Pratigya 17th September 2012 Written Update

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Pratigya 17th September 2012 Written Update by Sheena

KN and Kesar’s Room

Continues from Friday where SS and KN find out from the news that K has been arrested for serving poisoned food to kids..SS is concerned about K but KN takes the opportunity to make fun of K situation by telling SS that K was becoming too arrogant..KN continues to say that he will go to K’s restaurant and dance outside to celebrate the closure of the restaurant…KN tells SS that he was waiting an for an opportunity to see K’s restaurant in trouble and he did not know that it would happen so quickly…KN continues to be jubilant but SS is solemnly worried for K… SS scolds KN for his warped thinking and reminds KN that K is still his brother and that he should not make fun of him when he is in trouble and in jail…Kn defends himself by reminding SS of what K did but SS is still furious with KN and warns him to behave or he will have to hit him in front of his wife…SS leaves the room in disgust..

SS meets GD outside…GD pleads with SS to do something for baba but SS is adamant that for K, SS is dead and that he wont do anything to help K…GD still pleads with his better nature but SS refuses to help..He instead reminds GD that she chose to live with KP and that she has become shameless to ask for help when K is in trouble…SS leaves without helping leaving GD sad…

TN Court Yard

Kesar is feeding KN..KN thinks Kesar has cooked the lavish food in celebration for K to go to jail..Kesar denies it as she cooked it for Samar…Kesar and KN converse over K fate..Kesar believes that K in jail is for the best as he has no responsibility as a father, so for him to be in jail is no big lose…KN and Kesar are convinced that K will remain in jail for a long time and that P will find it hard to get him released..Kesar tells KN to take this opportunity to become the ideal son so that SS will transfer all the property under KN name…She tells KN that he will be the king and she will the queen of TN…Kesar sees GD fending for herself in the makeshift Kitchen..She decides to go to GD and create some hugama…GD sees right thru it and scolds her for her warped thinking…

Police Station

KP along with ASY, Prof, Arushi and Komal are at the police station..Komal asks the police how can they arrest K without any proof…The police officer reminds her that as K is the owner of the restaurant, he has full responsibility as to what goes wrong with it…ASY tries to play the hero by taking responsibility as he was responsible for the kitchen and that instead of K as K did not even go to the kitchen throughout the day, the police officer should arrest him instead..The police officer again responds that K being the owner is responsible…The officer reminds them that as courts are closed, any investigation of bail application has to be done the following day…P keeps K spirits up but K is too concerned over his restaurant and how it all happened..He realises that the reputation of his restaurant is finished…The officer reminds them that their concern should be the health of the kids, especially the politician son who is critically ill…ASY again tries to play the hero by telling K that he will do whatever he can to free K and find the culprits..

Later at night at the police station, ASY speaks with KP…He thinks KN is behind it all…P agrees as she overheard KN talking about sabotaging K’s supply…K is not convinced..He tells P that someone else is behind it all and that he is purposely causing trouble…K wonders how he was able to run a successful business for so many years before all this happened…K believes it is someone with some personal vendetta…P remembers that CCTV where installed and that they may get some clue as to who is behind the poisoning…P and ASY both leave to go to K restaurant..

K restaurant

P looks thru the CCTV footage…She tells ASY that there is nothing to show that anyone tampered with the potatoes..ASY reasons with P by saying that the tampering must have happened outside the premises…P seems to agree…ASY says that he will find out who is behind it all…ASY offers to take P home..P decides to check the footage again and notices that their is a 2 hour discrepancy…She tells ASY that the footage started with P photo taken as K insisted but now that is missing in the recording…She shows ASY that the recording begins with the party…ASY gets worried

Green House

Arushi declares to the rest of the family that K restaurant business has taken a knock and that K will find it hard to recover his lost reputation..Prof is worried for K but Dadi tells the Prof that it is another test for K and that P will fight the case and win it in his favour…Komal praises ASY for standing by K and that she got him all wrong…

ASY House

ASY is thinking who will tell P the truth as to who deleted the footage…He knows that no one apart from him knows the truth and that it will be very hard for P to blame him…He goes to the garland photos of Takur men and tells K photo that his restaurant is now in ashes…He smirks to himself by declaring mission accomplished…ASY shows slight repentance that innocent kids were involved as per his plan but he justifies it as a means to an end and that in war innocent people do die…He tells himself his next target is SS..He tells he will make such a plan that both SS and K will suffer..He decides to use what the British did best..Divide and Rule…

PRECAP – SS gives K money to stand on his feet again but K tells him that it will be SS who will come on the street

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