Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th November 2012 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th November 2012 Written Update by munnihyderabad

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 30th November 2012 Written Episode

Dabbu tells Maanvi, that the original Jaiswal was talking to someone over the phone. Maanvi is thoughtful, she thinks that the more she is trying to avoid Karan’s matter, the more she is getting involved, and decides to toss the coin, either to investigate or not.. after the toss, she decides to investigate..her reflection warns her not to get involved in Karan’s matter, she decides to toss again, now it is tails. she is happy that she need not investigate it ..

Virat, Maanvi take Vanshika aunty’s and dadaji’s blessing before going to the semi-final.. Karan also takes dadaji’s aashirwad, he says he is going to Hrishikesh, Maanvi is shocked, “Hrishikesh” and then tells that the weather at this time of the year is beautiful.. SB tells him to meet Badi beeji, Karan tells he wants to know every detail of Sur Sartaj and wonders who would win.. Virat says he would.. Maanvi teases him.. Karan says Maanvi would win according to him as she has got real talent .. (this karan ..grrr) all are shocked and not happy with the statement..then

Maanvi, holds Virat’s arms and tell that being wife of talented singer, she ought to be talented, and she credits, her talent to Virat and says that whatever accolades she gets is only because of Virat as it is he who made her come this far…(super slap on Karan’s face) the rest of the family and Virat are happy. and they leave to the competition, before which she takes blessings from SB…

In the studio, Virat asks Maanvi if she is nervous, Maanvi says why would she be nervous, she is not here to win and it is his dream to become the singer, the competition is going on ..dabbu calls Maanvi and asks her if she is doing something about the jaiswal information.. Maanvi shuts him up saying Karan is SB’s son and she doesn’t want to get involved..Maanvi is called to sing, she ends the call with dabbu..

Maanvi is in her spot, Radhaji welcomes her back, and asks her which song she is gonna sing in the semi final, Maanvi tells it’s her favorite song ,before she starts, she looks at Virat, who gives her a double thumbs up, she also gives thumbs up to Virat. She sings the song .. mere sang toh chal zara – from New York movie. Maanvi finishes the song, Virat is happy and stands up and claps .. the judeges are happy as well..they appreciate Maanvi’s performance and tells her that she is truly and born and gifted singer, and she has god’s blessings with her.. Virat is so happy to hear the comments for Maanvi…

Now, it is Virat’s turn, before going on stage, Maanvi hugs Virat. Virat says he would sing soniyo soniyo of Raaz-2 movie..He sings it beautifully,(song is perfect for Virat and Maanvi ..Virat asking Maanvi to be with him”tu de de mera saath” ) Maanvi is happy and gleeful for Virat’s performance.. Judges are happy (but no comments from judges 🙁 .. wonder why such naa insaafi with Viru Boy ) Virat goes and hugs Maanvi…

They call all the contestants on the stage,.. (BTW semi finals mein, there should be 4-6 contestants .here there are almost 12-15 of them .. logic boss ) Radhaji says everyone sang well.. sujitji says not everyone, as some of them disappointed them. and tells Virat and Maanvi to stand on one side of the stage..The judges say there are 2 of them in the remaining contestants.. they announce their names Aparajitha and Sankalp.. Virat and Maanvi are not happy..The judges bring on the twist, of adding 2 more names to the finals, after some lines on Maanvi .. the judges reveal Virat and Maanvi as the other 2 finalists. Virat is happy, Maanvi is shocked and then exuberant ..they hug and give thumps and smile (4 VirMan hugs…woohooo)

Precap: :Maanvi tells Virat that she did not want to enter the competition, in the first place, it was he who forced her, and tells him now that she is in finals, he is jealous of her.. Virat tells it is not jealousy but his heart pricks, with the way she did the cheap publicity of their marriage and her statements about their divorce,,Maanvi says she just wanted to enter the competition for the sake of it.. but today.(sorry i did not get this line tried a lot to understand ..but na..) and she tells that their fate will be decided on the stage (Aww i loved the promo..fierce and rage .. from both of them )

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  1. best
    December 03, 01:46 Reply

    wat the hell is this virat doing! Very sad mamu!

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    hai hai hai hai hai hai hai!

  3. Anonymous
    December 02, 03:49 Reply

    superb,mindblowing,exellent and etc…

  4. Anonymous
    December 01, 12:58 Reply

    thank u star plus 4 creating such a beautiful story of 2 sisters!

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