Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 3rd September 2012 Written Episode

Anjali is unconscious. Everyone goes to her room except Arnav. Arnav watches Anjali from outside of the room. Anjali opens her eyes and says that she is fine. She asks everyone not to take tension and asks why everyone is tensed. She then tells Khushi to tell everyone that she is fine. No one is saying anything. Anjali says, will anyone tell me what’s wrong? Manorama says, your child… Anjali says, nothing happened to my child.. doctors just saying anything.. there are many other doctors.. we will go to them. Anjali holds Nani’s hand and tells her not to cry… her raj kumari is absolutely fine. Anjali is excited and says she can’t wait for her raj kumari. Everyone else is sad and crying. Anjali then says that she still has so much left to do.. she has to make clothes for her raj kumari.

Anjali keeps saying nothing happened to her child. Finally Khushi speaks, and tells her to try and understand. Khushi says to her, your raj kumari won’t be back now. Anjali gets mad and asks her to stop her nonsense and says that doctor doesn’t know anything. Anjali then sees Arnav at the door and crying. Anjali tells Khushi to go to him and tell him nothing has happened with her child.

Anjali finally realizes and puts her hand on her stomach and is in a big big shock. She cries very loudly and says this can’t be done with me. Everyone hugs her and tries to calm her down. Arnav tries to go in but stops himself. He turns away and starts walking. Khushi comes to him and says that Anjali needs him right now.. he can’t go away like this. Arnav says, I can’t see Anjali like this. Khushi says but Anjali needs you the most. Arnav says but I don’t have strength to face her and he starts walking.

Doctor comes there and tells Arnav, we are sorry for what happened. We will have to keep her under observation tonight as she lost too much blood and she is in shock.

Nurse comes to Anjali’s room and tells everyone to go outside as Anjali needs rest. While leaving, Dadi tells Nani that there’s still time to call shyam back. Nani doesn’t say anything.

It’s late now so everyone leaves except Arnav, Khushi, and Dadi.

Arnav is sitting alone and Khushi comes there. Arnav says, I couldn’t protect her.. I couldn’t do anything… I am a bloody failure. He says, Shyam kept betraying her and I couldn’t do anything. And today Anjali is in this condition. Khushi says him not to blame himself. Arnav says, no this is the truth. That night I couldn’t do anything either when that incident happened with me and Di.

Flash back scene:
Arnav’s mother telling Arnav’s father, how could you do this? You didn’t think once about our marriage? our child? Arnav is listening all this. His mother continues, I have seen you with her with my own eyes. His father asks, with who? His mother says, you never loved me and leaves from there. And suddenly a bullet noise comes and Arnav screams, “maa”….

Back to present:
Arnav tells Khushi, he had an affair with someone else and when my mother found out about it, she couldn’t take it. After my mother committed suicide, dad blamed himself for it and committed suicide as well. Arnav says, all I know is that woman and my dad together killed my mother.

Break …

Arnav continues, I know that woman came to see him after he committed suicide but I never seen her face. Everything changed that night. Arnav says, I was kid but I still promised Di that I will take care of everything but I failed damn it. Di got married and with whom? That Shyam…whenever I see him.. he reminds me of my dad. He betrayed Di same way my dad betrayed my mother.

Arnav says, again all that is happening. I married to you thinking everything will be solved. But I couldn’t do anything. Di is crying today again.

Break 2..

Khushi goes closer to Arnav. Arnav says, when di gets happy I think everything is good now but I don’t know why everything just goes away. Maa.. husband .. and now her child. Khushi gives him a tight hug and tries to calm him down. Arnav is very sad and is crying.

Episode ends..


Precap: Shyam and Dadi are in Anjali’s room. Khushi and Arnav are outside of the room. Khushi tells Arnav that di needs you.. please go. On the other side, Shyam says to Dadi that he will go and talk with doctor. He opens the door and Arnav & Shyam see each other. Arnav gets angry and holds collar..


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  1. shaheen
    February 01, 22:13 Reply

    I love arshi acting they both together fabulous plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss come back ipknd.

  2. nithya lakshmi
    December 06, 07:44 Reply

    arnav&khushi my heart beat.ilove u sooooooooooooooooooooooo well as ilove your acting.plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue the serial in well as put in tamil in vijay tv.

  3. janaki
    December 06, 07:37 Reply

    i iove arnav&khushi very much.when will you put this serial in tamil.i love them so much

  4. shikha
    September 04, 22:32 Reply

    don’t wanna see arnav and khushi separate again they have suffered a lot and now when they got their happiness snake shyam has ruined it.

  5. Arshi faaan
    September 04, 07:55 Reply

    Today’s epi was so emotional,it makes tears in my eyes…..
    Anjali acting was so real and suporb…..
    Waiting for arshi wedding…
    Luv u Arshi:-)

  6. srs
    September 04, 05:11 Reply

    IPKKND team Rocks

  7. srs
    September 04, 05:09 Reply

    Anjali acting also awesome

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