Chanchan 29th May 2013 Written Update

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Chanchan 29th May 2013 Written Update by Amena Hasan

Chhan Chhan 29th May 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Maithili what Umaben said about Chhan Chhan. She says she spoke well about her, but Karthik says what she told against them. Karthik says she said everything purposely. Maithili says she is not our enemy, Karthik says she still thinks Chhan Chhan as her enemy. Dadi says you are misunderstanding, Maithili says she does not want dowry as Chhan Chhan is against it. Maithili talks in favour of Umaben.

Maithili tries to convince Karthik, saying Umaben is trying to change. Dadi says not everyone are same, but they want Chhan Chhan’s happiness. Karthi says he fears of sending Chhan Chhan to Umaben’s house. Chhan Chhan comes there and asks what happened.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben tells her husband that she liked Chhan Chhan’s family, Maansi says that she wants to get them married soon. Manthan says you selected modern bahu for Manav, will you get a modern groom for Maansi. She tells I will find a prince for Maansi. Umaben gets a call and she does not pick it. Everyone asks whose call is it. She says its from Mahila Mandal. Umaben goes and talks to her, saying she has shown them a trailer, that they will think before making a relation with her. Umaben tells her plan to the caller.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Maithili says she wants you to get married next week. She asks are you happy. Dadi says Maithili is on cloud nine, Chhan Chhan asks how did you feel about them. Maithili says there is a difference in the family’s culture, and traditions. You have to adjust, Chhan Chhan says you both have prepared me about it, and I can face any problem. She says Manav is with me, everything will be good. Dadi says we have one more week, I will teach you the traits of a bahu.
Maithili says tomorrow is your engagement, Chhan Chhan gets excited and calls her friends.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben’s bahu are discussing at which songs will they dance, they are planning. Sanjana asks Ranjana to dance, and she will sing. Gomuti says you have danced well. Gomuti asks her to dance on Gujarati song. As Chhan Chhan’s family will be there, and Umaben will be happy. Umaben comes there, and asks what she will like. The bahu makes excuses and try to leave. Umaben stops them, and asks them to see her. She says I m your baa, not your college’s principal. She says them to wear good clothes and look different, Ranjana asks can we go to parlour, she says ok, sure. I will ask Maansi’s friend to come and get you ready.

Umaben asks Ranjana not to wear heavy clothes as she has to dance. She says her to impress Chhan Chhan’s modern family.
Umaben plans something bad for Chhan Chhan.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

The girls are dancing as its Chhan Chhan’s mahendi. Maithili asls her to write Manav’s name in the mahendi. Aashka pulls Simple’s leg, and everyone enjoy the dance. Rugved comes and asks on which songs will you all dance, so that he can tell his DJ. He says there has to be music. He dances with Anarkali. Chhan Chhan tells my Anarkali will dance for sure. Maithili thinks will it be good if we take Anarkali with us tomorrow. Chhan Chhan thinks Manav’s family will not think it good if she dances. Dadi says you can dance. Maithili says both families will know each other. Simple says your bhabhi’s will dance a lot, and you should also dance. Chhan Chhan is worried about Manav’s challenge, will he kiss her infront of everyone. Rugved takes their photos.

Scene shifts to Manav:

Manav is sitting in his room, thinking about Chhan Chhan. The song.. Bol halke halke plays in the background. Manav imagines her in his house, seeing her everywhere.

Chhan Chhan too is thinking about him. She gets Manav’s call. Simple picks up the call, and hears Manav’s silly lines. Simple lets him talk to Chhan Chhan. She asks him to search his name in the mahendi, he tells her about his challenge. Chhan Chhan tells kiss… He says yes, I cannot wait for tomorrow. He tells he will make his dreams come real. Simple pulls Chhan Chhan’s leg and laughs. Chhan Chhan thinks Manav will kiss her infront of everyone.

There is Halkat Jawani song playing and Bharti is dancing on it, and Umaben is planning something. A guy shows thumbs up to Umaben.


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  1. bubly18alisha
    May 30, 01:30 Reply

    awww… tht is drashti’s saree in madhubala (RK’s style karva chauth)

  2. achu
    May 29, 22:57 Reply

    good morning and have a great day 😀

  3. ramya
    May 29, 14:34 Reply

    sanaya is awesome in saree. Luv her a lot

  4. finusa
    May 29, 14:23 Reply

    sanaya looks beautiful but akward pic of her and manav hugging her.

    • arshi
      May 29, 22:06

      Yeah she looks beautiful but bad with manav and realy awesome with arnav

  5. finusa
    May 29, 14:22 Reply

    mehendi in one day and wedding in one week?
    whats the rush?
    UB is always upto her tricks!
    something tells me her plans will fail and hence- manav and CC gets married. Then UB will start her torture!

  6. U r right sherin. Sanaya is most beautiful n talented actress in the world. Kisiko usse hara nahi sakthi kisi ko bhi naheem .vo dd ko ya cd ko.

  7. Sherin San
    May 29, 13:30 Reply

    Hai ! have u notice the sari in brown n cream color which wore by sanaya 2day. Ie , is the same sari which drashti wore in mb. Truely ,iam telling u sanaya is looking gorgeous, angelic, beauteous,dazzling, lovely,pulchritudinous (beautiful),ravishing, stunning ,cute , great etc.. 100 times than dhrashti.

  8. Barun lover
    May 29, 13:21 Reply

    hello everyone…… awesome epi!! stupid umaben…… back to her vicious plans….. that was khushis salwar rite!! thot so too…. 🙂
    is manav going to kiss cc or vice versa….. i thot cc had to do it!!

  9. Arshi lover
    May 29, 13:03 Reply

    hey kya aap mein se kisi ye notice kiya that Simple “Khushi” ki salwar pahan rahi thi.

  10. OMG ! sanaya is really really really beautiful in sari. Any actress in the world can’t beat sanaya in beauty ,acting,dance etc…. Sanaya u r bst 4me 4ever n luv u alot.

    • Arshi lover
      May 29, 12:37

      bilkul sahi isme galath kya hai? sanaya ko koi hara nahi saktha. east or west sanaya is the best north or south there is no doubt.

      kisi ko koi doubt hayye hii nahi aur naahi kabhi ho sakath hai.

    • Barun lover
      May 29, 13:23

      exactly!! sanaya is the best female actor everr born on planet earth!! love u sanaya… and barun is the best male actor born on planet earth! love u sooo much barun!!
      mwaaaah……. pls give us ipk season 2……

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