Jhalak Dikhla Ja 6 1st September 2013 Written Update

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Jhalak Dikhla Ja 6 1st September 2013 Written Update by 3raser

Jhalak Dikhla Ja 6 1st September 2013 Written Episode

Recap of last night with Salman Khan entering and saying that he will take one person from here with him. Plus promoting Bigg Boss.
Continued from the recap. Salman teases KJo.

Shaan & Sneha
Preparation: Giving romance to waltz and is scared of the lifts that he never has done while Sneha does it effortlessly.
Dance form: Waltz
Song: Mere Rang Mein
Madhuri: Very balanced and sweet. Your real life personality was coming through and very gracefully done by Sneha. Hard to do a slow meter song but very well done. 8
Salman: Better dancer than a singer. Amazing and outstanding.
Remo: A good song and contemporary waltz. You added wow elements with lifts and leaps. Sweet simple act. 8
Karan: Act was just like you; clean, sweet, precise and very pretty. Though it was very simple but it was very nice. 8
Shaan talks about memories he has with the song and sings “You’re my love” while Salman lip-sings.
Total Marks: 24/30

Manish asks for KJo to confess and KJo says he doesn’t have anything. Salman says yes and teases him. Gives him a hug. Remo says sorry to his school friend Santosh. Madz confesses that her husband used to praise her food even though salt was more and she still does it sometimes just to feel his love.

Drashti & Salman
Preparation: We are doing rumba and its getting difficult because of the heels and because the act is really slow. Though I’m really excited for it.
Dance form: Rumba
Song: Yeh dil sun raha hai
Salman: This song is my favourite. Outstanding…a lot of chemistry and romance.
Karan: You created a very romantic vibe and song is beautiful. DD you do some moves beautifully but you lose balance sometimes. Overall a very pleasing performance. 9
Madhuri: DD you put so much feeling into the act that you forget the movements. Beautiful, heart touching romantic performance. 9
Remo: First time I saw DD’s flexibility. The chemistry that was needed was there but balance still needs to be improved. 9
Salman and DD say the famous dialogue from Dabangg.
Total Marks: 27/30

Shonali & Sumanth
Preparation: Doing Salsa this time around which shows their talent and capability.
Dance form: Salsa
Song: Maria Maria
Everyone gives a standing ovation.
Salman: I didn’t get what this was. I prayed to god that I get a bit of talent from you both. I feel bad for the contestants because 2 kids are coming and winning. You guys were fabulous.
Salman lifts Shonali and does a step. Gives them a gift.
Madhuri: Fabulous fantabulous. There is no need to say anything. Perfect. 10
Remo: I should stand and give my opinion. Your whole act was a complete wow element. I am very blessed to see this. This is it. It was a finale performance. 10
Karan: Everyone said everything. This shows standard has been raised thanks to you. Beyond brilliant outstanding everything. 10
Total Marks: 30/30
KJo asks Manish to sing Munni in bengoli and Kapil in Gujju.

Madz says that she wants to see DD in Bigg Boss because she is a great actress and very beautiful as well.

Lauren & Punit
Preparation: Doing Street Jazz which we are doing first time on JDJ but its difficult because we are doing MJ’s style. We are in more pressure because of Salman Khan and its dedicated to Remo.
Dance form: Street Jazz
Song: Love me love me
Remo: After a very long time someone did a MJ act. He has an iconic style and you guys grabbed it perfectly. The moon walk, tilt and opening was beautiful. Amazing choreography. 10
Madhuri: MJ is an iconic figure and you did justice to it. I was watching only Lauren today, had so much fun watching you. Brilliant Punit. 10
Karan: Punit outstandingly choreographed, and loved the way you mixed the songs and grabbed the beats. The style you put forward was great. 10
Salman: Punit you looked like MJ but Lauren performed like MJ. You were phenomenal…and you guys are brilliant.
Salman, Manish, Kapil and L&P do the moon walk. They bring in Remo to show them how it’s done.
Total Marks: 30/30

Mukti & Shushank
Preparation: I’m going to do Broadway Jazz and Shushank is trained in Ballet which is part of BJ and its hard to keep up with him.
Dance form: Broadway Jazz
Song: Kabhi tu chaliya lagta hai
Remo: Idea was very nice but it was only a nice try because you had to include Bollywood in it. I felt the steps were repeated and Mukti we know how good she is. Otherwise the idea was nice. 7
Madhuri: The performance was a feel good performance but Mukti is a great dancer and Shushank you need to use her to full potential. As an act it was nice but choreography energy was missing. 8
Karan: I found the act underwhelming due to the choreography even though Mukti performs energetically. You have to focus more to come to the final four. 8
Total Marks: 23/30

Judges come on stage and dance to ”Saajan’ title song along with Salman.
Manish does some question answer with Salman.
Salman says he is taking two people to Bigg Boss house. The two would be MANISH AND KAPIL for pakkaoing the audience and the judges. He takes the two away.
Judges are happy and they end the show. Next week top four will be chosen.

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