Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th September 2012 Written Update

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Bade Acche Lagte Hain 20th September 2012 Written Update by MariaMars

Bade Acche Lagte Hain (BALH) 20th September 2012 Written Episode

Episode begins with Priya entering Ram’s room at the hospital when Ram is fast asleep. She comes near him and caresses his forehead. Ram wakes up and utters “Priya” and Priya keeps her fingers on his lips and says “Sshhh”.

Priya : Don’t tell anything.. U are not alright even now. Whe you get well we’ll sit and talk so many things. Now please don’t talk anything.
Ram : U are concerned so much for me. After 5 years u are concerned so much for me? Where were you? Where the hell were you?
Priya : Sshhh. Please.. Pls don’t tell anything now. I will answer every question of yours. Will tell everything. But today, just relax
Ram (Gets Hyper) : How can i relax yaar? What is wrong with you? When will you tell later? I want to know everything.

Ram gets hyper and starts coughing and Priya tells Sorry and asks him to relax and calls out the nurse who comes and gives injection to Ram which makes him sleep. Priya again tells Sorry continuously and starts crying.

Ayesha comes back home and calls out the workers. Bansi kaka comes and Ayesha asks where is everyone and Bansi kaka informs that everyone has gone to hospital to see Ram and Ayesha is shocked and gets worried that everything would have been over by now. Mama comes and tells that nothing would have been over by now and asks her to go to hospital to be with Ram as whole media is there, but Ayesha stays quiet and Mama wonders how will he make her understand.


Priya comes out of the room where Rajat is sitting outside. She informs Rajat that doctor has informed that even though Mr.kapoor is responding he is not stable and he shouldn’t be told something which would give him stress. Priya asks Rajat to inform Ram’s family and Rajat asks Priya to inform on her own. Priya says that she can tell but she thinks its time for her to go. Rajat asks how long will she run and he can see only Mrs.Priya Ram kapoor in the current situation even though he said that Pooja name suits her and asks Priya to go and tell everyone the truth as they need to know.

Priya says that its not the right time and she doesn’t know what she has to do. Rajat says that her husband is lying inside and how many times she would run from Ram? He continues that she loves him, cries for him, lives for him and asks her to talk to him and face the family and everybody. Priya says that she doesn’t have the courage to face everyone and tell that she has done such things. Priya adds that she has been lying for 5 years and hid from everyone that she is alive and asks what would she tell Ram, his family and her family about this? She asks if she would tell that she wanted to escape from the jail and hence did it and what would she say Ram about hiding the fact that Peehu is his own daughter.

She adds that if Rajat thinks that everyone would believe her if she told the truth and says its not easy and she cannot do it. Rajat says that she will have to know and it will entirely be her decision. Rajat adds that Ram will not be in same condition always and when he gains consciousness he might think that it was just an illusion or he might really believe that Priya is alive and he had met Priya. Rajat continues that Priya has to decide the next chapter of Ram and Priya’s life and says that she has been away from him for 5 years and tells that her husband is inside and her old life is waiting for her and asks her to decide and make the right choice and leaves. Priya stands there and thinks about what Rajat told.

Shipra, KrishuJi, Nuts, and Dadi come to meet Ram and Peehu stops them and asks who they are and informs that they can’t come inside and asks them to go out. Shipra asks y and Peehu tells coz her dad is sleeping and he might get disturbed and everyone’s shocked. Krishuji tells Peehu that she shouldn’t call someone her papa and Peehu tells that her mom has told that he is her papa. Krishuji asks where is her mummy and Peehu takes them out to introduce them to he mom.

Priya notices 2 nurse talking about Ram and one nurse informs that she would give penicillin injection to Ram before she leaves. Priya goes to the nurse, Peehu brings the family out of the room and Priya asks the nurse if she’s taking the injection for Ram and nurse tells yes and Priya screams at the nurse for not knowing the fact that Ram has an allergy to penicillin and nurse tells that she would talk to the doctor and leaves.

Peehu comes with the family who is standing behind Priya and peehu walks upto Priya and tells that these people are not believing that her Golu uncle is her papa and Priya asks which people and Peehu points fingers and Priya turns and sees Shipra, Dadi, KK, Nuts and Rishab who are taken aback seeing Priya who smiles seeing her family.


Rishab comes and asks Peehu to come with him and Peehu looks at Priya who nods and Rishab takes Peehu with him. Sudhir comes there and is shocked to see Priya who is happy to see him and calls out Papa. Priya walks forward and starts talking with tears in eyes that she knows that there would lots of questions in everyone’s mind like where was she for 5 years, how did she manage and y didn’t she tell them that she is alive and y didn’t she try to meet them. Priya adds that she has answers for everything but before that she wants to ask Sorry to everyone for telling lie and for hiding that she is alive but it was just because she wanted Ram to move on in his life.

She continues if she was here in jail then Ram wouldn’t have moved on and hence when she was saved during the landslide she had come back but saw everyone accepting that she’s dead and she thought that Mr.Kapoor might stop leaving for himself if she came back and hence she went to Dubai and made them believe that she is dead. She adds that she came to know she is pregnant when she reached dubai and she was very happy and wanted to tell everyone and called Ram first to inform and the FB of the scene is shown and Priya adds that may be it was destined that no one should know about her pregnancy.

Priya continues that she was very happy and sad too when Peehu was born as there was no one to share my happiness when my little baby was on my lap and adds that she missed them all badly and just for Mr.Kapoor she never tried to talk to anyone or meet anyone. And after 5 years when she saw Ram at Dubai she felt that its going to be a new start to her life and wanted to tell Ram about it but couldn’t tell as everything was changed in 5years and she got to know that Mr.Kapoor had got married to Ayesha and she felt very bad but understood that there must be some reason for Ram’s decision to marry Ayesha.

She says that she didn’t come before him after that too and adds that Mr.Kapoor and Peehu met each other many times and Peehu always used to tell that Golu uncle is like her and he too loves aloo ka parantha. Priya adds that she felt like going to Ram and tell him that Peehu is his daughter but couldn’t tell him and its her mistake but she has committed the mistake and now she is front of everyone and is ready to do whatever they want to and pleads them not to tell something before Mr.Kapoor which would give him pain.

Priya tells that its their Marriage anniversary today and cries that she couldn’t wish him too and tells that the doctor has informed that Ram shouldn’t get any stress. Priya request to everyone not to tell anything to Ram that would make him feel bad and informs that when Ram gets well soon they would sit together and sort out all differences and again asks Sorry to everyone and continues to cry. Sudhir walks forward, Priya calls Papa but Sudhir walks past her and Priya continues to call him.

Sudhir goes to a place at the hospital where a small ganpati statue is placed and Priya comes and stands behind him and calls out Papa and asks Sorry and says that she knows she has hurt him and everyone so much and she is ready to accept any punishment but asks him not to be so quiet and asks him not to be angry on her and asks Sorry again and again and Sudhir stays silent.

Peehu comes there telling that she is hungry. Peehu walks upto Sudhir and realizes its the same uncle she met and asks him if he’s the same uncle whom she met in the park who is also Sharma like her. Sudhir kneels down to Peehu and tells yes and Shipra too comes there. Sudhir tells he remembers everything and tells that he has kept the ganpati idol in his house along with other idols. Peehu asks if he likes Ganpati’s Modak and Sudhir nods and Peehu tells that her mom makes and Sudhir asks if she makes it with coconut and Peehu says yes.

Peehu adds that her mom’s dad had taught his mom to make Modak, Priya in tears smiles seeing Peehu and Sudhir talk. Sudhir asks if Peehu knows to make Modak and Peehu tells No and Sudhir tells that he will teach her too and Peehu says Thank you uncle and Sudhir says that he’s not her uncle but her Nana and he is her mom’s Papa. Peehu is shocked and asks if it means that her mom had called him. Sudhir tells that he has got her granddaughter after 5 years and asks if she wouldn’t come home with him and Peehu looks upto Priya who nods her head and Peehu agrees and Sudhir takes Peehu and leaves and doesn’t respond to Priya who is in tears. Shipra then hugs Priya who asks Sorry for lying to them and Shipra asks her to come home and they both hug again.


Precap: aayesha telling mamaji that there’s only mom who can help her in this matter but mamaji replies that it’s a very happy day like diwali for them as their elder daughter has returned home today. it’s a very happy matter there..aayesha interupts saying mamaji


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  1. Anonymous
    September 21, 01:57 Reply

    thanku you huh im depending on this everyday

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    September 21, 01:43 Reply

    Eagerly awaiting for Ram & Priya to meet again.Nice episode!

  3. Mary
    September 20, 21:58 Reply

    Really!!!! wat is this?????lol

  4. Ayesha Malik
    September 20, 16:11 Reply

    Thanks a million for the lovely update=) But I’d like to make a little correction here if you don’t mind! The nurse said she’d be giving penicillin, not insulin! Ram’s diabetic so it’s impossible not only for him but for anyone to be allergic to insulin=P

  5. Anonymous
    September 20, 15:54 Reply

    i think now ayyesha will be man part of this drama like niharika

  6. western
    September 20, 14:21 Reply

    sukhar hy ekta ko agal ai aur ram nd priya ko mila diya

  7. anonymous
    September 20, 14:03 Reply

    there’s a precap:
    aayesha telling mamaji that there’s only mom who can help her in this matter but mamaji replies that it’s a very happy day like diwali for them as their elder daughter has returned home today. it’s a very happy matter there..aayesha interupts saying mamaji
    that’s it

    • anonymous
      September 21, 02:48

      can anybody tell me why dislikes for this post??????

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