Punar Vivah 17th December 2012 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 17th December 2012 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 17th December 2012 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Yash’s house
Seeing arti dressing up the kids for school, he wonders what happened last night and whether arti is angry at her for that. He helps arti in getting the kids ready. When they leave, arti tries to go behind them but yash stops heer. yash apologizes to arti for being drunk excessively last night and wants to know if he did or say anything to her, under the influence of alcohol that he shouldnt have. Arti maintains a stoical face all the while. While he continuously tries to ask her indirectly about what all he said and whether he said anythign of significance to her and she keeps deliberately pointing out the unnecessary details. he finally asks her if he said anything to her about them. when she says no, he thinks that he couldnt sayanything to arti lats night and wont be able to face his brothers who would now make fun of him. Arti unable to control her laughter any longer excuses herself to work in the kitchen. yash tries to stop her but then stops himself from doing so.

At the breakfast table, as expected, he faces the snide remarks about his cowardice in not being able to say anything from his brothers and arti too has fun with vidhi and paari who discuss that they were right that yash wouldnt be able to vent out his feelings so easily. seeing them discussing in hushed tomes, Suraj too wants to know what is the conversation all about. gayatri whispers something to him and he tells yash that he could help him in his dilemma. everybody is shocked to ehar such a response from their father especially yash. Suraj says that he’s elder to him and therefore more experienced and mature in handling this subject. He tells yash to meet him in his room after breakfast. while others are amused, yash is uncertain of whats happening. But he leaves anyway.

In his room, suraj gives yash a diary containing his own peoetry and other famous poets’ works too. He signifies the difference between the love in his time and the recent expression forms. He tries to tell yash the importance of expressing his feelings in his own way rather than buying something and giving it to her. He tells her to act fast on his love or else he might stand the risk of losing i. Yash takes the diary and leaves.

As he enters his room while reading the diary, he finds vidhi and arti out on the porch. arti is feeling cold, vidhi tells her to take a sweater but she says she’s allergic to wool and cant bear. Yash hears this conversation and drapes a shawl around her. while she tells him that she doesnt need it, he tells her to take it or he will catch cold. They share a romantic eyelock, which hurts prashant who has just come in through the main door and sees them. Sensing the romance, vidhi too excuses herself. Yash tries to talk to the baby, indirectly passing the message to arti that she should take care of herself while tking care of everybody in the house. She should wear woollen so that she doesnt catch a cold and not be stubborn about it. She silently drapes it nicely around her. Seeing them together, prashant turns around and leaves. But yash finds him going and wonders why did prashant come all the way to the house and leave without meeting anyone. arti too is upset to see him.

Scene 2:
Location: yash’s and prashant’s house
dubeyji, finishing a call tells shobha that the doctors aftre checking the reports have confirmed that prashant will be absoultely fine after the third and final transplant. shobha too is happy to hear it and they share the news with prashant who has just walked in the door. When he is asked where he was, he replies that he had been away for a walk. He excuses himself and retires to his room.

Just then they get a call. shobha picks it up. arti on the other end tells her that prashant had come and yash was very surprised to see that he went without meeting anyone. She tells shobha to make prashant understand that he should not come in this house neither to meet yash nor anybody else. Shobha, grows serious from being happy in a fleeting second tells arti that she would take care of it. arti cancels the phone.

Shobha immediately goes over to prashant’s room and reprimands him for lying and also for going into arti’s house, when she had clearly explained that arti is happy in her married settled life with yash and that he shouldnt go there to interfere. Prashant says that he knows but being his mother, she doesnt seem to understand his pain and how even if he has been granted a new life wih few dditional years, how will he sustain through them when he’s all alone in the world. Shobha says that she hopes arti didnt make a mistake in giving himback his life coz had she not allowed them to take ansh’s bone marrow, he wouldnt be alive to talk like this. She reminds him that arti has already suffered much due to heer, he shouldnt make her life difficult anymore. She says that he shouldnt even think about getting her back since she wouldnt allow even his shadow on arti. Telling him to stay away from arti, she leaves. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Prashant says that he is going to ask something from arti and he hopes for sure that she wont disappoint him by refusing. She turns around to go, but almost trips over and prashant catcher her from behind. she turns around to face him while her hand still in prashant’s. yash watches this from a distance.

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  1. Afreesh
    December 18, 13:08 Reply

    Suni…I think you missed my reply regarding yash’s shyness…pls check

  2. prsv
    December 18, 11:24 Reply

    do not misunderstand me. i am just telling about her state but not encouaging lies.i know about it effects.why i am felling wrong with love marrages because presently mostly are attracted to each other and taking quick desiseions which ultimately led to disslovement of relationship.if it is true love that should be long lasting one not just short lived.


    • Suni
      December 18, 11:29

      No Prsv please dont worry . I understand you . I know that you do not support lies . But please try to accept that they have any place next to love . I agree that that it is a very good story line 🙂 .

  3. prsv
    December 18, 10:25 Reply

    u may be correct.but i can say that aarti loves yash so much.if any one are in deep love they will be ready loose them at any cost.they do every thing to get them.they dont think what is right and wrong.one more thing yash and aarti is a aaranged marriage where as with prashant it is love maarage.in my view aaranged maarage are so strong then love maarage.it is just my opinoin,dont think otherwise(as i saw many succsefull arranged marrage and most of the love marrage were failed just like prashant and aarti.may be this made me to fell like that).

    • Suni
      December 18, 11:04

      Prsv , I will never dispute that arranged marriages are not successful . Their success is largely dependent upon astrological guides as well as upon families that share a common background and understanding of traditions and ethics coming together . Therefore a lot of conflict is eliminated . As we see with Pratheik and Pari , conflict arose because of their different upbringing . Couples in arranged marriages learn to love and respect eachother because they are of similar minds and support and respect eachother without having to face much opposition towards their ideas .
      But there are some amongst us who search for that one special person , not just to grow comfortable with into old age . We long to meet the one who completes us and who we will always feel passionate about . It is just a matter of choice and a difference of personalities , we all think differently ,for example , not everyone chooses the same profession .
      I will never accept that a person can genuinely love someone and simultaneously deceive them in the way Aarti does with Yash . Love is a pure energy and lies can only destroy Its nature . If you truly love someone , trust them openly and completely , no lies . If you hold on to someone with a lie , then you are disrespecting that person not loving them . Lies only amount to hurt and disappointment and it is not possible to lie to someone you truly love equal to yourself .
      But maybe this is the problem , how much does Aarti love and want the best for her own self ? How can she profess true love for Yash when her present actions are bent on self destruction ? She takes care for everyone else , maybe out of obligation as Afreesh says , but it is time to think about Herself also .

  4. prsv
    December 18, 09:41 Reply

    suni,the new entry is really bringing big shock,i have read that she may not accept aarti’s reemariage(who is she not to accept it).i hope just one thing any one can misunderstand aarti except yash.he should under stand aarti and stand by her.cvs should not get thought to seperate arya.trp,s are realsing tommorow,if do some thing wrong.then it will tough.cvs should understand the taste of viewers and run the serial but just not drag it.

    • Suni
      December 18, 10:07

      Prsv , I always question the new entries on this show . These writers have fantastic minds and they challenge me to figure out how they think . This is why this show has me so gripped . Their story telling ability is superb .
      This new entry is very important . It will test our heroines love for Yash . I have always believed that Aarti is not 100% in love with Yash . The reason for my doubt is simple . You cannot easily move on to another chapter in your life without making peace with your past . You cannot love someone genuinely if you continue to lie to them . Aarti has never opened up to Yash and told her story . Why ?? Is it that she still doesn’t have enough faith in his love or faith in herself ? She doesn’t trust people easily anymore . Or is she afraid to disappoint Yash as his wife . She has all the rejection from Prashant ,festering like a sore , within her .
      Aarti had longed for the Prashant that exists today . One that would love her and accept their son . Now that he is seemingly different , we need to see if she has learnt enough to reject him still . Is she able to say without a doubt that Yash is my husband and I reject all others as this is what I vowed to do . As of present she cannot do that
      Sj and Afreesh are correct she has never trusted any one in the Schindia family enough to share her deepest troubles . This new entry will force her out of OWN STUCKNESS . She will be challenged , tested by the universe to show if she has learnt anything along her journey . Should she repeat her mistake or move on to a new beginning ?? AARTI’s CHOICE .

  5. prsv
    December 18, 08:59 Reply

    suni,i hope yash had a guilty felling.do u remember when aarti confused about her love,how rude yash was?he even it called sin and questioned about her loyality for her first husband(he told her that that means she didnot love husband any time).he might have fear of aarti reaction(even thou he knows that she loves him).

    • Suni
      December 18, 09:27

      Very true Prsv . When Yash went through his inner conflict , Aarti felt pain and rejection . I do not like how certain laws work , but I feel that Yash will also have to feel what Aarti felt back then . This time Aarti is the one with a conflicted mind and the wrong decisions . Back them we all wanted Yash to feel Aarti’s hurt and rejection when Yash kept thinking Arpita was still his wife .

      The unfortunate thing is that now we are getting what we asked for and we cannot help but feel sorry for Yash 🙁 . For he has changed so very much . You have an excellent point , he does seem afraid of her reaction , or maybe he is a bit uncertain about her love . I don’t think this confession will come soon . I hope that I am wrong .

    • Afreesh
      December 18, 11:07

      No dears…. he doesn’t have guilty feelings regarding his rude behaviours. Because, he knew very well that Arthi never mind his arrogance. That’s why he told confidently to papa S “ArthiJi might’ve never taken such decision if she knows that I will accept this child” (when papa S not allowing them to get inside ). At latiptur also he didn’t talk much to Arthi just mentioned he is ready to accept the child because he knew clearly that’s what Arthi wanted. We all were expecting him to say sorry but he didn’t….why???… he knew that she never expect that….at the same time he did what she expected from him.
      He feels shy….yes….why???….Arpita is a homely women & he dominated her but Arthi is not a homely women…he has seen her evidently who is she???…. she proved him she can do his job better than him…..and she saved him from car stuck when his brothers couldn’t save him…. without her clever mind he couldn’t succeed at Neelam’s marriage & saving vidhi from Paridhi & saving Paridhi from jail…
      He knows her personality very well but he didn’t opposed it like Prashand. Infact he encouraged her for who she is???…
      At the same time he wanted to impress her in a heroic way but he fails….poor fellow
      Obviously her strong personality confuses him how to handle her….

    • Suni
      December 18, 20:36

      Sorry yaar , I did miss this comment , I had to go out .
      I agree , he does seem intimidated by her . Yes, he is so shy , I feel sorry for him sometimes . Other times I am secretly proud that Aarti was able to make a man like Yash change his tune and fall in love with her .. A sort of woman power thing .I want to tell her “You go girl ! ” .
      Funny how Aarti knows how to be brave in certain situations , knowing exactly what to do , but when it comes to her own life , she is at a complete loss . But , Yash is just like her . I am reminded of what you told me once , that women need to know how to handle their men .she could have gotten that I love you out of him a while now . But she has never forced Yash , this is a good quality about her , she always gives Yash the time to be himself . She makes no demands to change him . Yash is the only person she hasn’t tried to change in the Schindia house. She accepts him as he is .
      Aarti does seem to scare him rather than give in to his antics . She jokes instead of encouraging him . But I guess she is only being herself as well . Yash loves her for who she is , so he has to find the courage on his own to express those words . Notice how Yash is being like Aarti and also accepting other people’s advice ? He simply needs to be himself .
      I couldnt believe he accepted her messiness , maybe that was just the alcohol talking , lol . That was a Herculean task that Aarti accomplished .
      . I also wonder how Yash is able to accept her making fun of him . I feel she goes too far with this trait as well . This Aarti is so smart , but still has so much to learn about relationships .

  6. Afreesh
    December 18, 07:34 Reply

    Suni & Sj….something is knocking my mind yaar….. when yash went to do the shrath for Arpita (next day of Palak’s birthday) his family refused with full heart and the universe clearly opposed his decision through the sudden rain. But Arthi supported his wrong decision strongly with the black umbrella….. here she encouraged him to be with his illusions for ever and also she acted against the universe’s decision. (Just imagine if she didn’t go there yash might’ve come back with guilty feelings)

    Similarly, the universe decided to close Prashand’s chapter but Arthi supported him alone at KC time and encouraged him indirectly to take her back. Here again unknowingly she supported a wrong man & she went against the universe’s decision

    Is that her revolutionary thoughts disturbing the universe’s decision???
    ARTHI’S complicated mind is disturbing her life by wrong decisions???
    Her soul wanted to experiment with universe’s decision????

    I think her complicated & confused mind is fighting against the destiny…. So, the universe is taking it’s own course of action to teach her tough lesson through Prashand…. Definitely, Prashand is the brilliant choice to cut her guts & over confidence. Now, she is going to understand as like as Paridhi what would be the end result of her independent actions & wrong belief….

    • Suni
      December 18, 08:41

      Afreesh , this incident also stood out in my mind .
      Yash was as stubborn then , as Aarti is now . Both these characters are strong and do not learn easily from life’s lessons . This is ironically the reason for their strength . They are not deterred from any mission because they believe in themselves and their ability to succeed and will not accept disappointment . Together these two attempt to defy even the Gods .
      At the point of Arpita’s Sharth , Yash refused to accept her as dead . She should always live on in his heart as his one and only wife . He denied reality and went against everyone , even against tradition . He had vowed upon remarriage to forsake all others living or dead . I agree Aarti should have left him alone , but she is Yash’s equal in many ways . They live in their own world . Aarti felt that she did her duty as his wife and supported him .
      I think that Aarti helped Yash make peace however . If she had allowed the flames to burn out , Yash would have blamed himself somehow for not being a good husband to Arpita . Aarti protected the external fire , but the universe eventually abated it within his heart . It proved them both wrong .
      I know that you feel Aarti was very wrong to act as Arpita for Palak’s birthday . But , she did so because of Vidhi’s advice and this was a major turning point for Yash . He recognized that Arpita will not return and Aarti will never be Arpita .
      Brilliant comparison Afreesh , Aarti had no right being with Prashant for KC . But on this night Yash also supported her . The universe sent him to her . He went there as her husband , but Prashant is still a factor in Aarti’s life . Just like Yash refused to let Arpita be dead , Aarti saved Prashant . He would be of little significance now if she had told the truth . It will not be nice , she will have to learn a bitter lesson just like Yash did .
      Even together they cannot fight against reality or destiny . They are both blessed and need to recognize the power of their love . They need to unite and protect there love against all mankind has to throw at them .The universe is their friend , but , their stubbornness makes their punishment more difficult to bear . They do not simply accept , they attempt to alter reality .

    • Suni
      December 18, 09:46

      Afreesh , I am thinking that Aarti is a child of the universe and has to learn to love and trust the RIGHT people . Yash has loving , supportive people on his side but had to learn to trust the wisdom and strange workings of the universe . He had to accept his faith . Aarti has to accept the Schindia’s as her family , she has to reject the Dubey’s .
      Shobha and Mr Dubey did not create a good son . She cannot claim Aarti as her own . She has to live with the fact that Prashant is a problem she helped to create and she has to try her best to diminish the chaos he caused in Aarti’s life . Mr Dubey accepts Prashant as he is because his personality is similar .

    • Afreesh
      December 18, 10:19

      Suni….many time you mentioned Vidhi is the root cause of palak birthday….no dear vidhi told to do things like Arpita but she never even known about Birthday planning. When she talk about birthday vidhi run away from that place. Everything was Arthi’s own decision and her legal advisor shoba also tried her best to stop her but adamantly Arthi refused it. So, pls don’t blame them

      Whenever Arthi decide something it can’t be changed by anyone…. when shoba told her to abort that bhang baby she refused immediately. When she decided to go out of yash life, she just did it without even informing to shoba….. and how???…. even she was not healthy… on top of that she lost her purse it was Yash and still she left …. This is what Arthi….

      I can’t blame anyone for Arthi’s behaviour. She always has the quality to change other’s mind but she never listen to others. Perhaps, she might’ve listened to shoba to the matters which she couldn’t have any solutions.
      Yes… I agree palak’s birthday was one of the treatment to yash illusions….but horrible & very painful treatment as like as Mumbai treatment. There are several method to heal the wound, but he had been tortured to heal his wound. Why????….. what she got out of it????…. insults & hurts. If she did it innocently then we can sympathize but knowingly she took the risk by herself and got the lesson

    • Suni
      December 18, 11:21

      Afreesh , you are correct , I do mention Vidhi many times . This is because she gave Aarti that idea in the first place . Her intentions were good and Aarti did go overboard with the idea . Yes Aarti is very stubborn . She will have to learn her lesson . Her greatest challenge is to learn to respect others views and not taint it with her own pride .
      If we observe all the advice given to her thus far they all amount to pieces if a perfect marriage . We had this discussion before , I know . But there is something important we missed . Every time Aarti accepted advice , she changed it to suit herself . Every idea was exaggerated to suit her personality . She went over the top with the advice from the caretaker , she was too bossy towards Yash . Even Aman’s idea to use her feminine charms went overboard because of the Bhang . A major problem for Aarti is that she trusts only herself , and she doesn’t even respect the opinion of others without trying to change it to suit her world view .

    • Afreesh
      December 18, 12:57

      Exactly suni….this is your speciality…you make clarity to my views better than me…

  7. roxana
    December 18, 01:21 Reply

    Yash looks handsome no matter how he dresses or how he dons his hair , it is that idiotic prashant Arti needs to kick his butt and tell him to lay off and not touch her again.chop his hands off arti or shobha ma.

  8. Raji.trs
    December 18, 00:47 Reply

    Hi punar vivah team Aman character was wonderful in punarvivah. So plz come back to punarvivah future..

  9. Raji.trs
    December 18, 00:17 Reply

    Oh suni, yash is a colorful, powerful and romantic man in real life and punar vivah show
    punar vivah serial yash is very boring dress style
    every episode he take block and brown
    oh very bore yaar.
    Now yash fall in love (aarti).
    So yash change dress style and matching dress with aarti’s saries or have colorful dress..
    Punar vivah is a love, roamance, happiness, colorful serial. this serial hero have block and brown dress oh no no. . Change.

    • Suni
      December 18, 06:09

      I agree , GC should be allowed to look his best on this show. He is a brilliant always gorgeous actor who deserves a dynamic wardrobe despite the storyline . SJ has also tried many times to advise them , but they don’t listen . I don’t like those dull colours , they remind me of his somber , serious personality and make me worry that he will go back to being that way when he hears the truth .

  10. Raji.trs
    December 17, 23:36 Reply

    Hi suni gud morning… Thanks for reply.
    Yes’ I agree ur point. But i asked some,
    * yash and arpitha r arrange marriage , aarti and prasanth r love marriage. Arpitha and prasanth both r leave yash’s and aarti’s life some reason.
    * Now tell who have more pain for the loss.

    • Suni
      December 18, 05:56

      Raji.trs , I personally feel that if Prashant and Aarti had married for love , that their relationship would have lasted . I have great belief in the power of love to overcome all obstacles and to grow stronger with passing time . Yash has expressed without words how he feels ,but Aarti is still a bit unsatisfied because we saw how eagerly she waited for those three little words to fall from Yash’s lips . I feel that something is holding him back , something subconsciously is bothering him , he trusts her but he has maybe a 5% doubt that he can’t overcome . He heard the mechanics words , he sees her distress around Prashant . Yash is very cautious this time about giving 100 % of his heart .
      Both Yash and Aarti had disappointments from there first marriage . I don’t know if one pain is worse than the other . However , when a spouse who loved you dies , you are left alone yes , but you know that they loved you , It doesnt hurt your self esteem . When they get divorced they are left feeling rejected , hurt , broken as though there was something wrong with them personally .

  11. Punar Vivah
    December 17, 22:02 Reply

    This episode was very messed up! Why is Prashant ruining Aarti’s life again? He should have thought of that before ruining her life. She loves Yash and Yash loves her, why is it so hard for poor Aarti to find happiness. I just hope that Yash learns that Prashant is creepy and trying to get Aarti away from him soon enough and good thing Shoba is showing some sense that she won’t ever let him ruin Aarti’s life again. Anyway, Aarti is pregnant with Yash’s child, isn’t it time for this loser to move on?

    • Suni
      December 18, 06:26

      Hi Punar Vivah dear 🙂 . Agreed , Prashant should move on , but men like him do not think about others feelings . We never heard Aarti’s entire side of the story and neither has Yash . Writers always find a messy way to create drama and suspense to stress the viewers . Yash deserves to know Aarti’s story , but the writers would not make this simple . Prashant has no respect for Yash , he is a big hypocrite .

  12. Kohi
    December 17, 20:20 Reply

    Frens, could anyone explain to me wat was the conversation between yash n arthi in the childrens room when arthi was preparing the kids, and wat yash talk to his unborn child please here the write up very basic only he wrote, i saw the video of yash n arthi was damn cute, if can please explain in details.

  13. Raji.trs
    December 17, 18:59 Reply

    All characteres acting well. Aarti and yash romance scene is super. Yash talk to unborn child and indirectly he is passing the message to aarti takecare herself this scene is wonderful.
    * when aarti will be return take to the bangel?
    * what status for aarti’s pragnancy? No for other treatment aarti’s pragnancy.
    * aarti is yash’s wife but indirectly yash isnt tell he love her. Morethen shy scenes it s not correct. Easyly Yash was delivery angry, family problem, truth, fight and more then matter to aarti but y not love said to aarti?
    * prasanth get 2nd marriage so he find the love to 2nd wife önly.
    *prasanth leave for aarti’s life. Now aarti is yash’s wife and both r loving more and aarti is carring yash’s baby. How dare r u prasanth u come back to aarti’s life.

    • Suni
      December 17, 19:41

      I agree , great points . Why indeed is Yash so shy ? Aarti is his wife . He should have no excuse for not saying I love you . What is holding him back ? Yes many unresolved issues . But remember Raji.trs how long it took for them to come back to Aarti being in Yash and Arpita’s pictures .
      Forgive me for not acknowledging your comment on Yash’s wardrobe on Friday . I meant to do so , sorry . I agree that they do very little with Yash’s wardrobe . I wanted to add that he also wore green when they were in Mumbai and brown at some point .

  14. KSG!!
    December 17, 17:22 Reply

    Sorry is Parshant a bad guy or is he just coming in between Yash and Aarti??

    • Suni
      December 17, 18:38

      Hi KSG , I recognize you name from the QH forum 🙂 . Prashant is Aarti’s ex husband who abandoned her and her unborn baby and ran into the arms of another woman . That woman kicked his sorry A out when he got ill . Aarti allowed Ansh ( the child he adamantly said was not his , but someone else’s ) to donate bone marrow to cure his disease . Now you would think that such a near death experience would change a man for the better !! . But not this low life scum !! The universe hasn’t yet brought him to his knees .
      He bit down hard on Yash’s hand that indirectly – through his monetary gift to Mr Dubey and Arpita’s bangles – saved his life .
      Both are correct KSG . He is a bad guy who is trying to ruin Aarti and Yash’s happiness by coming in between them .

  15. Ovi is the worst
    December 17, 16:35 Reply

    Ur freakin mom told u to stay away from he so stay away!!! You freakin doofus! Get a life bcause arti is not coming back in urs, u low life loser! She already has a loving husband! First u left hr and bow u want hr? She’s not ur property, taking hr back whenever u feel like it! go get a wife that’s just like u: selfish, coldhearted…. U disgust me prashant. Eww. No wonder ur second wife left u.

  16. Ovi is the worst
    December 17, 16:34 Reply

    Ur freakin mom told u to stay away from he so stay away!!! You freakin doofus! Get a life bcause arti is not coming back in urs, u low life loser! She already has a loving husband! First u left hr and bow u want hr? She’s not ur property, taking hr back whenever u feel like it! go get a wife that’s just like u: selfish, coldhearted…. U disgust me prashant. Eww

  17. Suni
    December 17, 15:16 Reply

    Hi guys 🙂 . SJ I hope that you are coping with the task that you have undertaken . God will give you strength my friend . Afresh , I hope that your headache is better .
    Prsv , I was surprised today yaar , they seem to have listened to us with regards to improving the father son relationship . They actually showed Papa S reaching out to Yash ; the bridging of the generation gap . That for me was the best part of today’s episode because it was so unexpected for Papa S to reach out to his sons as a friend rather than as an authority figure . Kudos to the man for being such a great father .

    • Afreesh
      December 17, 16:01

      Suni….its exactly your words suni…not only Sj even your advices also accepted yaar….
      I sent my reply check it pls…

    • Afreesh
      December 17, 16:08

      Suni… Yeah I feel better now but couldn’t sleep as I was sleeping from morning…
      Did you noticed today… Arthi is helping for Ansh and Yash is helping for Palak (usually yash used to concentrate for Ansh). I think purposely they keep Arthi away from yash’s kids.

    • SJ
      December 17, 17:04

      Suni I am o/k. I have a week off but coupple of assignmnt, today I volienteer fo gift wrapping
      For red cross. For charity work , precedes will go to victims families to preserve their children
      Memories. Affresh anther headache, wat s gong on here, something is nt right
      Yash shirt ha even change, arthi hav pink sari
      arthi does not sh ny closeness to park and PAYAL I did not like that
      Papa sunthia is very good,chetsn pundit( papa sinthia) is. Very good acter one of te feb one
      I do know now why Parsant s keep coming and intercepting arhis life, arthi shoud let him once if all, back off, he still think arthi have feelling f him
      I tell you yash will not be able to say I love you arthi jee, before Parsant character will take place and everything will be houch pouch
      I read that Parsant aki will show up and will say she des not except arthi and ash marriage
      What the hell she think she is, Parsant can divorce arthi and can arry to other woman when other woman leave him , he has nothing n job n money . Suddenly thinking for arthi
      If Parsant can l arry and liv with other own why this will be different for arthi.
      Unless a latter writter try to show that Parsant and divorce was not final and never took place just worldly from Parsant , you know Dubeejee never deserve anything, they have no money
      Ash is paying fr Parsant treatment and arthi and ash will plan ther anniversary. H they can ake advantage from yash and arthi
      Other thng SHOBHA and dubeeee des n even know that arthi gave her bangel t o pharmacist
      For 70 k , I am not too sure fo coming episodes , very reluctant. Do no want to get upset.
      Coming epidodes does not lik too goo except just few eye lock
      Well ths s athirst’ s fault she does not want to be happy and want to throw everything she have
      Parsant did not change at al, I wonder may be he will try to blackmail arthi at se point
      I am so mad why arthi des not show any clloseness to park and PAYAL.
      Parsant wants her ack ho about the yash any arthi carrying . Yash is taking so good care of her
      While when arthi was pragnent with ansh how Parsant treated her.
      Yah arthi as s much complication in er pragnancy she suppose t ave surgery, all of a sudden ,
      Arthi do not need to see dr she s fine. Arsan got 10o% better which. I never heard of it this BM treatment, no scar no bed rest no medicine, healthy wow

    • Suni
      December 17, 18:22

      Afreesh , SJ , I am happy to hear that you guys are better now . I got on earlier and felt lonely as you guys weren’t here 🙁 .
      Afreesh , yes they listen but not enough . Maybe we don’t make enough fuss . We are very patient viewers , we keep hoping even at the worst of times . SJ , you are so very correct . The nerve of anyone to not accept Aarti’s marriage to Yash !! It makes my blood boil . Aarti was supposed to waste her youth away pining for a no good man like Prashant !! Please forgive me for being fooled that this man had changed . He is so damn selfish . Aarti is his victim . When that stupid woman criticized Aarti for being a divorcee at the beginning , she actually did Aarti a tremendous favour . She stirred something in Shobha , maybe she insulted her pride , but it got the ball rolling towards Aarti’s remarriage . This is what Aarti’s character is most blessed with . The negative forces in her life are changed into positives because of her goodness and purity af heart . The Dubeys destroyed her innocence and loaded her down with negativity . Yes even Shobha . She knew her bastard son , but let him back into Aarti’s life without advising her to tell Yash . Seriously ??? This is supposed to be Aarti’s well wisher . Give an award for worst advisors not best in- laws !!! Shobha has a lot of making up to do .
      Aarti has to find the inner strength to speak the truth . She has to trust completely and be brave and everything will be ok eventually . She will have rebuild the trust that she will lose and hopefully Yash stands with her . But the WRITERS WILL NOT let her be herself ; they have to find ways for this show to go on .
      Yes , this unnecessary addition on the Dubeys side will torment us . There are already too many Dubeys on this show !! If we dislike Prashant and Bhua , I have a feeling that we will not be able to watch this character in action .

    • SJ
      December 17, 20:34

      Yah Suni right now PV s a very civilized show, every one is ducted speak with each other with
      Respect even in dubejee’s family, I am not judging it, but bringing this person will be even wrost
      ” mere Bhagwan kee kasam” and language wise be to bully with bad vocabularies
      Let see ,
      yash please tell arthi that you love before it s to late and Parsant grab the opportunity allthough arthi knows you love her many time words does not matter,

      Arthi get those bange back ASAP before pharmacists sold them

      Shobhajee please be strong to back out Parsant from Arthis life and support arthi
      Arthi please tell parsant to back off if you need to slap him do it
      Arthi please tell he truth if o really lve yash n want to live appy life for god sake you are carrying yash child every one in the family have a eye on yash and yours child, think hw much they will hurt
      Have some self respect, fight f your love with Parsant for yash

      Yash arthi dd not lie to you arthi did not nw you do not know sh waned to tell you on wedding day, I was dubeyjee who force to keep a secerate

      Yash jee try to understand Arths situation and stand by her if ou need to argue from your family
      Do it and support her

      Arthi please do not go back to Parsant it will be a big insult to all woman society
      No one will believe in punar vivah any more the message show is tring to give will be lost

    • SJ
      December 18, 00:35

      Affresh do not worry and do nor get upset
      yes these are suni’s word me and Suni dd not say it is SJ words

  18. Fashd
    December 17, 14:36 Reply

    Excuse me rabse sona ishq x conbine wit sapne suhane ladakpan ke hvnt u wtch it, bt srry 4 intfrng bye

  19. Fashd
    December 17, 14:11 Reply

    Wt di hel x going on here?? Prashant holding arti,s hand, which x nt suppọṣe í dnt get dis attudẹ yaar. I wnt prashant 2 kick bucket as soọn as possible so dt di epsd wil be more interstng!

  20. Shiya
    December 17, 13:59 Reply

    Plz update afsar bitiya,rabse sohana ishq

  21. Shiya
    December 17, 13:54 Reply

    Hw dare z dis pukehead 2 her hand hz realy yucky!! :->

  22. Miss Unbeleivable
    December 17, 13:27 Reply

    prashant should just die or remarry someone else

    get a 3rd wife they say 3s the charm??

    Yash hurry and confess before arti spill the beans

  23. xyz
    December 17, 13:19 Reply

    chandu is really stupid..feel like beating him….come on yash please tel ur love soon to aarti.we are waiting for ur romance scenes.

  24. Chandu
    December 17, 13:03 Reply

    To anyomus lol its just her hand prasanth even fucked her a baby so hand is just a little thing

  25. ani
    December 17, 13:00 Reply

    Yash acting superb on this episode…

  26. Anonymous
    December 17, 12:47 Reply

    writer ji plz kill that stupid prashat character
    viewrs are not interested to see his stupid face

    • Anonymous
      December 17, 13:34

      The show is growing stupid everyday, so much drag ahh!!! They have no story around any character so if Yash or Aarti fell sick, the story too goes through drain:(

  27. Anonymous
    December 17, 12:35 Reply

    prashat prashant prashat how dare u to touch arthis hand

    • shona
      December 17, 12:27

      ya plzz update it fast

  28. riddhima
    December 17, 12:18 Reply

    where is today’s #qubool hai written episode ? n guys why u r not post todays

    • Shiya
      December 17, 13:57

      Hw dare z dis pukehead 2 touch her hand hz realy disgustng

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