Kairi… Rishta Khatta Meetha 19th July 2012 Written Update

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Kairi… Rishta Khatta Meetha 19th July 2012 Written Update by gowrig1984

Episode starts with Sajini talking to imarti. She says that ambi and kusum were talking about some movies in which one shows how a mother in law keeps their daughter in laws under control. Imarti says she has seen thousands of movies like this and she needs no one to teach her as she knows more than anyone. Sajini replies that in todays movie they will show some new techniques that she even doesnt know and because of this ambi doesnt want imarti to see it. Imarti says that she is right and gives her 200 rupees for doing this work. Sajini is upset and asks imarti to send her out with Vedji. Imarti says her that she has to wait for that because waited fruit only will be sweet and aks her to look after the house in her absence. Ambi reaches her room anuj is updet saying that prakash bhaiya will never accept doing business with kusum bhabi’s father ambi convinces him and asks anuj to start soon so that he returns soon and helps her in her mission which she had told to him in ther terrace. Anuj asks her that with mother around how is she going to do things she says that she has plans for everything. Anuj asks how she has got so much confidence for which she replies that inorder to make family happy the strength comes from her heart. Imarti starts out and orders kusum and ambi about the night dinner kusum and ambi are happy and ambi says that lets start the preparation. When imarti goes down vimala chachi stops her and asks her where she is going as this is very bad world and if she eats something and faints somewhere she has to be responsible to it. Imarti says that she is going for a movie, why is she talking all ill thinks when she is leaving and vimala chachi says that why she is going to movie in this age, imarti replies that its her wish. Vimala chachi says that she will also come and she will get down in temple and do some bhajans. Imarti with great hesistance accepts. Ambi reaches sajini beauty parlour and says that she got 2 tickets for circus but she cant go now, kusum jiji is not interested to go and so why not she goes with vedji. Sajini first says yes but then remembers imarti words and says no. When ambi tries to tear the ticket as its of no use to anyone sajini says that she doesnt like to waste money she will make vedji understand and leave to circus. Ambi is happy
Part 2
Vedji is looking after the accounts of the pickels and pappads and says why are people now a days not buying much of these because of diet and how is he going to convince his mother. Sajini comes there and shows the ticket to vedji and he scolds her for buying lottery tickets and sajini says that these are not lottery but circus tickets. She knows that from childhood its his dream to go to circus, vedji also accepts but he says that imarti has asked him to finish all accounts it will take an hour for him to finish and they cant go. Sajini lies that imarti only got these tickets and asked them to leave. vedji immediately accepts and both get ready. Sajini asks him how she looks for which vedji replies that she is just looking like the girls in circus and the happiness of circus has started from home itself. Sajini scolds him for not knowing the latest fashion he carries the books so that he can finish accounts in the circus. Sajini scolds him and throws the bag and takes him away. Ambi calls anuj and says that everyone has left and ask him to come home fast. Anuj asks her how she did all these for which ambi says that she will update about that later and asks him to come home. Kusum and ambi are alone in the house and ambi starts to dance and hit at anuj
Part 3
Ambi says that since no one is there in the house she did all these and asks him when he came. Anuj replies that he came when he was dancing. Anuj says to kusum that prakash bhaiya will be back soon from office because anuj has asked his help for some official work. Ambi asks kusum jiji to get ready soon and asks anuj to come to terrace. He says he will change his clothes and come up. In the terrace ambi has done all the decorations and have kept lights and lamps. Anuj and ambi starts lighting them and anuj says that seeing all this it would be good that prakash bhaiya gets back his old love over kusum bhabhi and drop his plans of going to dubai once in for ever. Ambi says that today there will be 2 moons one in the sky and one is kusum jiji whose beauty will make prakash bhaiya love her. Ambi thanks him for supporting her in all her endevours. They both work and have some love moments together(adha ishq song in background). Anuj burns his fingers and ambi heels his wound. Once all decorations are over anuj is very very happy to see them and ssays this place was not so beautiful ever. Love makes things happen, it makes one flying in air, liking chocolates, candle light dinners etc just for love. Whatever others feels as crap the person in love will do that just for their love. He was also once experienced all those and was like that for love. He suddenly understands ambi is with him and ambi is upset hearing his words. Both stare at each other

Precap: Imarti sees sajini feeding icecream to vedji and goes to the icecream parlour. Sajini says that ambi is responsible and imarti gets doubt that ambi and kusum are upto something

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