Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 16th March 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 16th March 2013 Written Update by Armu4eva

Madhubala 16th March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu tells Paddo that RK broke her phone on the set.. n also that he had hired people to tail her n so she went to sound him off! the Roti Madhu is making burns..!

She says.. dunno what i want.. dun wanna see his repent. dun care him winning/losing.. but ..wont back out till he does! She tells Paddo she doesnt wanna embarass Paddo ever. .like Radha was!

Dips asks Sikky to switch off the lights.. n Sikky says..he is smarter than he seems ..! Sikky asks Dips to get him a role in RKs film! Dips laufs out.. Sikky threatens Dips … [He says.. mat karna ye nadani oh item purani..warna khatam ho jaegi. .teri meri tota maina ki kahani] ! He blackmails her about telling Radha about RK-Dips..! Dips tells Radha..when will he tell Radha as she is asleep..!

Next day morning.. Radha is about to leave forever for Delhi n Sikky asks Dips..if he should rat her out to Radha? Dips says dare not..! RK comes n asks timing of flight .. n he Bittu says 12 o clock..! RK tears off the tickets..!

RK-Radha fight out.. as each says.. Radha will leave or not leave..! Radha tells RK .. AYE .. not ur assistant. .n if he doesnt want her to leave.. apologise to Madhu..! RK accepts he was wrong in doing what he did to Madhu n is ready to apologise to Madhu.. but there wont be any change in his feelings for Madhu..! Radha relents..! Sikky smirks at Dips n she agrees to do what he wants her to!

Director Heroine RK are on the set..! RK notices Madhu .. n recollects his promise to Radha..! RK puls Madhus arm.. blocks her way n finally says. HE HAS SOMETHING to say to her.. but Madhu says.. not interested! She walks off!

Sultan arrives on the set of RKs movie.. glares at his poster spots his car ..takes out a cricket bat n breaks the glass pane! All are shocked to see..!

Part 2

RK corner Madhu n locks his arms around her..! He asks her to look into his eyes.. for he has no eye infection! She turns.. n is in tears..!

BG –
Tu hi mahi mera.. tu hi mera khuda tha..
Tu hi ibadat. .tu hi .. bandagi
Tere bin sooni sooni hai rahein ye sari
Kaise jeeun zindagi??? Hum hai dewane..!

RK tries to wipe..!


Part 3

Bittu comes running n asks RK to come out n shows him broken glass pane of his window n a note..!

It reads.. stars. (RK). have limited life.. but sun (Sultan) shines on .. dare RK challenge him!


Precap — RK taunts Madhu about how her lover.. went to this extent .. to take revenge for RK correcting Madhu for her mistake of talking on phone while on shoot..! Madhu is quiet..!


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  1. aarya
    March 01, 12:25 Reply

    dard – e – ishq. coming soon
    nice poster …….muaaaah

  2. drishti
    March 01, 09:11 Reply

    nice epi. 🙂
    rishbala’s part was amazing with fantastic bg song 😛 😛
    sultan took his revenge & broke r.k’s car’s glass panne ,but now r.k again misunderstand madhu 🙁 (r.k came to say sorry to madhu but because of sultan scene changed 🙁 🙁 )

  3. Kriya
    March 18, 09:44 Reply

    Jerry:It denotes ek taraf khaai dusri taraf kuan…
    Wat say…?
    Koi nai madhu himmatwali h..
    Himmat e ladki toh madad kare khuda..
    Anjie..hows dat?

  4. Kriya
    March 18, 09:15 Reply

    Gud evng guys…
    Sab pucho usse phle hi i wl tell u..
    My exam was good..
    Thanx a lot fr all ur wishes…
    Love u all…
    C u after tdays epi…bye bye:)

  5. Maghla
    March 18, 06:47 Reply

    Ok bye dear. I also have to go. Feel sleepy. Bye. C u later.

  6. sumaiya961
    March 18, 06:46 Reply

    bye maghla di i have to go out…….see u tomorrow morning..bcoz i cannot see u at night……..byeeeeeeeee..

  7. Maghla
    March 18, 06:40 Reply

    Ohh…. Nice topic. Ya i used to watch ipkknd. And i like them.

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:44

      me too maghla di i loveeeeeeeeeeee ipkkand……and i miss them

  8. sumaiya961
    March 18, 06:38 Reply

    maghla di tumi ki iss pyaar ko kya naam doon dekhte… u like arnav and khushi jodi??

  9. sumaiya961
    March 18, 06:34 Reply

    tomar ki obosta….tomi ki iss pyaar ko kya naam doon dekte…………do u like arnav and khushi jodi??

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:35

      amader group social and domestic crime er bapare kaj koce

  10. Maghla
    March 18, 06:34 Reply

    Ok… Tahola tomader group kon topics nia kaj korco?

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:37

      our group is working on social and domestic crime…….

  11. Maghla
    March 18, 06:27 Reply

    To exhibition a tomi kico dicco?

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:30

      maghla di our exhibition is nothing like that our school is a pyp school and in grade 5 we choose a topic and we have 4 group fronm each section and we all do different works and activities……our exhibition is different

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:32

      and yes grade 5 is the last year of pyp, we start our pyp from playgroup and it ends in grade 5…..

  12. Maghla
    March 18, 06:24 Reply

    Ok dear i m back. Just only for u.

  13. Maghla
    March 18, 06:20 Reply

    Ok guys me too gayab ho jati hoon. Bye.

    • sumaiya961
      March 18, 06:22

      nahin maghla ami achi just comment korte ekto deri hoye gache…..pleaseeeeeeeeeee dont go..

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