Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Update by gaurav

Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Purvi n Ovi doing some household work like Cleaning the dinning table both are busy working,Savita says to Ovi that come with her to do kitchen work,She is in a way to go at a time looks for Pari she is sleeping then Ovi tells Purvi to change Pari’s clothes bcoz her hands were full of colour,Purvi agrees.Purvi goes inside to change Pari’s clothes Arjun is watching her from outside then he also goes inside n says that Mittal is searching evidence against Onir,he says i watched that CCTV Footage CD but Mittal didn’t send it. Purvi says if Mittal hasn’t send that CD who gave it you.

Purvi in Karanjkar House thinking of CD Case then Onir comes with a glass of milk n says to her drink it tells her that he is going to hospital for treating a patient then Purvi says,Onir i need to talk to you he says tell me.Purvi says Arjun got to know about the truth of baby,Onir gets shocked n he thinks that he’ll say to everybody but Purvi says Arjun will not say as i have told him not say anything to family.Onir says if Mittal had this CD then why he didn’t showed it in court,Purvi says Mittal is searching for the evidence so who send that to Arjun?

Punni in car thinking that what’s the matter i gave the cd to Arjun still he didn’t gave any reaction why?Then she reaches to OVT industries where DK is explaining the work to client after it he sees Punni there n asks her why is she here?Punni says i was just passing from here so thought if i could meet my cauligues she says if he doesn’t has any problem,DK says not at all.
Onir has come to meet Arjun there Punni sees him n hides in the corner,While Receponist says to Onir that you can meet Arjun.Onir comes at Arjun’s cabin,Arjun says i m glad that you came here hope you know everything but still i wanted to tell you something that Past 5-6 months ago before Purvi leaving Mumbai,Everything was going right but at the time of marriage Purvi told me to marry Ovi n live with her for whole life i did that bcoz i loved her as i tried to live a pleasure life with Ovi but everytime Purvi used to come near my eyes when i used work in office her face used to come near my eyes,at home too but i m happy that you accepted her at pregnancy stage n lots of time, i thanked you but you did alot of Purvi.

While Punni is listening all this n says that her work has been done Arjun has watched the CD,then Onir says I didn’t got the right time to express my feelings Arjun says its been several months now you should express those.Onir says i can’t say to her that i love her bcoz want her to be happy n will support everytime when its needed.Arjun goes to DK’s cabin DK says to look after Kapoor’s file as he wants Arjun to take a look then sign those papers.DK says Arjun you need to Canada for a deal but Arjun denies n says not this time dad pls arrange someone else,DK says he’ll take care of it.

Purvi receives a call from Arjun saying that she is behind all this drama,Purvi gets to know that she visited OVT industries,Arjun says she knows everything about the baby truth,While Punni has arrived to K House to meet Purvi but she hugs Sulochana n says she is here to meet her but Sulo says Manju has gone out.Punni says she can’t meet her aaji or what then she says that she did wrong with Purvi via scolding her for some misunderstanding but Sulo says that if anybody would had been in your place she would also have done the same then asks for Purvi,Sulochana says she is inside.
Purvi is on the phone talking to Arjun while Punni knocks the door n she opens,Purvi says to Arjun that Punni has come n cuts the call.

Punni says to Purvi you have started hiding the things from me,Purvi says what tai?She says that Baby Pari’s truth of yours as she is yours n Arjun’s daughter.Punni says you both won the case even DNA test were right but the test was of Arjun not of You n Ovi.Purvi says to her that Don’t say it to anybody in the house after listening all realtions will get broken,Punni says only on one deal.

Precap: Sulochana has come to D House where she has got down from auto but another auto comes fast n makes her fall down then Soham is there who has stopped that auto.

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  1. lovely
    April 04, 09:59 Reply

    arjun was crying i felt soo bad for him

  2. lovely
    April 04, 09:51 Reply

    arjun and purvi will never meet

  3. likhi
    April 03, 22:12 Reply

    please dont ever break purvi and onir rishta please please because serial ame itself is pavitra rishta whicg is there in between them

    • ArVi
      April 03, 22:33

      you r damn sick retard…

    • Midhu
      April 04, 00:05

      U r right….

    • Shaza
      April 04, 05:38

      Hi I dnt knw who u are?bt I want to tel diz to u, dnt thnk that da writers wil accept da comments coz once a upn a tym even v wrote alot of cments nt to break da rishta of Arjun n purvi bt they dnt listen so dnt expct that da writes wil acept our cmt its frm ur welwisher shaza

    • Shaza
      April 04, 05:51

      Gud morning guys wishing u a hapy day pls guys dnt think that Im also against dz serial, the episod make me to coment lyk diz, even arjun cnfms the he loves purvi n cnt forget her as wel purvi 2 cnt 4gt arjun so that only she isnt sharng da bed so baby is a nice chance to make them reunit and wil make ovi nd onir to reunit even the name matches them

    • lovely
      April 04, 09:58

      onir and purvi rishta is not pavitra rishta


  4. saki
    April 03, 22:03 Reply

    Ok so the three knows about this i hope what ever is punni’s condition that purvi tell arjun and onir cause they will be able to come up with something together to foil her plans. I hope she doh try to be hero like the last time and get in trouble again this girl eh this girl.

    I think Arjun is a Loyal husband and he will not leave ovi. and i like the relationship between him and onir he needed a friend i mean its knida sucky but onir is a good friend for him and with all the in the air they would be able to handle the situation. they make a good bff pair in my opinion.

    i think they should tell everyone and onir and purvi should go back where they came from and let the sunny teju drama start. varsha and soham get back in good standing with the family and arch outa the coma to deal with she family cause i know she will stand up for purvi.

    and mittal proven guilty on the organs thing and punni get find out about her plans and she and manju get kick out with no money.

    just my take on the hole thing

  5. Anonymous
    April 03, 21:07 Reply

    I can’t understand why Arjun should continue to live such an unhappy life of compromise while Ovi gets what she wanted and Purvi finds happiness anew. Some may say that Arjun is a weak man but, it takes a very brave man to make such a huge sacrifice for the woman he loves. Purvi begged and pleaded with him to marry Ovi so that her family is happy, but it seems that the only one who will remain unhappy is poor Arjun.

    Why, why should this be the case. Seems that even the laws of nature didn’t want him to have any ties with Ovi as their baby didn’t survive. However, people seem to be forcing them and manipulating the situation so that they remain together.

    Please creative team, give the man back his happiness. Let Onir bring Arjun and Purvi back together. Onir knew from the start that Purvi was in love with Arjun so let him correct the wrongs of the past and be the better man for doing so.

    • saki
      April 03, 22:06

      he is a good guy he could never do that to ovi she has to want to leave or else he would not. It is hard to see him these last few day it hurts to see him like that. i could feel his pain.

      Ritvik did a good job acting these last few day i must say.

  6. Jen
    April 03, 17:47 Reply

    Hmm let’s reunite arvi eh ekta?

  7. Whatevs
    April 03, 16:22 Reply

    Nothing pavitra about these rishtas.

  8. Sonya
    April 03, 14:45 Reply

    Interesting. Good story, love it.

    • Whatevs
      April 03, 16:19

      This is a horrible story

  9. AK
    April 03, 14:38 Reply

    Well i have to say punni’s condition is to get ratbags documents to be signed, by that virtue purvi is the ticket for the docs to be signed. Gold digger is cheap using disgusting ways to get what she wants. @ poor arjun he has already accepted that punir are hapi poor man his wounds of love are still stinging very much. @ no soham in the entire epi i love hs comical nature.

  10. PAT
    April 03, 13:16 Reply

    This baby issues is draging too long………. I don’t know what the writers are doing or where they are taking us with this… Punni will not rest untill she destoryed her whole family for the sick of money……….. Arjun needs to let his father know the truth about Pari and who her real mother is… I am so tired of the drama of Purvi, Ovi, and Arjun….. And now Dr. Onir is in the middle of this as well.

  11. Soumya
    April 03, 12:46 Reply

    Can see the pain arjun is going through when he was talking to onir…….. He was not at all happy with the way purvi sacrificed him for her own reasons

  12. Midhu
    April 03, 12:37 Reply

    Teach a lesson to punni&mittal..

  13. Anonymous
    April 03, 12:30 Reply

    Ennoda arjun pls purviya maranthudu . Oviyoda sernthu santhosama vazhu.

    • Annonymus
      April 03, 12:40

      Plz appadi sollathe…

  14. MK
    April 03, 12:29 Reply

    My poor poor poor Arjun.
    Purvi is happy that Soham came out of jail and even spoke to her. Yes she is happy.
    But at what cost. Arjun can never be happy with that drama queen of a wife ovi who does not love him but is obsessed with the thought of being in love withmarjun. She does not know the meaning of love otherwise when she found out Arjun does not love her, well she knew that before but refused to accept because she’s one crazy ass, yes when she found out Arjun was in love with purvi she should have backed off if she truly know the meaning of love.
    She’s an imbecile and her family supports her rediculousness.
    Everybody knew that Arjun does not love ovi and will never love her.
    They know that Arjun loves Purvi and only Purvi and will always do.
    Yet they supported the stupid marriage.
    Even though archana and manav had already made up, because Savita truth came out.
    How degrading all this is. So stupid.

    If Arvi have to get back together, it’s too much dragging of nonsense already.

    • PAT
      April 03, 13:09

      MK,,, you are right. The little witch don’t know the meaning of love and will any know,,,,, because everyone treats her like han that will lay the golden egg. I think Arjun should let his father know the truth about Pari and and who her mother is……. And after that,,, they should let the whole family know as well.. He shouldn’t sit on that information for long because it will create more problem….. Just a thought.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      April 03, 13:09

      ive already accepted arjun and purvi is over

      ekta is trying to run this to 4 years


    • Veer
      April 03, 13:15

      correct MK agree wid u.

    • ♥RD♥ my luv
      April 03, 13:20

      Yup i agree wid . Arjun is all alone i feel so sad fr him…..:'(

  15. Anonymous
    April 03, 12:28 Reply

    Wow what a serial . Always split the jodi’s . Enaku konjam kuda pudikala. Arjun romba pavam.

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