Despite my allergy, I did the grave digging scene in Qubool Hai: Surbhi Jyoti

Theatre artiste turned TV actress Surbhi Jyoti, who plays Zoya in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films) is of the view that theatre is like the foundation course for any actor.

“The medium, theatre, depends on how hardworking and diligent you are,” she quips. As of now Surbhi, however, wishes to focus on TV as she has fully committed herself to Qubool Hai.

She is of the feeling that her on-screen character Zoya has a lot in common with herself. “Both of us are talkative, like to watch cricket and savour pizza and cold drinks. The only difference is that Zoya doesn’t know what cleanliness is all about, while, I on the other hand, happen to be a cleanliness freak.”

What is that one advice that she would give to Zoya? “I would tell her to work harder to find her dad and unravel as to why he left her mom,” she avers.

How was it to shoot in Bhopal for her show? “Shooting in Bhopal was fun as it is a very nice and clean city,” she replies.

Surbhi who is actually Hindu is often mistaken as a Muslim as viewers see her as a Muslim character in Qubool Hai instead of as an actress. This in turn proves that she plays her character very convincingly. “It feels great to be mistaken as a Muslim,” she shares.

Surbhi portrays a modern Muslim girl who dresses in contemporary attire instead of a burqua. “In the era of saree-clad female leads, may I say that I wear jeans and t-shirt on this show. Nor do I go on crying,” she maintains.

The sequence from Qubool Hai which has been the most memorable for her till date is the grave digging scene. “Despite my allergy I did the grave digging scene. They had actually put earth on me and were making me do retakes. That was indeed a very challenging scene,” the diligent actress informs.

Lastly, the actress thanks her dad for her success in the TV industry. She remarks, “I hail from a business-class family. Despite that, my dad allowed me to make a career in TV as he has full trust on me. Without his support I couldn’t have made it big.”

Here’s wishing Surbhi all the best in her career.

For more updates on the show keep watching this space.

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  1. Damo
    March 04, 11:31 Reply

    <3 u beautiful surbhi..ur d best n wishin ur career will be success…B-)

  2. methilda
    February 26, 11:16 Reply

    well come to think of it surbhi is not like zoya when it comes to her mannerisms because Zoya is a talkative person and is sometimes rude whn she cuts people off but i don’t think that surbhi is like that at all.

  3. PV and QH #1 fan!
    February 25, 17:58 Reply

    Surhbi is the BEST!!! She is so pretty and has good fashion sense!!!! I wish you luck Surhbi 🙂 !

  4. Julia
    February 24, 13:09 Reply

    good actress. do you know what kind of allergy she is talking about?

  5. Anonymous
    February 24, 03:20 Reply

    Surbhi u r d best for d role of zoya.apse behtar aur koi karhi nahi sakta tha yeh u zoya.

  6. Komal
    February 23, 10:37 Reply

    Han surbhi,You were right wen u thought u should try acting;-)there could have been no one to do the role of zoya…n i think u n asad are the best pairing of al the soaps of zee tv:-D lol;-D

  7. Komal
    February 23, 10:32 Reply

    Oh zoya,it was my fav too,the scene was fab;-) n asad was gr8 in this scene;-)

  8. Eca- stunning zoya
    February 23, 06:27 Reply

    Yup, surbhi made the right decision to try acting. Shes a great actor. But the real test is when she has to portray a character or scenes that are not similar to her own personality.

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