Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd August 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 2nd August 2012 Written Episode

Episode starts with Aakash coming back from Mumbai. Payal tries to pick his bag up but Aakash says it’s okay, I will do it. NK is telling Aakash that you came back on time of Rakhi and then he says now only Arnav is missing. At the same time Arnav comes with Khushi and NK says here’s an evil comes.

Manorama asks Khushi why you came so fast? I told you there is no need to rush. Khushi says Buaji is fine now. Payal asks for real? Nani says they met Buaji yesterday in hospital and she’s fine.

NK stops everyone and says let’s focus now. He says this is the first time he is going to celebrate Rakshabandhan. He says they should something super cool for Anjali. And he says he has thought of something but Arnav says he has already decided what to do and Arnav leaves from there. Khushi asks Nani where’s Anjali. Nani says she’s resting in her room. Everyone leaves now. NK says finally I got it, it’s Rakesh Bandhan and says India is great.. anything happens here.

Khushi now comes to Anjali’s room. She gives her a dhaga (rakhi) which has blessings of Devi ma to protect her child. Khushi says she will tie.. but Anjali says she will do herself. Khushi then sees Rakhis in Anjali’s hand and she says she wishes she also had a brother. Khushi then tells Anjali that she hopes her brothers also did something special for her. Anjali says she doesn’t want anything special, she only wants them to spend some time with her, especially Arnav.

Khushi now comes to her room and she’s putting clothes away. She sees a kurta which Anjali gave to Arnav and she remembers how Arnav said he doesn’t wear all this. All brothers are in a room, Khushi comes there and tells everyone to go and get ready. Arnav and Aakash leave but she stops NK and says she has a brilliant idea to make Anjali happy. She then tells him what is it so NK can go to Arnav and tell him as he wouldn’t listen to Khushi.

NK goes to Arnav and says he has a brilliant idea and Anjali will get very happy from it. Arnav asks really? He says really.

NK comes to Khushi and signals her it worked. Everyone is in living room and everyone thumbs up to everyone, saying idea worked.

It’s dark now. Anjali is coming down with Nani. She asks where is everyone and asks her what are you hiding from me? Nani says nothing and as soon as they come downstairs, lights turn on. Anajli sees a decorated area, a mandir, and gets happy. Khushi comes out and she is a saaree. Manorama shows her something and says Rakhi surprise part 2.

Aakash and NK comes out in a kurta. Anajli sees them and smiles. NK wishes Anajli a happy Rakesh bandhan. Aakash wishes her happy raksha bandhan. Anajli says today her brothers are looking dashing. She says this mandir also looks so cool and says she can’t believe it. Manorama says bigger surprise is still left. read full updates with pictures only at . NK tells her see the surprise. and Arnav comes out in a white grayish kurta. She gets shocked and everyone is smiling. Anjali can’t believe it. Khushi tells Payal see how happy Anjali is. Anjali asks Arnav.. is this really you? Arnav says not sure and then gives her a hug. He says you gave me gift (kurta) and I gave surprise to you. Anjali then strikes that she gave him this kurta years ago. Arnav asks do I look that bad that you’re crying? Anjali says she is thinking if mum was here then.. Arnav says you’re there na.. that’s enough for me. Arnav asks why everyone is looking at him.. his bros also wore kurta. Anajli says Arnav is looking most handsome. NK says this is not fair, look at me. Arnav asks her to tie Rakhi fast as he is not feeling comfortable. Anjali asks whose idea was it to wear Kurta. Before he says anything, Khushi quickly says NK’s.

Everyone is doing aarti (prayer) now. Anjali then does Aarti of all her brothers and tie them a rakhi. NK turns on his camera. While she’s tying Rakhi to Aranv, in background in song it says “I see a mother in you”. NK takes a photo and Anjali says she will keep this photo with her forever and says she still can’t believe he wore a kurta. She asks how you wore this kurta. Arnav says just like that. NK takes family photo then.

Anjali is on the side and she gets a call but she doesn’t pick it up.

Arnav is in his room, waiting for some packages. Servant comes there with packages. Servant asks why don’t you change clothes. Arnav says you do your work. Arnav then tells him to send Khushi. Servant goes to Khushi. Khushi tells him she will go after giving something to Anajli.

Khushi goes inside Anjali’s room and she doesn’t see her. Khushi searches but can’t find. She then calls Anjali but her phone is in her room. She wonders where is Anjali and episode ends.

Precap: Khushi is outside and talking with herself and says Anjali just did pooja so she wouldn’t go to temple either. She then decides to tell Arnav but she forgot her phone. She then sees Anjali beside a tree, talking with someone but Khushi can’t see the other person.


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  1. rehaan
    August 03, 09:48 Reply

    khushi looks beautiful in saaree and arnav lukin cool in white dress

    • Replyin
      August 03, 13:03

      ITS not a dress…

  2. arshi fan
    August 03, 08:33 Reply

    asr was looking toooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my goodness wish at that time i hug him tightly the episode was fadu great and khushi the plan was urs so dont hide it becoz by this asr will be coming more and more closer to u

  3. I hate iss pyaar......\
    August 03, 08:14 Reply

    nonsense drama it is. i wish it will end soon. arnav is so ugly but khushi i like u. bekaar drama!

    • Arnav Khushi fan
      August 03, 08:17

      just shut up… arnav is the most handsome actor in the world… khushi is too good.. who has said u to see this wonderful drama . don’t see it and take your nonsense comments with you. i love iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ?

    • katheeja
      August 03, 08:33

      u stupid how dare to say that arnav is ugly

  4. arshi fan
    August 03, 03:10 Reply

    dhi ur smile ah no one can beat u
    dhi u r soooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Maira
    August 03, 02:33 Reply

    Yesterday episode like WoW i luv diz arnav what i say i have not word to say about arnav so pretty cutty in shervani i luv u so much .

  6. Ayesha khan
    August 03, 01:58 Reply

    Yesterday episod was very funny nd arnav look sooooo handsam for kurta pejama nd khushi look beautiful for saree i luv ipkknd

  7. Khushi
    August 03, 01:35 Reply

    Cant Wait 4 2morrow’s Episode

  8. Nandana
    August 03, 00:12 Reply

    i did’nt saw yestarday episod so sad 🙁

  9. seema
    August 02, 18:14 Reply

    hey todays episode was really mast i liked it and arnav….cutyyyyyyyyyyyy.:-)

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