JUNOON : It's Not Human Love (Episode 14)

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    JUNOON ➡ Its Not Human Love 😛

    Episode ➡ 14

    Part ➡ 1

    Episode starts….. Mythili is at a lonely place its Evening time (Dawnn) ? she is scared … she tries to find a way to go out from there but She could not find any way to go …. She thinks/feels… I have already came here before ….She touches one big tree 😯 (ABHAY-MAYA name there) & notices her name MYTHILI 😯 with ABHAY And suddenly it changes….to ABHAY-MAYA 😯
    She is shocked seeing that change 😯 it is changing cont 😳 … she touches her name with fear .. its changing MYTHILI.. MAYA..MYTHILI..MAYA..She is fully confused 🙄 Then she touches ABHAY’s name & thinks.. who’s name is this? ? ? Suddenly wind starts to blow fastly 😯 … & also bats are flying high with a big sound… Mythili feels scared & closes her eyes
    she feels silence & opens her eyes
    slowly. . . . & starts to walk… Then she realizes that someone is following her & she turns suddenly & sees someone is standing 😯 . She asks him
    who are you? ? ? why are you following me? ? ? ? which place is this? ? ?
    He keeps Silent 😐
    She comes near to him & shocked to see his face .. She says… RISHABH…Tum yahan? ? ? 😯
    He replies.. I am not RISHABH 😯 .. I am your ABHAY. She asks… ABHAY??? don’t tell lie.. I know you very well
    ohh just wait.. it means.. its your film role ri8 😉 she feels irritated 👿 & walks from there.. Abhay follows her 😳 … she turns & asks why are you following me? ? ? 👿 just go from here I dnt want to see your face & she walks fastly 😳

    …suddenly HHs 👿 come there & abt to attack her with a special knife 😯 ..Abhay notices them & shouts MAYAAAAAAAAA bend downnnnn! She hears his voice & bends down unknowingly! That knife collide with a tree 😯 & Some power flashes. One big tree is abt to fall on her! Abhay runs & holds that tree to save her! ! ! ? Mythili shocks 😯 seeing his adventure 😯
    (Hh are more in no’s 👿 ) Both run 😯 fastly… one hh is abt to attack Abhay..
    ri8 then Mythili splashes power to that hh & hh falls very far …. Mythili looks at her hand & gets confused ! how I did this? ? ? 😡
    Abhay tells her to runs fast.. he holds her hand & both run ………. Mythili feels something like he is not Rishabh 😯 …
    They both enter a cave & feel relax … she asks who are you? ? ? why are you following me? ? ? Abhay keeps silent & goes out from there
    (another way) ! she follows him & asks same Questions to him again & again… He tells I am your Abhayyyyy ! ! ! 😳 she tells say something different.. you r saying this only from starting.. But I want to hear the truth…
    … she gets angry 👿 & abt to go out from cave… Ri8 then Abhay stops her 😯 & tells don’t go from here! They are very dangerous! They will kill you 😯 ..& i dont want to loose u again, he drags her inside of the cave.. She gets more irritated ? with his behaviour & tells him leave me 😳 ……. She again tries to go.. he stops her again…

    one hh comes there anyway & tells them you guys cant go anywhere from us.. ( That hh holds Mythili & tortures her! 👿 )
    this time we won’t leave her at any cost! Hh calls her as MAYA 😯 & says your destination has came near to you & laughs… ? Abahy gets angry & attacks him! That hh gets scared & hides himself… :
    Mythili is hurt & screams … Abhay runs near to her and holds her hand & he cures her wounds! She is
    surpsized and asks how you did this to me? ? ? then what is this all? ? ? why he is trying to kill me??? & how you knew this before itself? ? ? why r you saving me from him? ? ? who is that person? ? ? what he said? And why he calls me as MAYA? & also u? ? tell me… tell me now… who are you? ? ? ? Abhay puts his finger on her lips & says I AM YOUR ABHAYYYYYYYY… Abhayyy… why aren’t you understanding this? ? ? he holds her hand & says feel me from your full heart ………… ?
    He puts his hand on her head & she recalls everything (like a fast forward ? ) …she steps back & cries 😥 she tells I can’t believe this… is this all true? Abhay tells her… just hug me once… you will know everything! ! ! she is skeptical.. he asks again… just look at my eyes… she does… She comes near to him & hugs him, she cries like a child & hugs him tightly… 🙂
    Abhay also cries… black blood frm his eyes rolls to his cheeks 😯 (Mythili gets shocked for a while) she tries to wipe it & Abhay holds her hand in midway & signlas no… she tells yes… wipes his tears.. & says you are my Abhay .. only my ABHAY.. He tells.. Haan I am your Abhay but now u r nt mine. She asks what? Matlab? He tells now your destiny is connected only with RISHABH ! ! ! 😳
    so…. 🙁 She asks so? What.. I cant live without you ABHAY… I want you… He refuses & tells her to go to Rishabh… 😐
    She asks thats why you saved me from them? He replies u r my responsibility.. She begs him to accept her… He refuses & tells her to go… its your destiny & its our fate! you left me alone !
    He cries 😥 ..She asks what I did? He tells only You did this… Maya
    He looks outside & tells her to go from here 😯 …
    Mythili cries 😥 & turns to go.. but she turns again,runs to Abhay & hugs him. Abhay is about to hug her ,but notices a hh in mask… behind Mythili.. he pushes Mythili to another side & attack on hh. 👿 Hh removes his mask its siddharth… 😯 Abhay bites him & hit with a silver chain… sid says u would not get her 👿 … & faints. Abhay look towards Mythili & shocked. Rishabh is holding Mythili in his arm… 😳 Abhay shouts …MayaAaaaa….. 😳 …
    b.g music starts bhula dena mujhe… 😥

    Scenes in parallel…
    1st scene… Book falls from Mythili’s hand 😯 ..Mythili feels that someone is calling her & totally restless ..she looks around & says yahan to koi v nahi then but i heard someone’s cry 😥 …. her eyes r moist.. 😥 she wipes her tears 😯 & thinks i was crying ? but,why ?? aisa kyun lag raha hai ki mera koi apna bahut dard me hain aur mujhe bula raha hai…again , tear sheds out from her eyes 😥 😥 . ..
    song continues ..
    Bhula dena mujhe, hai alvida tujhe……Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Safar yeh hai tera, yeh raasta tera
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Ho teri saari shoharateinHai yeh duaa…
    Tujhi pe saari rehmatein…
    Hai yeh duaa… Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Bhula dena mujhe, hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina 😥
    Tu hi hai kinaara tera..Tu hi to sahara tera…Tu hi hai tarana kal ka
    Tu hi to fasana kal ka..Khud pe yakeen tu karna…Banna tu apna khuda…
    Tu hi hai kinaara tera..Tu hi to sahara tera…Tu hi hai tarana kal ka
    Tu hi to fasana kal ka…Khud pe yakeen tu karna…Banna tu apna khuda…
    Fiza ki shaam hoon main…Tu hai nayi subah…Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Khilengi jahaan bahaarein sabhi
    Mujhe tu wahaan… paayega
    Rahengi jahaan hamaari wafaa
    Mujhe tu wahaan… paayega
    Miloonga main iss tarah vaada raha
    Rahoonga sang main sada vaada raha
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina ?
    Bhula dena mujhe, hai alvida tujhe
    Tujhe jeena hai mere bina
    Tujhe jeena hai haan mere bina… 🙁

    Mythili-Abhay picture shown in one frame……


    Part ➡ 2

    2nd scene… Chand’s bunglow…
    Chand finds that Abhay is shouting Maya’s name. 😯 He wakeup Abhay & says its not good sign …when vampire dream then it means something will happen. Abhay says no… 🙁 chand says then tell her truth.. Abhay nods 😳 & leaves …

    scene shifts RR’s van…
    He is restless & pacing from here to there 😯 … he looks at his mobile & take it..he sees Mythili’s no. & dials her no.,but recalls their last phone covo. 😳 & cut the call… he thinks what i was going to do ?? main us Mythili ko call karne jaa raha tha ,par kyun ?? 👿
    right then c.g comes & asks chief aap thik ho na …RR looks at him & says haan..main to bilkul kamal hun. 😳 . u tell talked with prod. ?? c.g ji chief ..i have already talked to prod. & told him to change the heroine . RR signs him to go..but cg still stands there ..RR glares at him & asks anything else c.g ?? u want to tell something else ?? c.g says chief that girl is also here.. 😐
    RR : kaun ladki ..??
    c.g : Mythili … ?
    RR asks what is she doing here, alone ?? 🙄
    c.g : chief she is not alone ,but came with her classmates & teachers on a trip they r staying near the lake side.. 🙂
    RR says but why r you saying all this to me cg… 🙄
    c.g : i thought to tell u… 😛
    RR signs him to go.. c.g goes from there …

    Next scene…
    ..Mythili is in her tent & recalls all the past incidents .. she comes back to her sense & herself talk ,nowadays what is happening to me ?? again i was lost somewhere .. i forgot ,what i was going to do ?? she pats on her head & says arrey..i was going to read the book ..then she again thinks book ?? .. book kahan gaya ?? she looks around & finds that book is on the ground 😯 ..she takes the book …. She starts reading, turned pages & spots his name.. A.B.H.A.Y.. 😯 (camera shows Abhay’s face..then Mythili’s face calling her name… ) unknowingly a sweet smile comes on her face …& 🙂
    She starts to read the chapter frm starting …– ..

    ABHAY a lunatic & bloody vampire 👿 , has joined human hunters. Hh has became more powerful now 👿 . Human race is in danger,because Abhay has healing power & he can give it to
    others also, other vampire doesnt
    have this power ? ..but a girl changed the whole scenario”…
    ( Mythili gets flashback of her last birth but not clear images )

    Scenes in flash back …” Samrat tells
    Abhay to kill the monk who is trying
    to find way for killing hhs 👿 … Abhay says I kill human only when I need blood… Not for fun…. & not interested in killing of old age man…
    Samrat says but this time u have to
    do this for us… Abhay says u can ask
    another hh for this.. samrat says
    okkk if u don’t want to do this, ..fine.. but u can help us. 😉
    Abhay agree & leaves….

    At night… Siddharth & Abhay
    enter a hut 😯 & find Neelambar….
    Neelambar who was mediating, opens
    his eyes & says I have find a way to kill vampires..Now u can’t harm any human. Sid tries to attack neelambar but Neelambar hits him with silver chains & sid screams Abhayyy attack him.. Abhay pushes Neelambar away frm sid. Sid in pain asks Abhay to heal his wound &
    Abhay does the same… Neelambar attacks Abhay from behind but his wound heals fastly.. Neelambar is in shock. 😯 😯 Jst then sid is abt to bite him but a girl
    saves him.. sid asks Abhay to attack
    that girl but he refuses saying I
    already tell samrat that I kill human
    but for my thirst not for fun.. 👿 Sid fumes… & both leaves…

    That girl asks Neelambar r u okk. He
    says yes.. & smile. That girls says y r u smiling ❓ ? ..
    He says I have found another threat for hh. She asks what???. 🙄 He says “duniya use khoon ka pyasa smajhti h but aaj maine usme ek aisi baat dekhi jise vo khud nhi maan rha pr vo use puri tarah badal degi”
    she asks kise…
    He says Abhay has sm humanity left
    & u will change him M.A.Y.A..

    ….. samrat asks Abhay y didn’t u
    attack that girl. Abhay says i don’t
    think m bound to answer u.. Abhay
    leaves & sid enters (they glare at each other in midway)
    sid says to samrat he will ditch us one day for sure… 👿

    Another day…
    … Maya is practicing (for fight) &
    feels smone is watching her. She
    looks around but found noone… she
    again concentrates on her practice
    but this time a grp of hh attack her
    (sid with sm hh)….
    Abhay is at a dark place… feeling restless & thinks they r innocent, we r in fault. We kill human & they r just trying to save themselves/human.

    …. Maya is fighting very well but hh
    r more in numbers, sid is shocked &
    thinks she is nt a normal girl. While
    she is fighting with another hh,
    sid hits her on head frm back side.
    she turns back & kick sid far away…
    but faints. 🙁

    ….Maya opens her eye & finds herself in a cave. she standsup & tries to go but stops hearing smone’s voice. He says its night & hh r powerful at night. So better stay here. She turns & see Abhay… 😳
    Maya says u r also one of them. 👿 👿 . Then y saved me? Abhay says I only do what I like 😉 & I think I like u too 😉 ..

    …in this way the love story started
    between them & one day come when
    Maya calls Abhay to meet her….
    Maya says I m human but with
    special powers & u r … u r a vampire… Abhay says u have changed me, now I can control my thirst, but I can’t control my love … I need u .. Maya says u have to leave hh’s grp 😯 ..
    Abhay says I already left them.
    Maya says main tumhe shuru se
    chahti thi but ab main guruji ko v
    bta sakti hun… u have changed now …
    I Love U… A.b.h.a.y… 🙂

    Camera shows Mythili’s smiling face ?


    Part ➡ 3

    Mythili is smiling unknowingly 😳 & steps out of the tent with book totally lost ? (she is remembering her past… & in Maya’s char) suddenly she collides with a tree 😯 & her expression changes she looks around & gets shocked 😯 (she is standing at a lonely dark place, wind is blowing very fastly & creating sounds, big trees are looking like bhoot 👿 & creating more fear in that atmosphere ) ..she becomes panic & looks around with big eyes & says how i came here ?? (main to apne tent me thi )i was in my tent .. ye.. kaun si jagah hai?? (which place is this ?) she is totally puzzled … she starts pacing from here to there in search of anyone & shouts 😳 bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … but no reply … again she calls Ani…………… but no reply… only her voice is echoing in that lonely place. 😯 .
    she gets more panic & afraid . she goes & stands in the middle of that place ( where she was standing) she looks around with her fearful eyes.
    She collapses on the ground & breaks down 😥 .. she again calls koi hai ?? plz,help me… she started to cry 😥 😥

    scene shifts to Rishabh’s van..
    he is continuously looking at his mobile 😳 .. he thinks to call Mythili ,but ,again says no… it’s not right ..what will she think about me ?? he thinks why i’m taking so much interest in that girl ?? i hate her ? & she too 😳 … then what is this ?? why i felt happy when chimpug told me that she is here ?? 😡 he again says no..it’s just like that ..only curiousity 😉 … he takes his mobile & wear his sunglasses ? steps out of the van …

    scene shifts to jungle area….

    two scenes in parallel …… Rishabh is stepping in jungle area 😯 & very near to the lake side.. Abhay is also coming with wind speed in the jungle 😯 ..RR sees some tents there.. he stops few steps back before the tents 😯 ..( he removes his glasses ) & says so ” Mythili & gang yahan ruke hue hain ” 😉 not bad 😳 . Abhay is also reached there & says today i will tell u everything Mythili …
    RR (with a cute smirk 😉 ) & Abhay (with little-bit smile ) faces r shown in parallel…
    camera focuses on Rishabh’s face then Abhay’s face 😳 ..both start to step towards the tent … Abhay is about to enter in tent but he feels smone’s presence 😯 & steps back.. hide himself. Rishabh reaches there but then hear some noise 😯 & hides behind a tent 😯 , Abhay too behind the other tent…
    Rishabh sees that shivika r asking for Mythili from everyone… all student including teacher & staff is assembled there ..teacher asks the matter & shiva says sir Mythili is missing… teacher is shocked & says missing?? what non-sense … go & see .. she must be in her tent.. Shiva shouts no ..sir..vo vahan nahi 🙁
    hai..infact vo kahin bhi nahi hai …shiva gets more n more panic ? ..Ani looks at him with worried expression
    🙁 & try to calm down him.. teacher tells him..don’t panic shiva ..no need to be afraid… & asks the students if they saw her ?? all reply no… teacher again asks Shiva to call her. Ani says her mobile is here ,

    Rishabh is hearing all this & gets tensed & panic & says Mythili missing hai ?? par kahan ja sakti hai vo ?? 😯
    teacher asks everyone to search her once again in each tent…..shiva shouts i’m telling na she is not here, … why are u all wasting time in searching here 👿 … Ani says shiva plz. calm down ..listen we’ll find her .. everyone say haan shiva don’t worry hum use dhoondh lenge… 🙂
    Abhay gets worried ? & thinks if she is not here then where is she ?? it’s a jungle area ..& she is unknown to this place… if hhs 👿 & sid find her then… they can harm her 😯 … he gets flashback of his dreams.. 😯 🙁

    camera shows trio pics in a frame… Rishabh (fully tensed mood ) on 1 end of the tent hearing students convo 😯 ../Mythili is crying in the jungle.. ? /Abhay on the other side of the tent…(worried) 😐


    Part ➡ 4

    Mythili is still crying 😥 …she looks at book 😯 & takes it. She looks for her mobile but didn’t find. suddenly she sees some shadow 😯 & looks on with hope, buttt… her expression changes… she notices that she is surrounded by many wolves 😯 .. she gets afraid & steps back … they starts to create weird sounds & are coming close to her .. Mythili is completely shocked… she says so many wolves … now what to do ?? she shouts helpppppppppppppp……plz……..help………… she tries to run but wolves r increasing more n more.. they surround her fully… & making weird & haunted sounds …on the other hand… Rishabh ,Abhay, shivika with other students r searching her in jungle area…
    Abhay hears her voice & closes his eyes..he see that Mythili is surrounded by wolves.. he opens his eyes & says no..it can’t be possible.. how can wolves reached to her & trying to attack her?? ? It means they r nt simple animals, either werewolves or hypnotized by hh… Mythili ko meri jarurat hai.. i have to be there… i m coming Mythili … suddenly chand’s convo comes in his mind that he is not that much strong like before..he says but Mythili needs my help .. i can handle them..but won’t let anything happen to Mythili…

    He runs with wind speed… Rishabh is also searching her & says where r u Mythili ?? shivika & others also in search of her & calling Mythili’s name …continuously…
    A staff member asks all to stop… all stop & shiva comes quickly to him & asks Mythili mil gayi ?? … he says no… shiva asks then why did u stop us… he says now we can’t go ahead …shiva says what ?? why we can’t go … he reply that it’s not safe ..from here
    onwards jungle area gets more dense & many dangerous animals are also there.. the bus driver says & i heard that, werewolves & vamps r still roaming in this jungle ….so let’s go back from here… 😳

    shiva says what rubbish ?? stop ur non-sense & why r u making stories ?? let’s go to search her… teacher ask them to stop..shiva says sir u r believing on this crap stories ?? he says i don’t believe ,but i think we should stop here… shiva is about to say something but Ani stops him & says sir..Mythili’s life is in danger .. she is totally alone ,but we all r together ..we can face any situation together … at least think for her.. teacher says i understand but..i can’t take risk of all students..u all r my responsibility… shiva says then what ABOUT MY SIS. …IS Not SHE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY??…O.K..FINE … if u all don’t want to come then u all can go..i will find my sis alone… i don’t need anyone’s help… Ani also joins him ! & says i’m also with u … then all students say we r also with u ..so let’s go….teacher says o.k.. then let’s go..but be always in a group.. don’t go here & there… all nod & steps towards the dense jungle area….

    scene shifts to shooting place …c.g enters to RR’s van ,but foesnot find him… he says chief kha gaye… 🙄 he steps out of the van & calls Crews members & asks tum logo ne chief ko dekha… ?? they say no… c.g says nahi dekha … 😐
    C.g asks c.m to go fast & search him… they all run fastly in search of RR..c.g takes out his mobile & calls him..but it’s not connecting..he again tries..cg gets frustrated & says chief ka phone kyun nahi lag raha hai ?? Right then cms come in a hurry & inform him that RR is not here.. We have searched whole shooting place.. but didn’t find him anywhere … 🙁
    c.g gets angry & shouts where were u all when chief was going from here ?? kisi kaam ke nahi ho tum sab if anything happen to chief i won’t spare u all ?? dir comes there & asks why r u shouting cg.. c.g glares at him.. & says chief is missing…
    Dir :- what ?? khan gaye Rishabh sir ??
    c.g :- mujhe pata hota to main kyun puchhta?? this all happened because of u & that pro.. when chief said to change that heroine then why didn’t change her ???
    dir :- sorry champakg main abhi kuch logon ko RR ko khojne ke liye bhejta hun… he calls some cms & send them…
    c.g keeps trying RR’s no. & gets tensed …
    while cms r going just then Nayasha stops them & asks where r u all going in hurry ?? c.m says RR is missing & quickly goes from there.. she is about to ask something more ,but they go without hearing .. she gives confused ? look & says ye Rishabh khan chala gaya hai ?? i need to find out… 😯

    scene shifts to Mythili.. ..
    she is screaming & shivering she tries to run but falls on the ground & her leg twists .. she cries in pain & holds her leg .. 😥
    she again tries to run but ..can’t … wolves r coming close to her… she gets panic…
    screen focuses on her face ..
    Rishabh reaches near that place & calls her name Mythili…… he finds Mythili’s anklet.. & takes it… he self talk ye Mythili ke payal hai…?? he says it means she is here only… he looks around & shouts M..y.t.h.i.l.i………………….
    Mythili hears his voice & gets happy & shouts Risabhhhhhhh i’m here …. he doesn’t hear her voice …but goes in that direction… 🙂

    Wolves r about to attack on her ..Mythili closes her eye in fear 🙁 .. But feels that nothing has happened to her (bg- only wind sound) she opens her eye & finds someone is standing infront of her & attacking on wolves… Mythili sees that Rishabh is (it’s abhay) fighting with all wolves ..she tries to stand ,but she is unable to stand because of sprain.. Abhay is fighting with wolves, but as he killed 1 wolves 👿 .many other wolves attack.. 😯 He is still fighting but wolves r increasing in number rapidly… he thinks i was right these r nt simple animal but trained & hypnotized by hh. He is unable to fight & falls down on the ground. wolves attack on him, scratches & bites him very badly… Mythili cries to see this all … Abhay thinks that i’m unable to fight with them & their no. r increasing… he looks at Mythili.. his wounds are heeling & a new power generates in his body…

    he hits all wolves with power & stands… he fastly goes near to her & gives his hand to make her stand… she gives her hand & gets up with his help ..he looks at her ,both look at each other ..& he holds her hand tightly.. ( Mythili is keep looking at Abhay only & remembers all incidents library/Abhay in her home/jungle..)

    both r standing infront of wolves pack.. Wolves attack but unable to do anything to them… Abhay hits them with their joint hands & all gets disappeared from there … Mythili is shocked to see this… she is speechless 😐 😐 she looks at Abhay then their joined hands ..suddenly… she removes her hand from his hand 😳 … Abhay turns towards her & says i’m here nothing will happen to u … she says i know…nothing will happen wrong now as u r here… she hugs him … Abhay is stunned 😳 … just then RR comes there & sees Mythili & Abhay (but from back side) hugging each other… he gets shocked to see this ..& stops there… watches them from there …

    He thinks (who is this guy) ye ladka kaun hai..?? Ye iske saath yahan h & main… Sb iske liye preshan ho rhe h… ? aur ye yahan … disgustinggg..
    Abhay after little-bit- hesitation hugs her back…& smiles.. 🙂 Rishabh grinds his teeth.. ? & bang his hand on the tree… he gets hurt…,then he notices his mob is vibrating.. It’s chimpuji calls & he picks up… cg asks where r u chief ?? Hum sab kitni der se appko call kar rhe hain..… RR gets angry & says… cg tell the dir. that i’m ready to work with that new girl.. c.g is shocked & says but chief..RR shouts didn’t u hear ..do as i said..
    c.g reply…ji chief.. RR says & 1 more thing shooting place should be near the lake side… c.g says lake side?? … but.. he is about to say something but RR cuts the call & glares on Abhay-Mythili.. he goes from there with full anger .. ?

    shivika & group reaches that place..a few meters away from Mythili… Unable to see her clearly.
    on the other hand Mythili-Abhay hug is continue.. Mythili says I know u r not Rishabh. Abhay is shocked.. & both comes back to normal pose. she says u r not Rishabh.. U r Abhay (she gives him that book) .she says tum vahi ho na who saved me & Rishabh in jungle from those attackers ? … am i right ?? Abhay says u remembered only this? ? Mythili asks mtlb?? Abhay says u only remember that i save u? Dont u remember who r you ? Abt me & M.a.y..A..?? Mythili is stunned 😯 ..

    Right then..she hears her name & turns back, shivika & teacher with some students are coming to her, shiva runs & hugs her ? & asks if she is ok. She nods yes ? & again turns back for Abhay but he is not there… Ani asks kya dekh rhi ho & what r u doing here ?? ? how u reached here..Mythili is still looking for him ..but doesnot find him… she looks around…Ani asks where r u looking ?? ? we r asking something to u.. teacher cuts their talk ? & says 1st let’s go from here..this place is not safe ..they nods & shiva asks Mythili to come ..she is unable to walk properly …shivika helps her to walk ? … all leaves from there … Abhay is looking at them from afar 😳
    (bg- dil ibadat kr rha h dhadkane meri sun.. Tujhko main kr lun haasil bs lgi h yehi dhun..Jo v jitne pal jiyun tere sang jiyun.. 😛 )


    Precap ➡ ?
    its morning .. Teacher announces that a new student will join us ..he asks Myka to keep that student in their GRP. As he is researching on science & paranormal activities & it will help them in their assignment. Myka is not happy but they see that student & gets happy 😳 …teacher says here comes Mr.Deependra 😯



    whoa whoa 🙂
    sooo adventurous
    vryyy nice!!
    fighting chasing
    running finding….
    al are vry
    a package of
    in that questionful
    scene,Abhay wz keep
    saying I m ur Abhay!!!
    vry funny and also
    vry sad sad too 🙁 🙁
    poor Abhay 🙁
    all fightful scenes
    r soo soo thrilling!!!
    and mytli
    started reading that
    book so early!!!
    nt bad!!!
    Rr… again
    wen wil his habit



    and that
    dream scene,
    its nt gud sign
    wen vampire dreams!
    that means vampires
    also gets dreams
    it wil be nt gud
    if they dreams!!!
    another interesting
    thing about vampires!!!
    many things r mentioned
    abt vampires!!!
    really vry interesting
    to know abt that!!!



    Epi awsm…
    Abhay mythili scenes n especially when abhay hold tree to save her…When he hold her hand…When she scared n hug him…
    Abhay maya scenes…
    RR cg scenes were gus especially when cg tell rr abt mythili presence in jungle tab RR ke man me mythili ka naam sun kar laddoo fut rahr the lekin bataye kaise…
    HH’s r so scary…
    RR jealous seeing Abhay n mythili…
    N Abhay continuosly saying i m ur abhay…i m ur abhay…Dat scene ws so funny…
    overall vry nyc epi n i lyk fi8 sequences…



    N 1 more thing i lyk both d song :- Dil ibadat n bhula dena…
    I frgt to say abt dis scene as well when mythili takes the book n start reading, turned pages & spots his name.. A.B.H.A.Y..(camerashows abhay’s face..then mythili’s face calling her name… )unknowingly a sweet smile comes on her face…
    I lyk dis vry much when luvd ones name cm unknowing smile cm on any1’s face…as in dis case dis hppn to mythili ☺😊



    Abhay chilla chala k bol rha tha.. M ur Abhay.. M ur Abhay but mythili KO to sunna hi nhi tha .. 😆

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