Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 10th August 2012 Written Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 10th August 2012 Written Update by Predator

Episode begins with Dadaji asking why it’s so quiet today when it’s such a happy occasion? Jeevika owns up and the song sequence ‘Lo Chali Main’ begins. Jeevika dances her heart out although Viren tries to control her but she’s just too happy. First she dances with Virat, Manvi then the foursome and slowly everyone joins the flow. Very cute segment

After the dance, Jeevika does Manvi’s aarti and Pinky Chachi does Virat’s. The couple then takes Dadaji’s blessings. He says he blesses her with a long life… Then stops as he remembers about the cancer. Manvi asks him not to stop since she really needs that blessing. He smiles and wishes her. Dadaji further says that he has something very important to discuss now that the Roka is done. He tells Biji that whatever happened the night that Manvi left Chandigarh was wrong. He folds his hands in front of Manvi, but Manvi asks him not to embarrass her with tearful eyes.

Dabbu interrupts and tells Dadaji that he knows they are against the ritual of dowry but this time they will have to accept something from the Chaudhary’s. Dadaji asks what they want? Dabbu proudly says himself. Everyone laughs but Swamini rolls her eyes

Dadaji’s non-stop speech goes on- he says they’ve spoken to the Pandit and the engagement is dated after two days. Biji gets worried since they will have no time to prepare but Dadaji tells her not to worry since they will do everything in time! So they decide to meet after two days in Chandigarh for Manvi and Virat’s engagement

As Manvi’s engagement gift, Dadaji allows Jeevika to stay in Hrishikesh for the next two days. They bid farewell leaving Viren and Manvi behind. Viren tells Manvi he has a surprise for her and drags her inside. She keeps questioning him, until she sees Virat in the room. Manvi can’t stop blushing. Viren asks them to hurry up and closes the room door leaving Manvi shocked. She goes and stands opposite Virat and is totally silent. Virat exaggerates saying the girl who couldn’t keep mum for one second is suddenly speechless? He slowly moves to closer to her and she is still looking down

Virat then says he wants a ‘kissie’ (kiss) from her, now that their Roka is done. Manvi moves away and says that their engagement and wedding are yet to be completed and who knows she might change her mind?

Virat retorts that he will never give her the chance to do that. (Wah, kya dilogues hai yaar! :P) He then gets close once again and gives in by closing her eyes. Typically, he kisses her forehead She gets happy. Just then Viren calls out saying everyone wants to leave. Virat starts going, he says he is going to wait for her and miss her every second and every minute of his life. Then Manvi calls out to him. She runs to him, kisses him on his cheek and says I Love You & runs off! Virat is extremely delighted at Manvi’s response. He leaves, but looks back and finds Manvi looking at him. They both wave at each other.

Later at night in Hrishikesh everyone is talking about the engagement and how Manvi is now getting married! Dabbu says that after Manvi goes away no one will be there to tease around and mess with him. Kaun mera dabba bajayega? Sad tune starts and everyone gets emotional at Manvi’s farewell. Pinky Chachi starts her drama and recalls Jeevika’s bidaai. Dabbu tries to make her laugh by calling her Pushpa LOL

Next day in Chandigarh everyone is busy with the engagement preparations for the next day. Vanshika order white flowers/lilies because apparently her to-be daughter-in-law (Manvi) likes them! Everyone is excited about the function. Apart from Swamini who is isolated from everything on a sofa. Virat is making a phone call about the rings, when he notices her. He comes forward and requests her to please understand that Manvi is the only one he can ever love and she will soon realize that the decision that the family took was right. Swamini interrupts and says proving her to be wrong.

She continues that she has no objection with Manvi being his wife- she likes Manvi as much! She only has an objection with Manvi’s cancer. Can he imagine how he will live his life when one day suddenly Manvi’s leaves his life forever? Virat is speechless. Swamini says that she has seen Vanshika live such a life and trust me, it’s not easy. Right now he is not seeing what she can see. Virat asks her not to worry about the future and join him in finding a nice engagement ring for Manvi.

Precap- Virat tells Virat that right now only the two of them know that Doctor said Manvi’s cancer is not curable. They wonder how Jeevika and Manvi will react to it. Suddenly Viren realizes that Jeevika is still on the call and Virat fears that she has heard their conversation

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