Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Update by crazy2012

Pavitra Rishta 3rd May 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Onir and Purvi in their room. Purvi tells Onir to make their conjugal relationship as they need to move up in their relationship. Onir asks if Aaji or baba have said her something for which she gets hurt. He says that distance can not be minimized wth the hesitation, when Purvi will come to him without any hesitate, that day he can move up. Otherwise, he is not insecured with Arjun’s coming in the chwal.

Teju serves mangoes to her family – Savita, Damodar and Sachin. Everybody wants to know how she has bought this sweet and good quality mangoes. Savita tells that Manav also knows the good quality mangoes so well. When Teju informs them that these are given by Soham and hence, free of cost, they stop eating it immediately. Sachin reacts badly and goes to the room after hearing this by giving her a angry look. Teju informs her Savita and Damo that Soham has left the wrong works and he is earning money by delivering the mango boxes. In the mean time, Manav comes and starts eating the mango. He pleases to eat this and asks Teju about the source of the mango. Savita nods her head and refrains Teju from telling about Soham. Manav asks Teju to get him 250boxes of this mangoes from this vendor. Teju agrees on that.

Arjun sitting at office often sees his mobile. He wants apologies and postpones his some client meeting. In that time two social workers from Roshni Foundation come to meet him and thank him. They inform about the polio campaign and insist Arjun to bring Pari to them. Arjun calls Purvi, but Onir picks it up as Purvi busy with taking the bath. Arjun informs Onir about the polio campaign. Onir fixes evening slot with Purvi. Arjun messages Ovi to reply him and Ovi informs that she will be online from 8-30.

Varsha comes home and sees that Soham has prepared food for her for the first time. He says that it gives him satisfaction. He tells Varsha how he has helped Teju for buying of mangoes. Varsha smiles saying that she feels glad to see him get closure to his family. But, the food is not good to eat with the extra salt, but Varsha readily eats it with smiling face.

Pre cap – Purvi is in the car with DK and it’s raining outside. DK insist to change her as Ovi’s cloth is available and also get Pari changed.


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  1. Dara
    August 12, 08:06 Reply

    Soham and puvi did not get the love of their parents

  2. Janey
    May 06, 09:45 Reply

    Can anyone give me one good reason for me to keep watching this show please.

    • MK
      May 06, 10:03

      Oh Janey, no. 1 reason, it teaches us that doing good only causes pain and suffering and getting blamed innocently.
      We see that evil always conquers good and we must be evil a d selfish brat to survive
      We get heartbreaks one after the next. Lord have mercy

    • bindu
      May 06, 10:25

      lovers wont be united!if a person lov someone ,be prepared for heartbreaks!!

  3. Janey
    May 06, 09:42 Reply

    This show sucks rotten eggs

  4. bindu
    May 06, 05:15 Reply

    rituals , religion ,world
    what ever is not the matter

    its purely writters fault!they are messing up all the relations!no couple in pavithra ristha ! (except archana -manav!) shared heartfull and friendly relation!

    varsha and her mate
    it is repeated even in case of teju! also!

    they lack creativity ,and newness! innovation in story!

    • bindu
      May 06, 05:18

      please change the story!
      generally ,we humans want to see happy relationships! not messed up relations!

    • MK
      May 06, 08:32

      That’s write bindu, from the start of PR there’s only heartbreaks its been how long now three years of heart breaks.

    • bindu
      May 06, 10:02

      s mk generally i visit this page but never commented,but my patience is died ! heartbreaks!

  5. ammara& agastaya
    May 05, 22:00 Reply

    ovi is the best have you not watched this show since ovi has been in it come on the girl is not sweet she is mental and she causes chaos and confusion and problems a nd the position she’s in she called it upon herself bcoz she knew arjun loved purvi yet she married him
    the only thing that she was given unfairly was not knowing her baby died and even then while being pregnant she didn’t care about the baby so stop hating ppl who hate ovi and leave everyone to have their own damn opinion

    • MK
      May 06, 08:28

      Ammara dear this Ovi is the best person likes to irritate others. It’s a waste to try and reason with it. It just causes lots of fights here.

  6. ammara& agastaya
    May 05, 21:57 Reply

    arya i have to agree with u when u say everyone else in the family makes mistakes and are forgiven and the mistakes they make are so nasty like sachin and savita and the whole set up with the divorce and they were forgiven easily and welcomed back in the family
    soham ended up in a bad position through no fault of his own and manav can’t have enough sense to forgive him

    purvi has also made mistakes and they can’t forgive her instead they are going to plot against her (sabita and sulo) so disgusting

    • MK
      May 06, 08:31

      So agree with you there Ammara. They are a bunch of hypocrites who can’t see beyond their noses. And Ovi and Teju were also so nasty towards their mother it’s a shame and they were loved by her unconditionally. Even soluchana loved them despite their bratiness.
      Poor Soham and Purvi

  7. arya
    May 05, 00:23 Reply

    i just want onir and purvi ….yet everything in this story is such a bore..and when ovi has disappeared from the house why are they showing her story…and can anyone tell me what was the precap. why purvi in dk car?

    • Maria
      May 06, 10:47

      He is a geek and he does not suit Purvi at all.

  8. mupida
    May 04, 05:31 Reply

    It means purvi nd arjun were going to have sex yet again on mondays episode

    • ovi is the best
      May 05, 12:34

      purvi is a bitch she can sleep with anyone.characterless indeed.ovi is such a kind hearted women after knowing the truth she is still ready to talk with arjun.

  9. Aarya
    May 04, 02:54 Reply

    For aishwarya or ovi is the best….

    Purvi was intimate with Arjun because they were going to get married anyways and I’m sure that was the only mistake she’s ever made in her life. And in my book, having sex with your fiance doesn’t count as a mistake unless your religion forbids it. One little mistake and a few sacrifices for her family fucked her over big time. As for giving up the baby, I get it, that wasn’t right. But you know that Purvi is a selfless girl. She ALWAYS thinks about others before herself. So in that spare moment when she found out that Arjun and Ovi lost their kid, she could’ve been thinking that Pari could have a better life with her biological father. She could have his name and Purvi probably thought that Ovi could’ve been a good mother. So in that little time that was what seemed right to her. And she didn’t know that the truth would come out that easily. She thought that her baby would be with her father and she would bring them both closer. Maybe if she thought it over for some time, her decision would be different.

    It’s sad that when Purvi makes innocent mistakes, tries to always think for her family and make sacrifices, unlike Ovi and everyone else in the family, she is always an outsider and never is allowed the room to be just her and just grow. She will always have to prove herself. Unlike, Sachin who tried to mess up Manav’s and Archanna’s relationship but was eventually forgiven. Unlike Ovi that had taken somebody’s man, accused and harrased both Arjun and Purvi like the spoiled bitch that she is constantly, and drunk while she’s pregnant. Unlike Savita who kept away Archanna from her family for eighteen years and as the other mentioned before unlike Sachin who also had premarital sex. And of course everyone else completely accepted Sachin’s wife although she gave away her v card before marriage.

    See the double standards everyone, it’s kind of sad. This just proves to you. Blood can make mistakes, blood can hurt you, blood can make mistakes and still receive the room to grow and learn from them. But an adopted will always be an adopted. An adopted will always have to prove herself no matter what. She will always have to be picture perfect or she’d be told to get the fuck out and be consistantly told and shown where she really came from.

    And as I said it before, I’ll say it again. Ovi deserves everything that happened to her. She brought it upon herself. She was the one that forced Arjun to marry her despite knowing very well that he loved Purvi. She’s lucky Arjun is a nice guy. Who knows, if she pulled that shit with some other guy. She may have gotten treated like shit and this time ACTUALLY cheated on. This girl needs life lessons man. That’s what she really needs. Whatever is happening to her, I’m happy it is happening to her..

    nd plz OITB stop fighting with other ppl if u like ovi its your wish…we all write comments over her nd every is friendly except plz stop this nonsense

    • aishwarya
      May 04, 03:01

      In what world are you living where sex is permissible before marriage

    • MK
      May 04, 17:09

      And which universe are you living in where this does not happen.
      It happens in all cultures religions etc.
      It’s just some people pretend to be saints and do the evil behind closed doors

    • ajay
      May 05, 18:55

      Aishwarya where on earth do you live??

    • Pj
      May 05, 22:09

      Hehe nice …..yeah rite if she was some innocent child taken advantage of then yeah rite makes sense but in her case she knew how ovi is head over heels in love with Arjun and how obsessed she was, how she got all messed up after knowing about Arvi despite all thi u go ahead sleep with that person before marriage and say my only mistake. How sick. Sleep with a man and lend him to your elder sister how pathetic.

      Plus she want even innocent she always was shown as a understanding and matured lady comparing her against archana, then how can it be a little mistake her sacrifices is nothing in front of what she did.

      Wonder what kind of stupid justification will that stupid archana come up with when she recovers. P is really a big B for taking advantage of Onir, now next episode ovi will c Purvi on tv at the function in her clothes and another bi unnecessary drama and only thing stupid Purvi is good at is crying which doesn’t even look natural.

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