Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th September 2012 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th September 2012 Written Update by Illyria

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 13th September 2012 Written Episode


Arnav apologises for what he said, Khushi apologises as well for what she did. Arnav thanks her as Anjali is happy now. They have a eye locking Rabba Ve session. Khushi then leans in and kisses Arnav on the cheek, he smiles upon this.


Khushi goes to kiss the other cheek but Madhumati calls her, she goes to leave and Arnav hold her and she asks what he is doing and to let her go, he states if he lets go once he wont hold on again, Khushi says that she doesn’t like jokes like this, he hugs her and apologises and they have an emotional hug, Madhumati calls again whether she wants to go home. Arnav informs if they should go downstairs.


Shyam is feeding Anjali, she states that she is very happy, Shyam agrees agrees and he says that Arnav is made for Khushi, everyone is happy and especially Arnav. He continues that he is happy that he will be present at their wedding. Dadi comes and tells Anjali to rest. Dadi wants to speak to Shyam


Nani tells Madhumati that they want the haldi to be different, as Khushi leaves Arnav calls her and thanks her for bringing his sister back to him, he continues Shyam is back and he doesn’t trust him, Khushi hold his cheek and states she knows. Arnav promises Khushi and she finishes the sentence, as she is leaving she mutters that he can speak his heart in hindi and calls him Laad Govener, Arnav hears this and smiles.


He smiles and walks up the stairs and sees Shyam knocking on Dadi’s door and Dadi lets him in. Shyam wants to know what Dadi wants to speak about. Dadi speaks about what Shyam told her and she doesn’t like Khushi. Arnav is near the door. Dadi stating they must do something to fix this mistake. Dadi asks for Shyam’s help and Arnav is listening and is confused, Shyam then notices that Arnav is nearby, he changes his sentences stating that they cant do anything and they will fix everything and not do anything wrong, Arnav hears this and leaves. Shyam then states Arnav and Shyam goes to close the door and comes back. Shyam states he understands and they will both make a plan.


Khushi looking at her mehendi that its not dark and Arnav states he loves her. She shows Madhumati her mehendi and Madhumati states its dark, Khushi shows Garima and she states its pheeks but looking at Madhymati changes her words. Khushi is angry and leaves


Arnav wakes up and notices his ring is missing and is searching for it. Anjali comes in with Mamiand NK, NK asks what is wrong, he says Khushi’s name and states nothing,


Anjali finds the ring and asks if that is what she is looking for. He thanks her. Akash and Payal inform to get ready, Arnav asks if Khushi is here. NK jokes that he is missing Khushi, Anjali informs they will have the haldi at Khushi’s house. Anjali informs that Gupta family should not know the Haldi will be at their house.


Garima asks if KHushi is ready and she comes in wearing a white sari Bengali style and looking beautiful. Madhumati is shocked to see people coming into the house and wonders what is happening and then notice the Raizada family. Madhumati asks them how they are here. Nani states to have the haldi together at their house. Shyam comes in and there is a awkward moment. Mami asks about being attended to and Madhumati gives reply in Mami’s style.


Khushi is looking at the door and NK comes and states that Arnav hasn’t come, Khushi asks why, he continues that he doesn’t like Haldi and told NK to come in his place. Khushi asks if that’s the case then what is the point in coming to the wedding, and tells NK to tell Arnav she will marry Salman Khan, Arnav states ‘excuse me’


Arnav states what she said, Khushi reiterates she has Salman Khan, Khushi goes muttering, Anrav states what girl Khushi is, Madhumati enquires about Dadi and Nani informs she has gone to Mandir.


Khushi in her room getting boxes and Arnav comes to help but she doesn’t want it. Arnav grabs her, he states that his nose is red, Khushi states he doesn’t love Khushi


She continues that she has proof and states if he indeed loved her her mehendi would be dark, Arnav grabes her and states to never state it again and his love doesn’t need proof. Khushi states she didn’t mean that, he asks what she meant and Khushi apologises, they have another rabba ve moment, Arnav takes Khushi’s hand and.

PRECAP – Garima is looking in a box and looking emotional, Shyam notices this, Garima sees Shyam and hides the box and is startled, when Garima leaves he wonders what is in the box and why Garima doesn’t come in front of Dadi and he needs to find out the cause..


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  1. Arya fan
    September 14, 10:03 Reply

    “mere pyaar ke liye koyi sabud ki jarorat nahi hai”woww!!! How sweet,arnav! After a long tym i lv the epi very much.luv arshi moment so much.arshi rocz!B-)

  2. sony
    September 14, 08:51 Reply

    awesome serial.i am getting very interested in this show.please give like this episodes everyday

  3. imesha
    September 14, 06:33 Reply

    wow wow woooooooooooooooow!what an romantic the epi a lot.

  4. superslim
    September 14, 06:30 Reply

    oh god what an episode
    god they feel a good romatic moments
    is this khushi’s first kiss na???
    this ipkknd is making me to think alot i dont even concentrate in my studies
    arshi u just rock the show..

  5. Krishalini
    September 14, 03:52 Reply

    Im so happy to se lotsa tamil people here. . hey yaar yaar tamil inga? let me join you. .

    • Nushy
      September 14, 08:39

      Y not I knw Tamil vry well…bt realy sry I don’t know Hindi…….

    • jeevi
      September 14, 10:21

      hey i too a tamil people.

  6. savitha
    September 14, 03:45 Reply

    wowwwww awesome epi!!! arnav n khushi looking very cute…love so much arshi….

  7. AJ
    September 14, 00:11 Reply

    What an amazing episode! <3 For the 1st time of IPKKND I want shaym to reveil the truth so u know like all the misunderstandings are cleared up. Kushi u look beautiful in red and white sari red is like my favorite color but with white u know i thought the colors don't mix well but seeing ur sari u changed my mind all of what ur wearing looks so stylish like ur earrings re so gorgeous 🙂 and yeah i agree with Arnav u don't need to prove ur love thats stupid like just cuz her mehndi color didn't come dark doesn't mean arnav doesn't love u 😛 i love ur expressions Barun u really have out done ur self from the start of this show till the end as for Sanaya i've always loved ur acting is so wonderful and so unique:) I love the romance between them awwwwwww what a cute couple ARSHI <3 u guys beet every couple thats on star plus like real deal for me ur in the top:) raba ve's very 1st song played i loved it <3 it reminds me of the time when we all wanted Arshi to confess their love and look at them now they can't stay away from each other bless u both for such an awesome chemistry :)<3 Nk there has to be some girl for u like really ur so nice and generous plus caring i love ur comedy in this show i hope that the confession comes after the marriage not before please no more sad stuff:)

    Terrific job to the entire cast and crew members of IPKKND<3:)

  8. Ammu
    September 13, 22:52 Reply

    wish shyam doesn’t guess garima s past

  9. Yay
    September 13, 13:52 Reply

    Awesome epi n scenes nowadays..
    Bt m gonna say ths jst once i want to c them tackle probs together… Cause there i care abt u so mch n cant c u in pain romance is super hot…. Sec … Sanaya u look fab!!!!! N u too barun…
    Shyam.. Awesome acting!!!!!!!

  10. rudhra
    September 13, 13:51 Reply

    moderterji 2day episode was aasum…ur thngng s vry superb…i one requst pls dnt break kushi-arnav marriage…bcz its not nice…

  11. Fan in USA!
    September 13, 13:50 Reply

    Im super late so worried for these two! Khushi looked GORGEOUS and Arnav his Dashing Handsome self as usual. Somehow i fear something isnt right and very worried. I really hope they do end up together in the end or else this would be even more heart breaking!

    I see there is another fan from usa but mines always carry an ! at the end! Abha and Fan in Malaysia..

    • Fan From Malaysia
      September 13, 21:13

      Waiting 4 u for long time… I was very happy with today’s episode…

  12. rudhr
    September 13, 13:49 Reply

    moderterji 2day episode was aasum…ur thngng s vry superb…i one requst pls dnt break kushi-arnav marriage…bcz its not nice…pls translate ths serial in tamil and telecast to the starvijay,u do ths thn u popular to the all over india…pls pls pls

    • ppd
      September 14, 04:26

      tamil la translation romba kevalama pannuvanga!! Hindi serial ko hindi mein dhekhiye bhai!

  13. Priya
    September 13, 13:33 Reply

    I enjoyed episode very much… Plz isi tarah continue rehna… and happy to iss pyar ko kya naam doon on first again..

  14. Anonymous
    September 13, 13:10 Reply

    I am going to hold on my expectation, coz after diwali kiss he proposed to lavanya, payal´s mehendi kiss contract marriage started, buaji´s house kiss dadi entered then after thier own mehndi kiss anjali typhoon came. So going to park with hand brake till I see in the action.

    So don´t think too much about Maha Episode, coz they will freeze with Garima and Dadi.

    • anusha
      September 13, 13:21

      sangeeth function in maha episode…. may be after reveal the garima/dadi past

    • Anonymous
      September 13, 13:57

      Hope there will be Teri Meri moment in Sangeeth.

  15. dj
    September 13, 12:54 Reply

    omg kya episode hai.directorji aisa scene to roj dikhaye hum be dakte hai ki aap ka trp kyu nahi badaga

  16. saya
    September 13, 12:48 Reply

    I think we should not watch maha episod, because i think its going to be end of arnav-khushi’s love story. Shayam is going to bring garima to the front of dadi and that’s it. Dadi will do what ever she wanted from the bigining.

    • ASR... love u!!!
      September 13, 13:02

      i agreew wid ur nt nt watchin part… it might be a big heartbreaker… den dis dadai will run nd tell hamare nannav ji abt garima nd he’ll get angry, call of d wedding… noo…. its painful juz imaginatin wonder how painful it will be if it turns out as d truth… :'(

    • anusha
      September 13, 13:07

      no yar don’t think like this…and i think sangeeth function is there…sooooooo don’t worry

  17. anusha
    September 13, 12:36 Reply

    wowwwwwwwwww what an episode guys simply superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb na….thank u thank u thnk u sooooooooo much cv’s..continue..this type of episodes

  18. Saiyana sabriha
    September 13, 12:35 Reply

    Directorji… Agar arnav aur khushi ka kuch hua na……. To dekhna tera kya halad hoti hai. Todays epi ws fabulous. I love arshi romance.

  19. Fan From Malaysia
    September 13, 12:25 Reply

    Abha, u teach me hindi n i’ll teach u tamil…
    pidichiruku means like … romba pidichiruku means like a lot… dont worry …

    i’m a tamil n english teac by profession…

    • mina
      September 14, 09:38

      erhm nadathunga mal. online tamil course huh? carry on.

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