Dekha Ek Khwaab 30th July 2012 Written Update

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Dekha Ek Khwaab 30th July 2012 Written Update by yaherd15

What has happened to me UV, I thought I was not scared of anything, not a snake, a scorpion, blind faith, but the fear of losing you, I get scared. M strokes U. M says if you can please forgive me Uday, because whatever has happened its all because of me and me only, and I also know that I won’t let anything happen to you, you will have to get better Uday, for me. M then is surprised to see Uday grip her hand, M says Uday? M is happy and puts her hand on Uday’s hand and smiles at him. JN enters the room. JN is unhappy/upset seeing M smile at UV and her holding his hand. M then takes his hand and puts it close to her and JN leaves and goes off to her room.

JN’s room
JN is upset and crying. JN flashbacks to when Unnati said that if she loves her life, honor, and self-respect just a little bit then she will stay away from her Dada, trust me, if you do one more stupid ploy, I will throw you out of this house. And you know why? Because this house is ours, and our Dada has bought this house, and you NEVER ever forget that. JN is angry and super upset. She gets jealous about her seeing M hold UV’s hand. JN fb again to Unnati’s statement. JN then throws stuff aside while being upset.

Unnati says seriously, sometimes M’s stubbornness crosses limits. I mean I understand that she is very worried about Dada’s condition, but if she undermines her own health, then…God forbid something happens to her tomorrow what will I tell Dada? VB puts his hand on Unnati’s hand and says nothing will happen to her, not Uday or M. Unnati nods at VB. VB says M has made a lot of mistakes, but she has learnt that her place in life is only to be with Uday. A lawyer comes in and VB says yes, lawyer introduces himself and says he wants to meet Yuvrani M. Unnati says you are Dada’s lawyer? Lawyer says yes, Yuvraj UV had signed some papers for Yuvrani and I needed to drop them off and meet with her about them. Unnati says what kind of papers?? Lawyer says his will papers. Unnati shocked. Unnati says will?? How dare you? With my brother still alive you have brought the papers of the will here! VB says calm down Unnati, if Mr. Shah has come here at this time, then there must be a reason. Relax. Mr Shah says look Unnati ji, don’t take the wrong me aning out of my coming here, the Yuvraj and I have an old relationship, I can’t even think in my dreams that his hair be even touched. He told me that once the papers are ready to bring them, he was saying that it M was going to need these papers very soon. Actually these papers are about Devgadh’s properties. Unnati says uh, can I have a look? Unnati opens it and reads it. She then looks at VB and VB reads it. Unnati sits down and says I don’t believe this. He was setting her free, Dada was himself trapped in M’s love, and he was freeing her. Unnati breathes in and out. VB is emotional.

k/l say that M is sitting by Uday’s side as if a snake is sitting on a treasury. K/l Says seriously madam has not left Uday’s side for a second. She is just sitting there like a rock. JN says M will have to go from Uday’s side, she WILL HAVE to go. K/L says but how, all our plans keep on backfiring. JN says OH GOD, I don’t understand why I AM STANDING YOU GUYS! When it comes to your BENEFITS, then you COME ALONG to GET your DESIGNER BAGS and SHOES. But when i am in trouble, YOU TWO ALWAYS disappoint ME! JN says GET OUT of HERE, out my ROOM and out of MY LIFE! Just get the hell out of my life! K/L says J, there was a time, when you were Devgadh’s special princess, but even after M came, we remained friends with you only because we were your good friends. K/L says but seriously you don’t need friends, you need servants. I mean Uday was right, you don’t need a husband, you need a dog whose leash you can put in your hand and roam around with. You know what J, try as much as you want, Uday will never be yours. JN gets pissed. K/L says friendship is made in equality J, when people become friends, wherever they may come from in life, their friendship is of equality, not of a servant and master. We are going JN, and even if you called us millions of times, we won’t come back. JN looks at them and points to the door and says get lost both of you. I am Devgadh’s Princess Jainandini, I don’t need commoners like you and as for Uday, I will get him for sure. Do you know why? Because what I want, I always get it eventually. Last time I wanted to teach M a lesson, I tripped my DS, and she learnt such a good lesson that she will never forget it for the rest of her life. k/l shocked by JN. JN says what happened? why are you guys eyes so wide open? YOu don’t believe it that my DS is in a come because of ME? k/l shocked. JN guess what, I have another breaking news for you guys? Do you know what that is? That today the condition that Uday is in is because of me. ANd now, if you two don’t want to be in the hospital, than in the next 30 seconds, get out of my room. Get the HELL out of mY ROOM! k/l says we are leaving JN, but you doing all this will have no benefit, because after doing all this, you have nothing left. JN says perhaps i don’t have everything right now, but if I don’t have anything then no one else will have anything left either. What can’t be mine, I will not let someone else have it. K/L leave. And JN watches them leave in anger.

VB says Uday did not do good, when M reads this, M’s heart will break. Unnati says really, M and Dada are such fools. Why do these two do this to each other? Will these two always stay away from each other, will they always keep distancing each other away? What the hell is this? VB says Unnati, you and Mr. Shah stay here, I myself will give this to M. Unnati looks worried.

VB says M. M says VB please don’t try, everyone else has tried to get me out of here, but no one has able to do so. I even told Ma, that until Uday won’t get better I won’t leave. VB says do you really think that by doing this you are helping out? Do you really think that when Uday is conscious and sees you in this condition, he will be happy? M says VB I am the reason for this, when Uday saw Akash and me together in the restaurant, his face lost all its color, I have never seen Uday that angry in my life before. VB says so that means you will punish yourself like this for the rest of your life? M says regardless of how I punish myself, I will never be able to forgive myself. VB says foolish girl, you know what you can’t forgive yourself, but Uday, Uday has forgiven you long ago. VB hands out the paper. M says what is this VB? VB says letter, that Uday wrote for you. And please after reading this don’t take the wrong meaning from it, try to understand the feelings behind the words. Read it. M says what is written in this VB? VB says read it yourself. M reads it. M is shown to be upset. M looks at Uday and VB says I understand VB. This is proof of the love between you. This limitless love could only be between you guys. M says if Uday did such a huge thing for me…I always thought that Uday wants to separate me from him! VB says seriously you still think that Uday wants to keep you away from him? M then strokes Uday’s head. Seema enters and says Yuvrani ji, some people have come from the bank and say that they will seize the Mahal. M shocked. M says how can they do this? Seema says the people downstairs are saying all sorts of things, one of them is saying that this was going to happen eventually, bc there is no one in Devgadh Riyasaat, Rajmata is ill and now Yuvraj UV’s health is sensitive and M finishes her statement and says and t the Yuvrani of this riyasat can’t handle it by herself. VB says now what are you waiting for M? You have in your hands, now go and battle. I am sure this is JN”s new plot and Uday has already played his hand in this game and now the game is in your hands M, go M, and teach those foolish bank people a lesson. M says but VB how can I leave Uday in this condition. VB says Rajkumari M perhaps you are forgetting that who you are. You have forgotten in the midst of these emotions, that you have a duty to this riyasaat. Some months ago you took a vow, remember that vow and go. M fb to her coronation ceremony when the crown was placed on her head. M then remembers her taking her vows to protect her people before herself, I promise that I will give the most importance to fairness and justice even if I have to punish those who are close to me, I vow that I will be like all three Brahma (properity) ,Vishnu (protector ) Mahesh (defendor). VB says Protect your riyasat, your riyasat needs you. Go M. M then straightens up and tells Seema go tell the bankers that Yuvrani M is coming to meet them. Seema says yes and leaves. M then strokes Uday’s head and then gets up to leave and stops to look at Uday and gets her strength and breathes to leave.

Mahal Bankers/Unnati/VB/M
M comes downstairs to meet with the bankers along with VB. The bankers say good morning YH. M says Good Morning. M says please sit. The banker says we have come from the people’s republic bank. M says Go on. Banker says we need to seize this property YH because this house’s owner is fatally ill. M says I think that your near-sighted vision is weak, because you all don’t seem to see me. Bankers says but we were told that…M says what? What were you told??!! That in these days, our riyasat has faced a lot of difficulties, and thats why you came here to seize my ancestor’s property/inheritance? Look Mr. Banker, whatever bank you have come from, go tell them that in Devgadh’s 1000 years of existence has never lost a battle.And as long as this riyasaat’s Yuvrani is alive, no one can even touch this Riyasat. Lawyer saab, please show them our property papers to them. lawyer says yes. M says YUvraj UV who was the previous owner of this house, he has transferred the property in my name. Lawyer says here you go and see. the Bankers look thru the papers. M gets up and says Seema ji, I can’t stand the presence of these people any more, please take them away from here. Seema says come along. M then sits back down and opens the letter again and reads it in her head with UV’s voice. Princess, what is yours, I am returning it to you, believe me, this property was with me as safekeeping for you only. I don’t only just love you M, I also respect you. I have full faith that management of Devgadh will be in your capable hands, than it won’t be only for Devgadh’s progress, but all of Rajasthan. Because I have returned these papers to you M, don’t misunderstand that you owe me anything, you are free Princess, do what your heart tells you to do. I always love you, but my love is not that selfish that I will trap you without your will with me in a relationship. M is crying reading this again.

Precap: M is in DS office and sits at the chair. M says this chair was in written in my fate, and now now it arrived in my good fortune. VB and Unnati smile. M closes her eyes and UV claps his hands. He does not look happy and M looks happy and says Uday, you? M gets up and UV says no no Princess, don’t greet me, you got your throne after all. YOu got it after so much difficulty, please don’t leave it empty so easily. M is confused and looks like she is thinking what has happened.

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