Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2013 Written Update

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Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2013 Written Update by crazy2012

Pavitra Rishta 18th March 2013 Written Episode
Episode starts Onir is looking for something at K’s house while he sees Mr Mittal is searching for something at the cupboard. Onir asks Mr Mittal if he is looking for the CD. Then he tells that CD has already been broken by him. Onir informs that he has got a lot of fame by doing a free treatment to all the poor people and if Mr Mittal wants him to involve in that racket of Human Organ Trafficking, he will not let him go. So, he has destroyed the evidence. Mr Mittal becomes angry and tells that he can do anything to put him behind the bar. Manju comes to Punni who is standing outside the house and Manju asks for her “Jamai Babu”. Punni informs that he has gone to her house for getting the proof against Onir. Manju suspects if Mittal is so eager to get that CD, it is for sure that CD contains something more in it – she also tells that the kid may be Purvi’s. Mr Mittal gives a phone call to her wife and tells that she has done the duty of keeping her eyes on her family member, otherwise Onir would not come there.
Arjun and Onir comets with each other of taking Vaan/Thandai (it is kind of alcohol specially made for Sivaratri purpose). They sit at one place and shares some feeling with each other (this is actually a funny scene as both of them can’t realise what they are talking). Onit wants to reveal something to Arjun but can’t as Misti has told him not to disclose. Arjun says that Purvi is so emotional, so she becomes sad after loosing her kid.
Varsha comes to K house and two ladies from neighbors see Varsha and recognise her. They tell among themselves that she she had taken Archan’s son before 18th years and now comes to take property right. Sulo comes and sees Varsha sleeping at the varandah. Sulo becomes angry and asks her the reason of her coming. Varsha apologies and claims that she is connected to her Aaai as she has already disconnected with Balan. Sulo tells her to leave immediately from that place. That two neighbors tell that it is the appropriate approach to behave with this selfish girl. Varsha cries and leaves the place.

Misti takes Onir with her in the Auto while she is trying to help Onir to settle down in the Auto. Onir sees Misti and realises his feeling towards her. The autowala leaves them in the mid way as he will not get his return passenger. Then both of them starts walking for the remaining path.

Prec Cap – Onir is in the sense of unconscious and he proposes to Misti.

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  1. Midhu
    March 19, 08:43 Reply

    Pls don’t seperate punir as a couple they r too gud…

  2. ammara
    March 19, 08:30 Reply

    i totally enjoyed the scene with arjun and onir it was great

    dont hate arjun he didnt ask for his situation he was forced by none other than purvi

  3. AK
    March 19, 06:44 Reply

    Hello? Any1 online?

  4. Crazy for ARVI
    March 18, 18:56 Reply

    i hate today’s ep but i think and i have herd that arvi will reunite very soon cant wait for that day πŸ™‚

  5. tere
    March 18, 17:29 Reply

    Go punir. Go punir i love the duo. They are meant to be together. As for arjun, he should end up with witchy ovi. :-q

  6. AK
    March 18, 16:53 Reply

    I also like punir but arvi is my love πŸ™‚ . I really laughed when onir told ratbag that he destroyed the cd. Ratbag thot that he was smart! But he was out smarted lol

    • MK
      March 18, 17:03

      That scene was epic really loved it, in your face Mital.

      I wish the story continues like this only, tit for tat, the good guys wins.

    • ak
      March 18, 17:13

      Yea! Tit for tat! That is the 1st positive thing i have seen in days in the show. Am eagerly waiting for tenny’s wedding! πŸ™‚

    • MK
      March 18, 16:37

      Hey I’m here,
      Awesome episode AK
      Sorry dear, but I really like Punir ;(

  7. AK
    March 18, 15:28 Reply

    Ok taata! All the best for ur papers. Prepare well and am sure you will pass!

    • AK
      March 18, 15:33

      Meant for anu! Plus those doing their exams!! πŸ™‚

  8. saki
    March 18, 15:24 Reply

    I am good. I totally agree with aarya. Arjun did not fight enough for purvi. he should have never married ovi he should have just left. and return some time later when all settled and marry purvi then.

    Luv this episode. cant wait for tomorrow.

    • AK
      March 18, 15:31

      I must also say! Can’t wait for 2morows epi. Btw hw r u saki di?

    • saki
      March 18, 15:34

      I am good these episodes actually have me anxious have been like that for a while.

    • AK
      March 18, 15:39

      Saki di, i am anxious myself. We dnt really knw what can hapen next. Ths show is unpredictable.

  9. AK
    March 18, 15:20 Reply

    Aarya i do agree with u! Arjun’s xter has been moulded very badly. Yeah i agree when he was slapped by onir, i thot that he would come to knw that he fathered purvi’s baby. I also agree that arjun didnt fight for his
    love. What we dont know is how ovi got pregnant, maybe ovi knew she was impregnated by her model agent. Then arjun went home drank when he was left by purvi, then ovi made him believe that they got intimate, from that day arjun believed her. Onir is such a good match for purvi he is sweet, caring moreover he accepted purvi in her condition. He also supported her in thick and thin. He is also my favorite. But i love arvi jodi!!! Bigtime

  10. MK
    March 18, 14:10 Reply

    Oh Aarya, I so agree with you my dear.
    I did express the day before my feelings of Punir being together.
    AK I’m sorry yaar, but I love Punir together and wish them luck.
    I hope the writers don’t screw up the storyline to hurt Purvi anymore.
    It’s about time she stop being Mahaan and get some happiness in her life.
    Only Onir can do that because we’ve seen so far he has got not old witch after him whereas Arjun has Ovi the old witch after him causing problems at every turn for Purvi.

    Onir is so good hope he don’t have any ugly things in his past that comes to haunt him later and cause more problems.

    Because this show so far is one tragedy after the next. Time for some serious romance with Punir and good times ahead for all,
    Well except Manju and Punni should both go to jail with Ajit.

    • Pj
      March 18, 16:10

      Oh I so agree with you punir together is just awesome …….I seriously never did like the Arvi Jodi for me thy just never seemed to click and there background song just made it worse …….but what I see is Onir seems to be a better actor he expresses his feelings really well better than anyone else he,s more like sushant ……and Purvi just seems emotionless seems like she can’t decide they should change her part add in some romance between her n Onir but at least for now nothing bad …… I hope everything should just fall in place and they all happily settles with there current partner ……not hoping to c any harm one to punir

  11. Yvett
    March 18, 13:42 Reply

    This update is extremely poor. Where is the rest of it?

    • pr
      March 18, 13:52


    • AK
      March 18, 15:22

      Yvet kindly complete it for us!

    • saki
      March 18, 15:26

      totally agree there is so much more to the show from watching. sadly i don’t understand Hindi

  12. SnehaAsya
    March 18, 13:24 Reply

    Arre m divided between Arjun n Onir
    Purvi z soo lucky yaar
    Onir z too good yaar
    @ Aarya agree wid u. Bt considering Onir, I think Rithvik n Asha should do another show like Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Dun. PR me Onir z takin over z best match

  13. Soniya
    March 18, 13:05 Reply

    Omg !! Love this so much…..can’t wait to watch 2orw’s episode……and please don’t make it as dream sequence

  14. aarya
    March 18, 13:01 Reply

    My fellow viewers, i was totally in love with arvi. It was emotional when pr took the twist n separated them. I kept hoping that they would unite. (Hope they hook up in real life cuz they make a cute couple). Now am having a change of heart about the future of arvi in pr…now, now arvi fans dont get upset. Take a look at my point of view.

    I know purvi gave up n i think she was wrong. My heart went out to arjun. Now my disappointment in arjun came when purvi left for kolkota. He readily got intimate with ovi got her pregnant. My gosh for love sake how can u love another n take such a huge step especially when the one u loved just disappeared without a trace? Yes purvi being β€˜the great one” asked him to but doesnt he have a mind of his own. (Lets be honest, how can we love somebody n then go sleep with their sibling just because they asked us to? Is anybody else seeing my point?) He didnt even knew if she had killed herself for goodness sake after all the suffering that selfish witch ovi put her through.

    Now my other point, he knew he was intimate with purvi. How come he didnt question the size of her pregnancy? How can he not click that something was off when onir slapped him n asked him how could he desert her in that state? After all it was purvi how left him so how could that statement not make him question why he said that? Where did his love n fatherly instinct disappeared to?

    Now my final point, whether he loved ovi or not he has been supportive, kind n understanding towards her despite her being a rude selfish witch. He gave her all rights as a wife. Like it or not he has made a family with her.

    Now for onir; i think his love for purvi is greater than arjun cuz of all that he had done. He should get purvi n pari n pr should end. I hav heard that many of u are saying that onir must let me tell u 1 thing that even if onir dies or goes away, arjun n purvi will still nt unite bcoz of that ovi..n arjn wil still not have that guts to fight for his love or daughtr..:( Onir has accepted purvi for who she was and married her regardless of her state.. he has looked after her, given her a home, and stood with her throughout her hardships, one cannot just ignore what onir has done…

    Now arvi fans may not agree but arjun has disapoint me. He didnt fight hard for his love instead he give into a witch ovi.

    • Soniya
      March 18, 13:09

      I agree wid u aarya

    • pr
      March 18, 13:51

      very much agree with your post as well. i myself couldnt understand how he slept with ovi so quick.

    • Miss Unbelievable
      March 18, 18:11

      i always saw these points in the story.

      Arjun deserves Ovi. Arjun is spineless how can you let the woman you love order you around like that? Love is selfless and all good things but sometimes you have to be selfish to keep it. And I give Ovi props for that she fought and used everything even though it was wrong. I dont like OVI at all but she got whatever happiness she fought and wanted. Arjun reminds me of Manyak, Ovi – Charu and Gunjan – Purvi but better than Purvi

      Im happy for onir and purvo. End the drama and give them a fairytale life

  15. Anu
    March 18, 12:58 Reply

    Hi n bye too Ak bhai… Coz i’v gotta phy exam on wed.. I saw u were online in fb n rplyd d same but went off instantly.. No d epi s full bhai… M not gonna cum 4a week… Bye

  16. AK
    March 18, 12:55 Reply

    Saki di, kriya, anu, drs di hello? Wassup?

  17. Anush
    March 18, 12:55 Reply

    Same here we all want arvi if not this gonna end up in mess

    • AK
      March 18, 15:25

      Watch the drama! Read the news on pr which are posted on the forum! Arjun simply said more twists and turns to come!

  18. AK
    March 18, 12:52 Reply

    Anu what do u mean half the epi?

  19. simran
    March 18, 12:45 Reply

    dis was d worst epi….no we dnt want onir nd purvi together…..we want arvi….please get arjun and purvi together…they are meant to be

  20. Kriya
    March 18, 12:14 Reply

    Talli…… he was laughing…its damn funny..
    N thank god truth didn’t came out…dono talli the kahin kuch ulta pulta bol dete…but nai bola…

  21. drs
    March 18, 12:06 Reply

    am first…. πŸ˜‰

    • saki
      March 18, 12:14


    • AK
      March 18, 12:53

      Three gold medals, hehehe!

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