Congratulations: Beintehaa turns 1!

Colors’ very popular show Beintehaa, celebrates its first anniversary today…

It’s time to celebrate and cherish the memories of Fortune Productions’ much loved show Beintehaa as the show celebrates its first anniversary today. Though the show went off air abruptly, but it’s still being missed a lot by the fans and they are demanding the next season of the show.

The good looking guy Harshad Arora and pretty girl Preetika Rao who made their debut with Beintehaa, became very popular amongst the fans and now are being missed a lot after the show went off air. Zain (played by Harshad Arora) and Aaliya’s (played by Preetika Rao) cute nok jhok scenes were much loved by the fans and the duo who are said to be the mastikhors of the sets, created a magical chemistry on-screen. The show portrayed all sorts of emotions like joy, sorrow, romance, pain of separation and many more.

The show also had a good bunch of popular actors as a supporting cast like Suchitra Pillai, Ritu Raj Singh, Riva Bubbar, Namrata Pathak, Gunjan Vijaya, Vivek Madan, Shivangi Joshi, Naved Aslam, Vikas Grover and many more. The show is in high demand for a season 2 after it went off-air.

Preetika Rao, who essayed the character of Aaliya feels very nostalgic on the occasion of the first anniversary of the show and she says, “It just gets me back to the first day. On December 31, we were shooting for the some interior shots of Bhopal. I remember that on 30th, the entire team of Beintehaa watched the first episode of Beintehaa together on a huge screen. I get nostalgic about the first few days of shooting in Bhopal. Yesterday I came across a tweet of a fan Anupama Gupta who tweeted me saying that she is at the place in Bhopal where Zain says bolo haan ya na to Aaliya and I can visualize the whole scene standing here. All that really makes me feel nostalgic. The first few initial days of Beintehaa had been really very special for me. We all put in our heart and soul in it. I just can’t believe that one year has passed now. The fans are celebrating the anniversary by posting pictures of Twitter and occupied with so much of work, I couldn’t have remembered actually if I haven’t seen the tweets of the fans. The fans reminded me about it. If they will watch the first episode of Beintehaa today, then even they will become too nostalgic being a diehard Beintehaa fan.”

Harshad says, “I started my acting career with Beintehaa and this show is the best thing happened to me. I have also been awarded for best actor for my acting in Beintehaa. The show will always remain very close to my heart. The last day of shoot, took me back to my first day when we started shooting for the show.”

We wishes a hearty congratulations to the team of the Beintehaa!

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  1. Erna
    November 13, 02:32 Reply

    I love this series, and thanks to ANTV we could watch it here in Indonesia, with decent dubbing. Hope to see both Harshad and Preetika very soon in Indonesia.

    • gree
      April 02, 10:03

      Chweeto kya Hua.. Bi fan page pe avona 🙁

  2. ailya
    April 02, 09:39 Reply

    Hye long time to come back in beintehaa so hii guys how r u all my frdsss…

  3. [email protected]
    April 02, 09:02 Reply

    Guys come and join me on the beintehaa fan page 🙂 😀 😛
    We have 20,600+ comment on beintehaa page 😳
    And 585 likes 🙁
    Plzz like on beintehaa fan page and comment 🙂
    Thanks 😀

    • sam(florin)
      May 01, 07:52

      Heyy zk hw r u?? U rmmbr me?? I m Sam frm bad.

  4. Karan L
    April 02, 08:57 Reply

    Hi barbie my frd name is what plz say ya

    • barbie
      April 02, 09:02

      Name is Aaliya and hi how r u

    • Zain123
      April 02, 08:56

      Hi barbie finally I will chat u

    • barbie
      April 02, 09:01

      Hii how r u

    • Zain 123
      April 02, 08:37

      U will think say it me ok bye

    • Zain 123
      April 02, 08:34

      Same to u my friend

    • Karen L
      April 02, 08:35

      Where is my friend

    • Zain123
      April 02, 08:35

      Your frd who’s that

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