Phir Subah Hogi 1st October 2012 Written Update

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Phir Subah Hogi 1st October 2012 Written Update ash_arti

Part 1

Sugni comes back to haveli in tears when gulabia wipes her tears and says she has become very big. Sugni hugs her and says becoz of me you are facing so much. Gulabia says you should be proud of yourself as you sacrificed your love for Reva Thakurayan. We have got a new lease of life & you will soon be becoming a wife & bahu so you should welcome this with open hands and live up to it. Sugni says she is always worried if she is doing a mistake and she can loose anything but not her mother. Gulabia says she will always be with her and gives her confidence.

Adi looking at the engagment ring in his hand which Amrita had put & apologises to her. A servant calls him for sagaai rasam. Vikram is standing out when Hukum & Katari come and Vicky asks them to come in.They say that they will set everything right and have come to his help and they know Vicky will give them good money. TVS asks them to get lost & Reva is watching from a hiding place when Hukum starts drama that he doesnt know how to speak. Vicky asks them to go away and leaves when Reva comes and gives them a gold bangle and asks them to keep their mouth shut. They take it greedily & leave while Reva thinks at any cost this wedding should happen.

Engagement ceremony starts Gulabia is elated. Adi tries to put the ring in Sugni’s finger, the ring is small and he is unable to put when the ring falls off and bounces and reaches Vikram’s leg.

Part 2

Vikram looks at the ring and says it doesnt fit in Sugni’s hand as its very small and also it fell off Adi’s hand. Vicky says he has a solution and takes out his mother’s ring from his pocket and says this may solve the problem. Adi about to take when Reva stops him and says we should have a new ring for engagement not old one. Maa Thakur says we cant stop engagement for this and asks Adi to put the same ring. Sugni looks at Vicky in shock while Adi puts the ring to Sugni and it fits her perfectly.Sugni is disheartened and glares at Vicky while Reva is furious.

Sugni is asked to put the ring in Adi’s hand and is given a ring when Sugni sees that Gulabia is holding a ring. Sugni asks Maa Thakur of she can put the ring which her mom brought even though its very simple but has her blessings. Gulabia says its ok when Maa Thakur says she has no objection as it has Gulabia’s blessings. Sugni takes the ring and engagement completes. Adini are not happy.

Sugni & Gulabia chatting in Adi’s room happily when Gulabia gives Sugni a Necklace which she had brought after saving the money from many years. Just then Maa Thakur’s daughter in law comes and snatches it saying that Sugni should not wear such ordinary jewels and says because of them Adi had to wear such ordinary ring. She then throws the Necklace and Adi comes and picks it up saying this is the best jewellery as it has a mother’s blessings. He then puts the Necklace on Sugni’s neck and says this is its right place & leaves. Maa Thakur’s Daughter in law tells Gulabia that your daughter is lucky to have a mother like you and asks if she too intends to stay here till wedding. Gulabia says yes when daughter in law lies on the bed and asks gulabia to press her legs. Sugni is furious and about to comment when Gulabai asks her to stop and starts pressing her leg. Sugni getting very furious and crying. Daughter in law thinks why is Sugni getting so upset as if Gulabia is her mom.

Part 3

Sugni comes out of room at night to get water and is immediately held by Vicky. She jumps in fear when he asks her to keep quite. Sugni asks him to leave when Vicky says becoz of her he is alive. Vicky then gives her a pair of ear rings and says they are meeting like new lovers hiding from everyone. Sugni says she is already engaged and tries to leave when Vicky holds her hand. Sugni gets shivers at his touch & turns and Vicky says he is least bothered about her engagement and knows she too loves him and comes close to her and says he knows her very well. Sugni breathing heavily when the jug falls from her hand. Daughter in law comes and asks who is here. SugVi hide behind a curtain. Daughter in law comes and puts the light Sugni very scared and turns to see that Vicky is nowhere. Daughter in law asks why she is here sugni stammers that she was going to kitchen for water & Daughter in law leaves & Sugni finally relaxes.

Precap : Vicky dancing with Punar Vivaah’s stars.

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