Dekha Ek Khwaab 1st August 2012 Written Update

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Dekha Ek Khwaab 1st August 2012 Written Update by yaherd15

DS office
Uday and JN holding hands and Uday looks back along with JN. M is super upset. Uday and JN then go off and Unnati calls out Dada, Dada! M says Uday…M then faints. VB says M, M, wake up, M, M, M wake up! Unnati looks worried. VB says M wake up, M Bhai, say something, M say something, please wake up, please get up! Unnati sits down and says M! M! M wake up! THis is all a misunderstanding! Both yelling for M to get up. VB says this is all a misunderstanding, nothing has gone wrong! Unnati yells M and starts crying! Unnati says she won once again Vijay Bhanna, she created a wall between Dada and M that nobody will be able to break! Today I saw a fire in my Dada’s eyes that is not possible to extinguish. THis J has made my Dada a cold person once again! I hate her, I just hate J! Wake up, wake up M, we can ONLY fight with J, as long as you are with us! VB we can only fight with J if only M is with us! Let’s wake her up. Unnati and VB say M wake up and VB says say something M, say something please! Get up M, wake up M! Wake up!!

Uday is packing his clothes, getting ready to leave. JN watches and then hugs Uday from behind. Uday doesn’t respond to it. JN smiles and says come on Uday, don’t you want to forget M or not? Hmm? Uday says you are right J, to forget M I can do anything, anything. He turns around and hugs JN back. JN smiles. Uday is still pretty stone faced. He then pulls back and then leans into kiss JN. Unnati enters and says Dada. JN says Unnati don’t you know how to knock? Bad manners. Unnati doesn’t look at JN and says I have come here to talk to my Dada, you stay out of this. Uday says choti, there is nothing to talk about here, go from here. Unnati says Dada I want to tell a story to you. Uday says Choti, I don’t want to hear any story please go from here. Unnati says there was a prince, in a fight, somebody blinded his eyes with needles, prince’s princess without eating, without sleeping, there was only one sew left to take out, and at that time some outsider called out saying karwewali karwali. The Princess went outside to see what was going on because she was wanting to keep her fast for her Prince, but that clever karwewali then took advantage of the princess’s naivety, she took out the last needle out of the Prince’s eye. And the Prince thought that for the past few days, only the karwewali was there. In her own home, the queen became a servant and a servant was given a queen’s status. Uday shakes his head and says no choti, this story is false, the princess is still a princess, she has gotten everything that she wanted, just not the prince. JN looks guilty/pissed that Unnati told Uday what happened. Uday continues and says M taking the first opportunity, took all the property, did not even say no for formality. Unnati says whatever M did, she did for you. To keep your honor. Her heart was being stabbed in multiple places, but she fulfilled your wish Dada! And you are trusting this J?? the day of your accident, JN had called AKash there. Uday looks at J and J shocked. And today if DS is in a coma, then its bc of this J! Uday looks at J. And if you don’t believe me then ask her friends. Dada its time, that you will have to open your eyes today. J has from the very beginning till now only plotted ploys Dada! And Manyata, M truly loves you. SHe really loves you Dada. Uday is shocked and says Whats happened to me Choti, the girl that I loved so much, I gave her so much pain…JN shocked disbelief. Unnati says you have always listened to your head before your heart right? And you are this time also listening to your mind before your heart. Poor M, she was at the mercy of her own heart, that’s why she is in this condition right now. Uday feeling guilty/upset.

VB says Seema bring water please. VB sprinkles water on M. VB says please make arrangements for juice. M wakes up. VB says you are alright? M gets up and wipes her face. M says VB, Uday has already made his decision, now nothing can happen. And the punishment he has given me, now my whole life I will have to abide by it. VB says M Bhai its nothing like that. M says was my love so weak that he so easily listened to J’s manipulation? M shakes her head and says perhaps I don’t deserve his love. M says one second and then gets up and goes to her closet. There is her crown and M takes it out and gives it to VB. Take this VB. This crown is yours. You will be able to better handle this riyasaat. I couldn’t even handle my own life, how I will be able to manage an entire kingdom! VB says M please, stop talking nonsense, this is not mine. M says no VB, from where I came from I am going back there, I have nothing here. Nothing…

M goes to DS’s room. M says DS when you first brought me here, I thought you were imprisoning me. But today, today I realized that you were freeing me. You not only taught me to fly in the sky, but to rule it too. You took an uneducated chawl girl and made her Yuvrani M. So many times I fought with my fate, and always I failed and fell. But you, you always gave me strength/courage and helped me get back up. Today your hand is not on my head and that’s why I lost everything all over again. I lost DS. I lost Uday forever, and this time i have fallen so hard that I don’t have the strength to pick myself back up. Please forgive me DS, perhaps I am not capable of being Yuvrani. I am just Moniya, a common girl who is nothing special. M cries and leaves.

Uday says angrily to JN, don’t say anything but the truth J! Jn cries says I love you Uday, I really do. M can’t love you in multiple reincarnations, the way I love you. Uday is frustrated and says god J! I can’t believe this! Now you will have to pay for your misdeeds J, and start praying to God, because only He can save you from me! VB says problem is not J, its that you are such a jerk that once J said something, you believed it! The problem is your ego UV! That you make every small thing into a huge deal! Uday says come on VB, I don’t have any sort of ego! VB says really?? Is that why you are here hell bent on teaching JN a lesson when at this time you should be stopping M from leaving. Uday is confused and says stopping? Where is M going? VB says back to her chawl! Uday shocked. VB says she was saying that nothing was left for here. Uday says no VB, I won’t let this happen. VB says then GO, and stop her, and not as a Royal but as a lover stop her. GO! Uday leaves. JN is upset. JN says VB in an upset manner…VB says SHUTUP!

JN-VB in her room
JN whiningly says VB, you tried to stop me thousands of time, but I was so blinded by my love, that I did not understand. VB says you are still making the same mistake J Bhai. Uday was never your love in the first place. He was only an achievement to you, a trophy that you wanted to have. Remember, remember when you asked me why I didn’t have the strength to wear the crown. I did have the courage, but God thankfully opened my eyes at the right time, and I became better. Because I was like you trying to get this crown for the wrong reasons. But I guess for you, it had become more necessary to condescend to M, to fool her than getting the crown. JN says VB, M jiji, only fought with me too. She always gave you the status of a little sister but it was you who always fought. What was the poor girls’ fault? That after 16 years of being gone, Nani Saab had found her! JN fb to all the moments with M, JN telling M to get out of her room and M saying but J, J says but nothing M, before I throw something at your head, get out of my room, this kingdom is yours M, but this room is still mine. M says I know that’s why I am saying, go downstairs sit with us, if you take part in the celebration your mood will be get better. JN fb to when she said how dare you, that you tell me to celebrate your Yuvrani status, what do I celebrate! My loss, my insult, and my family betraying me! What do I celebrate!! M says J, we can start our lives anew now. You are my little sister, lets end the fighting now, after all we can’t fight each other all our lives, right? JN then fb to when M saved J when J was kidnapped by Akash and J was upset saying Jiji take me away from here, M says thank god you are all right. JN says I am restless here, please take me away, M says I am here, na? Everything will be fine, I am here, na! VB says look inside yourself JN, look at what you have made of yourself. A selfish girl who no one wants to love without some sort of hidden agenda. Do you wish to live the rest of your life like this?…VB leaves. JN is disturbed and fb to moments with Uday when he said that you know why nothing happened between us? Because you don’t want a boyfriend or a husband, you want a servant. She fb to K/L who tell her but seriously you don’t need friends, you need servants. Uday was right you don’t need a husband you need a dog who you can put a leash on and roam around with. She then fb to VB’s words that you are still doing the same mistake J Bhai, Uday was never your love, he was only an achievement/trophy. For you it became more important to condescend to M, to belittle her than this riyasaat. She has always given you a little sister’s status and what was that poor girl’s wrongdoing, only that, that she was lost for 16 yrs and that Nani Saab had found her??!

M in her room
The song Tujhe Yaad Na Meri Aaye song playing in BG. M is upset and looks around in the room and opens her closet. She cries seeing the outfit that Uday gave her for her makeover. She then opens another closet and puts her hand over all the jewels she had and cries. She fb to her and Uday’s first dance. She goes back to the mirror and takes off her jewelry. She then looks at her engagement ring and takes that off. She then makes her hair like Moniya. M says every girl sees a dream when she is in a chawl, dreaming about being a Princess, I had never thought that my dream would come true. But yes, dreams have one rule, that no matter how beautiful that dream may be, when morning comes, that dream is broken. Alvida (Permanent goodbye) Yuvrani M, today all of Moniya’s dreams are broken. M smiles in an upset manner at the mirror.

Precap: M in her Moniya clothes and is leaving the Mahal. She fb to when Komal first fed her food. ANd says when I came here, I came here empty handed and now when I am leaving I am going empty handed and she cries. Uday is shown to enter the Mahal looking for M and calls out Manyata!

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  1. purvi
    August 03, 17:31 Reply

    Hey thanxx I’ll chck 4rm end of mayy. Guys I knw itzz too l8 buh jus thot of telin u dat a fwend of mine has ashish on twitter n he had posted dat dekha is ending cauzz of da TRPss n found out on da net dat priash brke upp

  2. anonymous
    August 02, 13:09 Reply

    Hey purvi sorry but I don’t remember the date but check 4rm end of may 2 mid-june.sorry

  3. wnt dekha ek khwaab
    August 02, 12:40 Reply

    Plz 2dy is the last episode kindly update it fast!!!atleast on the last episode be fast!

  4. purvi
    August 02, 11:02 Reply

    cud any1 plz tel me da date wen uday n manyata crossed their hands 2 hve wine n even da d8 wen jainandini gt kidnapd plzzz. Il k3p chckn 4 respnces in 2daiz written update as well as ysterdaiz. Plz gve me da dates of da above in da DEK Desibox

  5. naina
    August 02, 05:07 Reply

    ya Anonymous z rit.. Plz Start the 2nd part of it but dnt go 2 their kids..

  6. purvi
    August 02, 04:57 Reply

    hey anonymous cudnt thank u da oder day 4 tellin me wen uday n manyata crossed their hands 2 drink wine. Sowi bu cud u plz specify the date wen it happnd cauz i wanna watch the video of plzzz sowi 4 da trouble. I hpe u wil tell me ASAP N THANXXX

  7. Anonymous
    August 02, 04:52 Reply

    i totaly agr3 plz dnt end dis show. If it has 2 end then plz strt it again with a new season eg cncrnin da lives of uday n manyata afta marriage or bou their kids etc plz strt a new season. I am gnna mis manveer moments alooot

  8. naina
    August 01, 15:00 Reply

    plz dnt end this show.. I luv the show very much..

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