it. But will Aarti be able to take Yash out of Arpita’s memories? It’s difficult. Gayatri says it is difficult but she is confident..Aarti will take Yash away from Arpita’s memories. She says Aarti has started liking Yash. Yash’s father asks her how do you know? She says I read in her eyes, in her behavior.. they all say she loves Yash a lot. She has proved herself as a good mother and bahu and now she will win Yash’s heart as well. Yash’s father says I really hope this happens. Gayatri says it will happen and she prays that no difficulties come in Aarti’s and Yash’s way.

Episode ends.

Precap: Yash sees Aarti and asks where is she going. Aarti says to market to buy some stuff. Yash says at 7 in morning? and he says he will also go with her. Aarti says NO. Yash asks what is it that I can’t come with you?.


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  1. Aabdoul Maigeeda
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    I just luv reading this written update so much especially now dat together with the written update, you post some pictures… I just luv the kids especiallu Ansh, he’s so cute({})!!!

  2. Anonymous
    August 07, 17:46 Reply

    What do you think Aarti is going to get from the market?

    • Anonymous
      August 07, 22:49

      sumtin personal about girl tingz mayb..

  3. Janu
    August 07, 13:52 Reply

    Kuch log cments pas krne mein int$t rkhte h.

    • Anonymous
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      its their own interest in passing their comments………

  4. DEV
    August 07, 13:33 Reply

    Todays episode is good

    • Anonymous
      August 07, 13:48

      its arYA. not aarsh? LOL

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