Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th January 2013 Written Update

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Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 12th January 2013 Written Update by deiva

Madhubala 12th January 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with rk holding madhu’s cheek n madhu blush. Director announces shot is ready. Rk n madhu break their positions.
Madhu waves her hand n starts to leave.
Rk: I know whenever god see u alone will give u strange situations n capture u in candid video. Remember d night in studio? ( madhu remembers madhu hugs rk coz of fear due to darkness) now tell me can u go alone?
Madhu says yes, rk looks at her disappointed. Then madhu says no.
Madhu: no I can’t go alone. But can u come with me?
Rk : but shooting..
Madhu : so can I leave alone? U have to go for shot na I’ll understand its ur job. So I’ll leave alone. Bye
Madhu waves her hand again n leaves.

Malik tries to go to upstairs n trishna drags him back. Malik pleads her that he doesn’t want to put mehandi. But madhu comes there n says its her n trishna’s wish. So malik accepts n says to hasanji that to apply very little otherwise he wouldn’t spare him. Hasanji put a mehandhi dot in malik hand says over.
Madhu hands over rk’s present to Padmini. Malik says that was not necessary. Madhu smiles at them.
Trishna applies oil to padmini’s mehandi n madhu looks at her hands. Trishna moves n madhu show her hands to trishna 4 applying oil 4 mehandi. Trishna stays quiet, madhu disappointed n turns to leave closing her hands. But trishna applies oil to madhu also.
Madhu: after so many days we r happy. But still not completely 4 maa n malik. But now everything is complete.
Madhu n trishna hugs eachother. Padmini watch this with teary eyes happily.

Song starts madhu dance with other girls. Madhu ask trishna to dance with her. Dance ends with madhu n trishna hugs n malik Padmini joins them.

In rk mansion:
Rk is talking in phone ask madhu to come soon. But hears foot steps n thinks madhu came.
Rk: u reached home n still made me wait?
But deepali comes. Rk’s face changes looking at her.
Dips: not biwi. Ur ex- lover.
Rk: deepaliji come n have a seat.
Dips : waiting 4 madhubala na? just waiting is wrote in this supperstar’s story.
Rk: ya waiting n love too. 5 years back if u would have waited 4 me with that love then today story would be diff. right?

In chawl Padmini does cleaning but trishna stops her. Padmini leaves to answer phone call n roma comes to trishna. Trishna tries to avoid roma but she force her to talk. Padmini takes roma forcefully with her to talk. Trishna leaves scared.

In rk mansion:
Dips: what r u saying? Story would be diff means? Why did u let me in ur room ? u r alright na? what secret u n ur wife hiding form me? Tell me.
Rk: again same question?
Dips: rk u look happy. I’m concerned abt u. u know this whenever u be happy u’ll get hurt. A big wound. One day smile next day tears, pain, fear.

Trishna comes to roma’s house n says roma is suspecting me so have hide that bag. She search for that bag but couldn’t find where she kept it.
Trishna thinks where would that brief case gone. Suddenly lights r on n roma stands there with that briefcase. Trishna shocked to see roma with that.
Roma opens that case n ask whether she search 4 that. Trishna abt to take that 4m her but roma stops her.
Trishna: roma u know what our dream became true. I got a film offer that too with lead character. Ur heroine became a real heroine.
Trishna hugs roma but she push her back.
Trishna : this is my advance money.
Roma: u got film offer its really a good news. Its not just ur dream but ur roma’s too right? If it came true then why u hide it?
Trishna turns away 4m roma to avoid eye contact.
Trishna: I knew all would doubt me. Nobody would trust me that I got 20 lakhs advance.
Roma turns trishna saying to talk looking at her eyes not some other place.
Roma: u got advance as 20 lakhs that too 4 a new comer. This doesn’t look real.
Trishna: it’s a very big banner’s film
Roma: a big banners film? Ok leave ur drama n tell me what the matter is. I’m ur roman a. u never hide anything from me na then why this?
Trishna : I didn’t hide anything I told u what ever d thuth is. I already knew no one will trust me n think I’m doing some wrong deeds. I got film offer n ur not happy n suspecting me.
Roma: when questions r asked then it should be answered. Atleast tell me abt producer.
Trishna: he’s a new one n u don’t know him.
Roma:I don’t know him right. Listen to me carefully pls don’t do anything that would hurt bhai n Padmini. I ask this with folding hands in front of u.
Trishna: why u plp always think I do wrong deeds always? Can’t I do a right thing? Still now I’m a vampire 4 u right? I didn’t tell anyone coz I waited to it become official, n film declaration should be done. U go n tell everyone. I don’t care coz I got used to this feeling.
Trishna keeps d briefcase in cupboard n roma pleads her to isten to her but trishna leaves.

In rk mansion:
Rk: dips I will miss u a lot.
Dips: what did u say now?
Rk: true. Ur sth special. Ur new thinking, ur sweet taunts, ur speech which feeds slow poison to which I would react reversely right.
Rk moves towards dips n she’s mesmerized. Dips tries to touch rk but he moves.
Rk: u think happiness comes in my life just to give me injury. I’ll tell u heart breaking news, this time just happiness. No wound, no pain. Remember, this is d same room n what u did u say ? test madhu whether she loves super star rk or rishab? Tell her to leave everything n see what she would say ( dips remembers she ask rk to prove madhu’s love for rk) thank u. I’m indebted to u. u told me to do this. Do u know abt d results? She topped in my test. She proved that she loves rishab n wants rishab not rk. She doesn’t care abt super star rk’s fame, money. She’s ready to leave with me leaving everything behind. Madhu topped in her test n u failed. I proved ur wrong, proved love is in rk’s life also.
Deepali looks shocked but then her expressions change into smile.
Dips: topped in d test which u kept 4 her?
Rk: ya
Dips starts to laugh.
Rk: gone crazy? Laughing like mad coz ur failed?
Deepali shooks her head n indicates her eyes to turn back. Rk turns casually n is shocked to see madhu standing there with teary eyes.

Precap:: rk tries to hold madhu’s hand to explain but she blocks him. Madhu leaves while rk pleads to her. Dips says she didn’t do anything n not necessary also. I told u na not be happy. Rk bites his lips.


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  1. aarya
    January 12, 11:45 Reply

    Rk- Biwi topped in my test with distinction,
    but now rk ka love test

  2. drishti
    January 12, 08:43 Reply

    epi. started with wow 😛 & ended with 😯
    now what will madhu do & how will r.k convince her 🙄

  3. drs
    January 14, 10:05 Reply

    @bindu:: ohk….am from hyderabad….! and u r from???

    • bindu
      January 14, 10:08

      from tirupathi,i am heart core mb fan,can i join u all?????

    • bindu
      January 14, 10:09

      ok meet u in todays mb page,akkada kaluddam!!!!

  4. drs
    January 14, 09:47 Reply

    @bindu:: hey are u from andhra pradesh??? wat do u do??? studying???

    • bindu
      January 14, 10:01

      yeah,i am doing my graduation in commerce,

  5. Aine
    January 14, 09:27 Reply

    Ahana mujy sumj ne i?

  6. Aine
    January 14, 08:05 Reply

    Ahana ur fav colour?

    • Vishti
      January 14, 08:16

      M frm india. m stdying in 2nd year clg.

    • ahana
      January 14, 08:28

      i have alot of fav colour aine bt i mostly like pink,blue,red,black n white! wht abt urs?

    • Aine
      January 14, 08:50

      Ahana my fav colr is pink and white.

    • ahana
      January 14, 08:59

      @aine: can u tell me whats the best place in pakistan fr buying kameez?

  7. Vishti
    January 14, 07:58 Reply

    Hey aine, tel me about u. If u dont mind.

    • Aine
      January 14, 08:09

      Vishti my real name is aleen khan.and i live in pakistan.and u?

    • Aine
      January 14, 08:24

      Vishti m studing in 1st year.

  8. Aine
    January 14, 07:57 Reply

    Ahana ur country is also a muslim country na? Am i rite?

    • ahana
      January 14, 08:25

      yeah it is a muslim country!

  9. Vishti
    January 14, 07:52 Reply

    Hey guys, kya aap log mera cmnt pad sakthe ho? Bcoz ths ntwork irritating me.

    • ahana
      January 14, 07:53

      yeah i can read it!

    • Aine
      January 14, 07:52

      Am fine vishti and u?

  10. Aine
    January 14, 07:46 Reply

    Am 4rm pakistan ahana nd u?

    • ahana
      January 14, 07:46

      i am frm bangladesh.

  11. aps
    January 14, 07:31 Reply

    Bye aanya…n plz yar itni choti choti bt par sory mt bola kro…itna formal hone k jarurat ni hai..

  12. aps
    January 14, 07:28 Reply

    Thanx bol kr to tune rula dia yar…;-( n koi ni yeh jalim duniya kbhi talent k kadr ni krti hai….

  13. Aine
    January 14, 07:26 Reply

    Girl:Janu is week daily movie dhekhenge.
    Next week shopping per jayenge.
    Boy;next week mazar per.
    Girl:woh q?
    Boy:Bheek mangne.

    • ahana
      January 14, 07:29

      haha nice one aine! btw where r u frm?

    • aps
      January 14, 07:29


    • Vishti
      January 14, 07:32

      Hai aine. Hw r u

  14. Aanya
    January 14, 07:26 Reply

    Battery dead….aps meet u tonight…ok…bye

  15. Aanya
    January 14, 07:24 Reply

    O teri battery dead….kya yaar charging pe lgaane ja rhi hoon….srry aps…meet u 2night…pakka…

  16. aps
    January 14, 07:24 Reply

    Bye meri patakha…see u at nyt…

  17. aps
    January 14, 07:19 Reply

    Meri pyari dost aanya k khidmat mein…..sardar nurse se…beta ho to andar se bta dena paas aur beti ho to fail…thodi der mein nurse chillayi…tmko back aayi hai re exam dena padega knki sardar ko hijra hua tha

    • Aanya
      January 14, 07:21

      Hehehehe…..lolzz…damn funny

    • Aanya
      January 14, 07:23

      Thanx 4 so much respect yaar…
      Mere ghar pe mere jaise talent ki kadar hi nhi hai…

  18. Vishti
    January 14, 07:17 Reply

    @aps,sadhana: m fine. Hw was d day?

    • aps
      January 14, 07:22

      Thk tha din bhi yar..

  19. Ahana
    January 14, 07:15 Reply

    @Sadhana: today i got some of my results for my exams n everyone in class 8 almost failed in maths so my skul is takin a re-exam for maths! uff u knw how it feels to give exams! so i am now in alot of pressure!

  20. aps
    January 14, 07:14 Reply

    Me fyn vishti n aine…hw r u guys?

    • Aine
      January 14, 07:18

      Am fine aps.

  21. Aanya
    January 14, 07:14 Reply

    @aps….sahi hai….21st century mein planning is must….
    aaj itna sharma kyu rhi ho….apna talent nikalo…koi joke sunao..

  22. Sadhana
    January 14, 07:12 Reply

    Guys m leaving. Byeeeee. Take care. Meet u soon.

    • Aanya
      January 14, 07:15

      Bubyee…meet u 2night…

  23. aps
    January 14, 07:09 Reply

    Me fyn yar…wat abt u?

    • Aine
      January 14, 07:12

      Hey aps.hw r u?

  24. Aanya
    January 14, 07:08 Reply

    @aps…….ye lo ji abhi rajya dhundna hai….aur mantri ko pehle hi appoint kar liya…..ghor kalyug.

    • aps
      January 14, 07:11

      Rajya to hai yar bs usko apna banana hai…n smjha karo yar pehle se planning krni padti hai na.

  25. Sadhana
    January 14, 07:08 Reply

    @aanya,it’s nothing serious yaar,it’s a type a headache due to mucus in skull. Now m having my medicines nd it will b alright. No need to worry.
    @vishti,hai,how r u? M fine.

    • Aanya
      January 14, 07:11

      Ok…take care..

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