Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2012 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 20th June 2012 Written Update by Tanyaz

Savita tells Ovi to enjoy life with Arjun and to look happy .Ovi says that Arjun is always busy .Savita decides to invite Arjun and DK over for dinner .She talks to Manav and tells him that they should call them over and also fix the wedding date for Arjun and Ovi .She says that now they should not wait any more and the wedding date must be fixed .Manav agrees immediately . DK agrees to come over for dinner .Arjun looks nervous to hear Manav and DK talk but DK encourages him and says that he must tell everything today .When Arjun looks worried his dad says that he is with him .
Vinod is extremely angry .He just found out that Punni had made the MMS .He is about to hit Punni but Punni says that she did this for Purvi , to save her from an affair .Manju takes Punni’s side .She says that Punni was only trying to save her younger sister .

Vinod calls Sulochna but she is very disturbed and angry with Punni about the MMS. She feels that Punni is giving Purvi a bad name and creating misunderstandings .She then starts crying that Purvi is in a lot of trouble because now Archu knows the truth about Arjun and Purvi … then Sulochna realizes that she should first talk to Purvi and not say anything to Vinod so she puts the phone down . Vinod is confused and repeats what Sulochna said in front of Punni and Manjusha .Now Punni is happy that Purvi is in trouble with her mother .
Ovi is deciding what to wear for dinner .Teju is looking very off mood .She starts telling Ovi that she has always been there for her and cannot see her sister in pain and somehow she is worried that Arjun does not seem to be that much in love with Ovi .She saysthat Ovi is being a fool that she cannot see it .Ovi gets angry that Teju must be feeling bad for Purvi .Teju says that one cannot force someone to love them .
Ovi says that if Teju finds out that Arjun andPurvi are actually involved then she should just kill Ovi because Ovi feels that Arjun means more to her than even her father ,Sachin and Teju …

Purvi is walking out in the rain , she is crying and thinking about all that happened with her mother .She calls Arjun and tells him that her mother knows everything and is very angry and not listening to Purvi.She begs Arjun to tell Archana that she did not know about his commitment to Ovi when she fell in love with him and after knowing , she has kept her distance from him …Arjun wants to know where she is but Purvi puts the phone off.
DK and Arjun go to Manav’s house for dinner .Sachin , Teju and Ovi greet them . Manav is out for something important and is about to come home .There is some awkwardness because Arjun looks very quiet .
Ovi gets a call from Punni which she takes outside her house .Again Punni tries to tell Ovi about Purvi and Arjun but Ovi tells her off and tells her that she trusts her fiance and Punni need not worry about her .She also tells her to take care of her sister and never to call her again .Punni is callign her right outside Manav’s chawl .She is about to go when she sees Manav who is coming back home .

Manav is really angry to see Punni but she says that he is her famil yand she has to tel lhim the truth and that is that Purvi and Arjun are indeed havign an affair and this is somethign that everyone is well aware of , even Archaan knows about this and is hiding this from him .Now Manav is even more angry that Punni is dragging Archana in this .He says that he has full faith in Purvi, Arjun and Archana and if there was somethign going on then Purvi would have said so …To this Punni says that if Purvi did not say yes , she also did not say No .
This oputs doubt in Manav’s mind .He does tell Punni , in an angry tome ) to leave …but while walking to his home ..all he can think ofis Punni saying that this is true and even Archana knows about it .
As soon as Mana vgets home , the first thing he does …ask Arjun the question that is in his mind .
Manav : Arjun , do you love Ovi ?
Manav stops Ovi when she tries to interfere and again asks Arjun
Arjun gathers courage and says that he does not love Ovi ..

then Arjun drops the bomb on Manav by telling him that he is in love with Purvi …
Manav slaps Arjun , grabs his collar and telsl him to say this again .
Arjun says again and again tha the loves Purvi ..
Now everyone in the room is shocked and Ovi is crying …a very very angry Manav slaps Arjun again .

precap :
Archana is trying to stop Manav fro mhitting Arjun .Manav says that she does not know what Arjun has done .Archana who is crying says that she knows and this is what she was trying to tell Manav .
Manav is now extremely shocked and hurt to know that Archana knew about Arjun and Purvi …

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  1. Anonymous
    June 21, 15:03 Reply

    very nice episode thankyou tanyazji for the update

  2. Anonymous
    June 20, 21:31 Reply

    ya true finally bu nw afta da readin da precap i fnk teju n manav wil strt h8n archu cauz itz obvio savita wil instigate dem! Soham wen wil u cum?

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