Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th December 2012 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th December 2012 Written Update by shrav_virman

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 12th December 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with jeevika and maanvi scene…jeevika tells maanvi that she has a blue print in her mind…krystle and nia were at their best today…loved them…


Jeevika tells maanvi about her plan …jeevika and maanvi enter swamini and chachi’s room respectively and they remove the TV connections in their rooms…both swamini and chachi enter the hall…in the hall jeevika and maanvi will be watching the same serial and they will be cursing the serial and be calling it bad…then manvi advises chachi by asking her not to tell to outside people that this is her favorite serial or else people might laugh at her and all…then swamini speaks up for chachi…and in this way they unite swamini and chachi..


next maanvi tells jeevika about her plan to unite inder chachu and dadaji…maanvi enters chachu’s room and tells to shlok that here tamasha is gonna happen but he has to stay quite and watch it…then jeevika and all familymembers slowly enter the room,,,jeevika starts scolding maanvi as irresponsible and she cant do any work and all…maanvi back answers by saying that she is not irresponsible…she has to be assigned some work to judge whether she is responsible or no…

hall scene–

dadaji calls everyone to the hall…and he appreciates maanvi by telling he understand the intentions behind this plan…he says that he can understand that they did all this to unite family members and maintain peace at house…and he appreciates jeeman by telling that jis ghar jeevika aur maanvi ho un ghar mein khushiyo ke kuch kami nahi hain…he assigns high profile cases to inder chahcu and tells him to handle it..eveyone were happy…then dadaji-inder chachu hug eah other…

next dadaji tells that he would like to include karan in the will..then karan gives a smirk to maanvi.. ..then dadaji and karan ka hug…maanvi asks that is it not very early that he being a part of the will…swamini opposes dadaji by saying that there are still people in this house who have not accepted karan..jeevika covers up for maanvi by saying that maanvi meant they should look for a shubh muhurat for doing it…maanvi tells yess …


virman scene…

virat tries to shoot maanvi and he asks to smile..but maanvi does not smile..she tells him that karan is very bad and he was evil intentions …and she also tells that no one in the house are ready to believer her not even virat…virat tells us that he can trust her blindly..then maanvi gives a big grin and he tells that this was the smile he was looking for her…


jaiswal tells that his main target in the vadhera house is viren ..and he needs to end him soon…karan says he will target viren now and he will plan something against him…he asks jasiwal to meet him ..jeevika over hears the convo…the scene of maanvi telling karan in sab ke piche hain di and viren ka he is being doubted is not wrong flashes in her mind and tears flow don through her eyes…

precap .jeevika and maanvi go to karans place…karan will try to hit manu and jeevika tells him to leave mannu.. Karan pushes her and takes out a pistol to kill Maanu and jeevika tries to stop him…

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  1. manu
    December 13, 04:25 Reply

    superb episod! But this KARAN, how dare can u try 2 hit manu!

  2. Alina
    December 12, 13:17 Reply

    Jeevika accidentally kills karan and virat is going to take the blame on himself so then he will land in jail
    That’s going to happen!!!!

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 04:21

      hw do u knw hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. kitty
    December 12, 13:03 Reply

    pllllllllz don’t hurt jeevika or manu with that gun i can’t see that. Omg how impatient i’m for tommorow’s episode i hope that the day will end soon so that i can watch . Reeeeeeeally can’r wait to watch this episode.

  4. safi
    December 12, 12:42 Reply

    hi mini where u frm

  5. Mkm
    December 12, 11:59 Reply

    I agree with MINI plz plz plz plz plz plz add pictures

  6. Mkm
    December 12, 11:58 Reply

    Epic episode can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode it is gonna be awesome i hope manu and jeevi don’t get into any BAD problem :-):-P

  7. Mini
    December 12, 11:43 Reply

    Plz add pics…….,….

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